Mar 14 2011

Waking Up to Pleasure – A Woman’s Fantasy

You sense a steady rhythm. Slowly your senses become more aware. You feel warm… Comfortable, almost like you are in a warm bath. No, not a bath… A bed. Yes, a nice warm bed. Wait… The rhythm… Recognition comes slowly.

“Oh yes, the rhythm, that’s my own breathing.”

You are waking from sleep. Your eyes flutter but don’t open. You are in no hurry to get up. You slept well. You are relaxed.

You feel a light tickle against your leg and you remember. “Mmmmmm, it’s you,” you moan rolling over and throwing an arm over him. The light hair of his chest tickles your arm as it rises and falls with his breathing. He stirs and rolls toward you. You feel his warm hand run up your thigh. Your eyes slowly open and you find him looking at you, face close to yours. He smiles and gives you a light kiss. Pulling away you still feel the moisture of his lips on yours. His hand slides up your thigh and over your breast. Gently he rolls you to your back.

You look up at him leaning over you and run your hands over his strong shoulders and bare chest. He leans down for a long, lingering wet kiss. You feel the pleasant warmth of him over the length of your body. You tilt your head as he kisses your neck, feeling the warmth of his tongue and gentle nibble. The kisses continue toward your left breast, his hand lightly tracing fingers over your right. Fingers slowly circle toward your right nipple you feel the slow wet circles of his tongue on your left. Your right nipple stiffens, he gives it a gentle pinch causing you to gasp and arch your back.

His mildly ticklish, delightful kisses are now going down your belly. Now just inside your hip. His hands slide over your thighs. A kiss, his tongue, then a nibble on your inner thigh. Gently his fingers are parting you. You feel his hot, steamy breath. A warm tongue glides over the length of your sex circling slowly. “Mmmmmm,” you moan arching your back.

A finger slides into you, slowly, deeply. Then another. You gasp. His tongue continues to tease, slowly picking up the pace. Your hips rock chasing the rhythm of his teasing. Your left hand is clutching the sheet of the bed, the right is on top of his head, fingers curled into his hair. Your breathing becomes deep, urgent. A slow tremble begins to spread through your body. Tension is growing… Building… You moan as your body shudders with release; a contented smile spreading on your face. You hear the shower turn on.

“What? The shower is turning on?” In a flash you realize you are in your own bed. “Nooooo, you can’t be here!” Your eyes snap open and you breath a sigh of relief. You shake your head smiling. It was a dream.

Slowly you stretch out like a cat, your body soft, sultry and satisfied.

It’s time to start your day.

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