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Worried About Your Erection Showing?

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=dove-acquistare-cialis-senza-ricetta Don’t worry. It can’t get more embarrassing than it did for this guy.


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  1. lust for love

    LOL! At my age, I’m more worried about no or little erection!

  2. Max

    Yeah…ballet tights is a bad place to get an unwanted erection. 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    Reminds me of an old scene from a comedy: Top Secret!


  4. Whores N Hookers

    i found a note at a public computer about my 86 year old dads 4 hour erection in the nursin home. I can never erase that mental image…. But all the lil old ladies r hittin on him, another image i cannot erase.

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