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What’s Under *Your* Bed?

follow  I saw this on Facebook this morning and it made me chuckle. Have your kids ever found something of yours that they shouldn’t have?



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  1. Tom

    “Mommy, your flashlight is broken… no light comes on, it just makes a buzzing noise!”

  2. Kat

    Hahaha! Those are both very funny. I need to make sure my flashlight has fresh batteries. 😉

  3. Advizor54

    Do pictures on your phone count?
    If yes, count me in.

  4. cammies on the floor

    My daughter with a cuff around her wrist, laughing as she tried to run away from it, as a toddler.
    As far as I know, that’s been it.

  5. Passion Unleashed

    Such things do happen. Ever heard of a young kid brought a girl home after school and used his father’s condom to bonk the girl!

  6. Ethan Lambert

    A tangled mess of rope and silk scarves originally used to tie my wife down to the mattress, forgotten for months between the mattress and box spring.

    I told my daughter it was for when Mommy won’t take her medicine :-/ The wife was not as amused by that answer as I was.

  7. Naughty Kitty

    My Susan Lucci “massager”/facial cleanser which clearly doubles as a clit vibrator 😉

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