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We Are a Community

source link holding-my-heart-in-my-handsWhile I was posting about the Bad Girl Bloggers Award earlier, it got me thinking about some of the wonderful sex bloggers who have disappeared over the last five years.  They disappeared for many different reasons. Two of my favorites (Riff and Ms. Inconspicuous) were sex bloggers (infidelity bloggers, to be specific) who were exposed and had to shut down their blogs for the sake of their families. It still makes me sad and angry that someone would feel compelled to hurt others that way.

does propecia really work for women Others got too busy to write.  Still others got married or had major changes in their lives making it impractical or inappropriate for them to keep blogging.  Some found the Lord (yes, it’s true). The effect it has had on the rest of us, though, is that we lose a bit of our community every time one of our blogger friends disappears.  Of course, there are fun newcomers, and we welcome them to the fold with open arms, but it’s never quite the same as when our old favorites were here.

viagra pfizer drug Those of us who are still around have a responsibility to support the community. It’s not always easy. Maintaining a blog of any kind for years is a challenge. A sex blog has special challenges of its own.  Believe it or not, no matter how horny we are, and I think we can agree that I’m a 9 on the 1-10 horny scale, sometimes the mood to write about sexy stuff just doesn’t strike. Furthermore, there are times when I have something amazingly hot I could write about, but I want to keep the encounter private, just between me and my partner.  I know.  That sounds so anti-Kat, doesn’t it? But it really isn’t.  Surely you don’t think I’ve only had sex the number of times that I’ve posted about it, right?

free viagra sample So, I’m going to make an effort to support our community more in several ways – by being more consistent with my own posting, by highlighting other sex bloggers more often, and by commenting and joining in the community discussion more. If you have other ideas of how I can help, please share them.

canadian pharmacyin free viagra There are people out there who are very lonely.  Single people and married people. On PWK, we reach out, specifically, to married folks who want to stay married, but are missing something in their marriages – sex, intimacy, affection. I’ve been there.  Some days I’m still there.  It’s important that we stay here for them. I want them to have somewhere to go where they can be open about what’s going on with them and know they are not alone. And if they have chosen to seek those things outside of their marriage, they should know they are not alone in that, either. These are things most of us can’t talk about with our friends or family.  The people we normally take our troubles to can’t hear about this, so having a community like this is important. How can YOU be part of this community?  Read and comment, here and on other blogs with similar topics. Send in guest posts.  Share posts you like. Join the conversation on twitter (I’m source site @shackledkat on twitter).

The important part is to be real and not just superficial.  Most of us have to pretend enough in our regular lives.  Let’s not pretend here.



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  1. Ethan Lambert

    That’s funny you should mention that, I was just thinking about when I started my blog back in 2010. I made all sorts of friends, and it really feel like a community (especially among infidelity bloggers). Now some of my favorite sex blogs – Love Lust & Lunacy (the original one that RR ran, not the new blank one that picked up the old URL), The Infidelity Chronicles, The Pleasure Principle (which still, at least updates with TMITs), Holly in Wonderland, the Optimistic Virgin, Satisfaction through Calefaction, and Secret Life of a Gentleman (to name just a few) – they’re all gone or different. Making new friends is nice too, but it’s not the same as those people you met when you first started opening up about your secret life with others. I’m just as guilty. In 4-1/2 years I’ve taken three sabbaticals (including two that lasted for more than a year).

    Anyways, you’re right, it would be nice to find ways to tighten up the community. For what it’s worth I’m glad you’re still plugging along. I’ve been a PWK reader since about 2011, and it’s nice not feeling like the grumpy old pervert when I reminisce.


    Indeed, keep up that animal spirit, keep the flame glowing out there and make it eternal !

  3. H.H.

    Hey Kat, your comments on community are great. I feel like, ever since we got banned from WP and couldn’t comment or even “like” people’s posts any longer, we’ve been cut out of that community. Still, there’s blogspot and also independently hosted blogs like yours. Hopefully commenting here will help build that community again!


  4. Brigit Delaney

    You are so right, Kat. I go through dry spells on my blog often, because…well…Life. But, I always know this world will still be here when I get back. And that is a comfort.

    My family would flip out if they knew about my writing…or the things I do to inspire it. Here, I can be accepted…even applauded. And I get some great advice and awesome ideas from others.

    It is indeed a blogging community like no other. So much less competitive than others…more inclusive and supportive.

    Thanks for being a part of it!

  5. Ryan


    As I always say you are so decent about being indecent!!! 😉

    Glad to have you around,


  6. Pam_P

    if it wasn’t for Rif, i would have never found you and I am not giving you up 😉

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