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brand name cialis Jan 11 2011

Why I Suck at 69

source site Yes, I know it’s a fantasy held by many, and I know that any self respecting naughty Kat should be able to do it and enjoy it, but in the spirit of complete disclosure and honesty I have to admit that I suck at 69. For the less experienced among you, I am referring to mutual oral satisfaction.

go to link It’s not that I don’t want to be good at it, or that I’m not good at giving oral (because I have been told that I give a world class BJ). The problem is my ADD.  Well, at least I think that’s what the problem is.  By ADD I mean Attention Deficit Disorder. I have come to believe that I have a little touch of ADD and that it significantly interferes with my ability to participate in this particular sexual activity.

get link Here is the specific problem:

generic accutane If someone is doing a nice job of stimulating me orally “down there,” that’s where my focus goes. Then there’s a cock in my mouth, and that’s where my focus goes. I can hang with it for awhile, but eventually one of two things happens: 1) I get totally into the pleasure “down there” and I completely lose focus with what I’m doing with my mouth (yes, I have even forgotten totally, only to realize suddenly, “Oh my!  There’s a cock in my mouth!); or 2) I manage to keep my focus on  the lovely toy in my mouth, much to my partner’s satisfaction, and I end up ignoring what’s going on “down there.”  Sometimes, that ignoring becomes annoyance (“I wish he would just stop that for a moment so I can finish up with this lollipop.”).

http://buy-generic-clomid.com/clomid_warnings_precautions.html It’s really quite sad. When a partner excitedly moves into one of the well-known 69 positions, I am faced with a dilemma.  Should I be honest and say, “I really don’t think you want to do that” or should I just go for it and risk making one or both of us frustrated?

I’ve had partners say that I just need more practice. Honey, I could teach the class. It’s not about practice. It’s about my ability to maintain focus when faced with this particular variety of multi-tasking.

However, I am an open-minded Kat.  So, fellow Prowlers, any suggestions?  Has anyone else licked this problem (pun intended)?


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  1. Anonymous

    My suggestion for you is to talk to your physician. If ADD symptoms are interfering with activities of normal, everyday living, perhaps it’s time to consult a physician.

  2. Mediocrity

    I confess that I hate 69. Whenever I am “approached” with the position, I bail. I too, can’t focus on the cock properly if I am being eaten very well. If I am being eaten well, then I don’t want to suck cock. I want to relax and enjoy the sensation. If I am sucking cock, I can’t truly focus on the cock if the the man is eating me well at the same time. I just never liked the position and it annoys me more than it turns me on. I just don’t care for it. I could probably give a cock a few sucks and licks while being eaten but I couldn’t stay that way. 69 is not for me!

  3. Kat

    Thank you! I’m glad to know I’m not the only woman on the planet who sucks at it!

    By the way, I look at your profile pic, and then mine, and I have to admit I’m suffering from boob-envy. Those are some nice ta-tas, Sister!

    As for Anonymous….funny…Who would I be without my ADD? LOL

  4. Anonymous

    as of recently i too have found out that this is a weakness of mines; i recently was too in the same position (pun intended, he began doing such a job on me that i forgot what i was doing 🙂 i dont think its add i think its pleasure overriding your brain; dont worry it happens to the best of us

  5. david

    Please don’t bail on 69!I love the feel of your whole body against me.Feeling every breath,shiver ,shake,whither,thrust,and convulsion with my whole body is really adding to my experience.I could care less if you pay me any attention at all.For me its all about you! The more of your pleasure I can feel the better it is for me.If you just hold my dick absent mindedly ,maybe lick,stroke,and suck as we start, then fade into the pleasure I’m giving you is the best!I will only be able to cum two or three times but there is almost no limit to your orgasms.I’ll get mine later and it will be that much better!

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