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Wrong Number, Right Man (Part 2) – A Naughty Adventure

lasix buying online overnight ship My mind was spinning as I was driving to the park. Here I was driving to a local park to meet someone I didn’t know except for the little bit I’d learned about him from 8 or 9 phone conversations.  As I drove, I replayed in my mind how a wrong number phone call became a rushed and excited  trip to a park to meet someone I had never met before.  That’s when I realized that I was not exactly dressed for a first meeting.

cialis generico (tadalafil) 10 mg I was wearing navy blue sweatpants and a light blue tank top.  My hair was pulled up in the back with a claw clip, which I grabbed and pulled out, fluffing my hair, trying to look less like a dowdy middle-aged wife and mom, but knowing that a little hair fluff couldn’t do that trick. I decided not to look in the rear view mirror or my nervousness would become panic and I probably wouldn’t go through with it.

http://whenwaterwaseverywhere.com/?x=real-viagra-online I arrived at the park and found a parking space.  I scanned the parking lot, looking for anyone in a car or standing near a car.  Nothing. I turned off the car and waited for a moment. Then I took a deep breath and got out of the car. I looked around.  There were some kids playing, some families.  There’s no way I could have arrived before him, is there? I decided to just lean against the car and wait. I watched cars come and go. After about 10 minutes, I started wondering if I should just go.

cheap lasix I heard a truck door slam shut across the street behind me.  I looked over my shoulder and saw a man looking right at me and walking straight toward me.  He was between 5’10” and 6′ tall, and he walked with a very confident gait. He was wearing jeans, a green t-shirt, tennis shoes; nothing special, but I could see that he was muscular – broad shoulders, strong arms, a little bit of a tummy (good, I thought, at least he’s not perfect). His full beard was carefully manicured and, as he got closer, I could see the tiny bits of grey poking through it. Otherwise, it matched his auburn hair perfectly. I guessed he must have been in his mid-40’s. How funny, I though to myself, that I never asked his age.

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=levitra-originale-dose-raccomandata And that smile.  And his green eyes.  Wow. Yes, I think they actually twinkled.  Then he spoke, and I would have recognized that voice anywhere. “You must be sweet Kat,” he said. He hugged me – a decent, respectful hug, entirely suitable for public, except for the fact that it lingered a few seconds too long.  As we hugged, I said, “I sure hope you’re Joe.” He laughed and whispered in my ear, “My name is Adam, but you can call me Joe as long as you want.” He kissed my cheek before he pulled away, and he kept his hand on my waist while he continued to talk, standing just a little closer that he should have given the fact that we were at a park in broad daylight just two miles from my house.

go site “Let’s get out of here,” he suggested. “We can head down to the river and find a nice place to talk for a bit.”

http://acrossaday.com/?search=us-generic-for-propecia-tablets I told him that I was supposed to be running quickly to the grocery store, and that I should get home soon. He said I could call home with another excuse while he was getting something out of his truck. I can’t even remember the excuse I gave my husband, but it was good enough to keep me out of the house for another couple of hours.  I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Joe…uh.. Adam as he walked.

He grabbed a blanket from the cab of his truck and came back across the street. He suggested we take my car because he knew I’d probably feel more comfortable that way.  He was right, so we got in the car and he directed me where to drive.  As I was driving, he rested his hand gently on my thigh. 

It didn’t take long for us to get to a secluded turnoff right off the river road. I made a mental note of the fact that you wouldn’t be able to find this place unless you knew about it, so he must have been here before. As if he knew what I was thinking, he said, “I bring my boys here to fish. They like to think of it as our secret hideaway,” and he flashed one of those million dollar smiles. I was pretty sure he had been here with someone other than his kids and that he did more than fish here, but I didn’t care.

I pulled up close to the river, behind a row of trees.  He got out of the car and spread out the blanket in front of the car, so we wouldn’t be seen from the road, which would have been pretty difficult anyway due to all the trees and shrubbery. Then he took my hand and we sat down on the blanket. We kicked off our shoes and started talking.  Surprisingly, it wasn’t awkward at all.  We had done so much talking over the last 8 weeks that it felt completely natural to just chit chat about nothing for a few minutes. He asked me a question about a some home improvement project I had been working on for several weeks, and while I was answering, he leaned over and kissed me.

It was one of those deep, wet kisses that starts off gently but quickly becomes forceful and urgent – my favorite kind, to tell the truth.  How could he know that? In no time at all, he had my tank top and bra off, and one hand was exploring my breasts while the other was in my panties. He slid a finger inside me before I could protest, although at that point I knew I wouldn’t have tried to stop him. He pushed his finger deep inside, then another, and another.  I moaned.

“My, you’re a very wet naughty Kat, aren’t you?’ he said.  That charming southern drawl I was so used to had taken on an authoritative tone.  I nodded my head and said, “Yes.” He wasn’t smiling anymore; instead, he was staring intently into my eyes. My breathing was shallow. I started rocking ever so slightly against his hand. Then he pulled his hand out of me and stood up, and snapped, “Take off your pants and panties and get on your hands and knees.” It didn’t occur to me not to do exactly what he said.  I shimmied out of my pants and watched him pull of his t-shirt and jeans. His cock was nice and hard, about 7 inches, very thick, and curved just a little bit toward his belly.  I smiled and rolled quickly onto my hands and knees.

I expected him to get behind me and fuck me, but he didn’t.  He knelt next to me and ran his hands all over me, touching me everywhere.  He pinched my nipples hard.  I whimpered, but he didn’t stop until I bit my lip and became silent. He murmured, “Very nice,” and then he moved in front of me and put his cock in my mouth. He didn’t let me suck it as I wanted to. Instead, he grabbed my hair and just started pushing my head onto him, making me take him deep into my throat, and then pulling my head back, all the way off his cock – completely in and out on each stroke, lingering with the head in my throat for just a second before pulling back.

Just as I felt his cock start throbbing, hardening, close to coming, he stopped and pulled it out of my mouth.  He slapped my face (not hard, but not gently either), and said, “Turn around.” I gasped, shocked at the blow, but not offended by it at all. I moved quickly, turning around and lifting my bottom to him.

He grabbed my hips and slid his cock slowly inside me.  I pressed back against him, arched my back, and closed my eyes, trying to focus on every sensation – the sweetness of the cool breeze off the river, the rustling sound of the wind in the trees, the hardness of the ground under my knees, the softness of the blanket, the fullness of my cunt, the pressure of his hands on my hips pulling me back onto him, the soft grunting noise he made with each stroke. Soon, I became distracted from all of the external things as I became more and more excited. With each stroke he hit just the right spot, and I started to moan and buck against him harder and harder.

Suddenly, he reached forward, wrapped his arms around me and knelt back on his heels, pulling me back with him so I was fully impaled on his cock. He whispered in my ear, “Show me how naughty you are, Kat,” and then he started biting my neck. I bounced up and down on him, rocking my hips forward and back. I came quickly….he pinched my nipples as I came, making me squeal and writhe in his arms.  Then he pushed me  forward unto my hands and knees again, grabbed my hips, and fucked me very hard, lifting my knees off the ground with each thrust.  I tried to steady myself, but there was nothing to hold on to, so I fell forward onto my chest. His guttural moan as he came was primal, animal-like, unlike any I had heard.

He held me on him, my knees off the ground, for what seemed like a long time. When he released me, he gently lowered me onto the blanket – the gentleness seemed strangely inconsistent with the rest of what had just happened. After a few moments of laying on the blanket in silence, he got up and tossed me my pants and top. “Get dressed,” he said, “but you won’t need these.”  He was still holding my bra and panties. I scrambled to get dressed as he slid into his jeans.  My knees were weak, but he seemed totally unaffected.

I searched for the car keys.  He folded the blanket and then wrapped an arm around me and kissed me deeply again. “Sweet, sweet Kat,” he said, back to the charming tone and accent I recognized.  I reached down to pick up my bra and panties that he had tossed on the ground, but he snapped, “No.  I said you won’t be needing those.” Confused, I stepped away from them and headed toward the car door. He continued, “I don’t want to see you in bra and panties again.  Do you understand?”  I nodded to indicate that I did.

We drove back to the park.  He made more small talk. I could feel his juices leaking out of me, moistening my pants.

When we got back to the park, I pulled up behind his truck on the street. He leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, and got out of the car.  Before he closed the car door, he leaned over, smiled, and said, “Talk to ya next Saturday, Hon.”


  1. Mediocrity

    Wow. Strange, hot, dangerous, sexy, and surprising. I love the whole set up of this story, it seems so unreal. Very hot.

  2. CJ

    WOW! Can’t wait to see where this is going… I do hope you’re being safe, though!;-)

  3. Master_Vyle

    I love the dowdy, middle-aged wife and mom look Myself.

    -Master Vyle

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