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Your Stories – Submission Guidelines and Other Information

comprare viagra generico 50 mg pagamento online a Roma f_0_sexy-woman-laptop_g_320You’ve asked for it, so here it is! PWK is now accepting manuscripts for your stories about marriage, sex and infidelity. Here’s how it works:

  • You can submit true stories (in first or third person), fiction (nothing longer than 1500 words per post), and/or poetry (no more than 50 lines, please). You may submit as many manuscripts as you’d like and there is no limit on the number of pieces that can be published by a single individual. Longer fiction (more than 1500 words) can be accepted in multi-post parts.
  • Send your manuscripts as Word files (.doc) to Kat at with Your Stories in the subject line. You should also submit the name or pseudonym you’d like assigned to your work and a brief one paragraph bio.  The bio is completely optional. If you’d like your writing to be posted anonymously, that’s fine, just say so.
  • Your writing will be reviewed as soon as possible and you’ll receive a reply within a week (usually sooner), notifying you if your manuscript will be published and when.
  • We can’t provide any payment for your submissions at this time.  If this changes in the future, you’ll be notified.
  • When you submit a manuscript, you are granting Cialis senza ricetta per migliorare potenza di consegna in Italia Prowling with Kat non-exclusive rights to the online publication of your work. That means that you can still publish it elsewhere if you choose.  PWK will retain the right to publish it here unless and until you revoke that right in writing.
  • Kat has the right to make all editorial  publication decisions based on whatever criteria she chooses. The goal is to give readers more opportunities to participate in the blog while also keeping it interesting and fun. Kat’s stories and advice will continue to appear regularly.
  • Manuscripts are welcome from man and women on almost any topic, including most fetishes.  Please keep in mind that our themes are marriage, sex, and infidelity. Absolutely NO posts involving sexual activity of any kind with children or animals.  Only adults (18+) may submit manuscripts for publication.
  • If edits are needed prior to acceptance for publication, you’ll be notified. Kat may make minor edits (typos, etc.), but you’ll be asked to make any edits that require significant modification of the text.
  • We may choose to invite all authors to participate in the publication of an anthology in the future. However, no one’s writing will be included without their written consent at that time.
  • If you have any questions at all, please feel free to send an email to

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