Jan 10 2015

The Ultimate Guide to Sex After 50

ultimate Guide to sex after 50As most of you know, I turned 50 about six months ago. I can tell you without reservation that being over 50 is no reason not to have an active and very enjoyable sex life. Many of the encounters I’ve shared with you here have been with men over 50 and they were all absolutely delicious. Still, there’s a stigma and quite a few myths that many hold about sex during the second half of life, and some of them are perpetrated by people over 50 themselves.

Recently, I read The Ultimate Guide to Sex After 50, by Joan Price. The book debunks myths about sex in the older years, explains the benefits of sex, and gives all sorts of information about how to make sex more enjoyable for both and women.

Some of the topics she covers, we have talked about here – prostate massage, lube, positions, toys, etc. – but she goes further by discussing topics that are of particular interest to older adults and providing new ideas and solutions.

Here are just a few of her chapter titles (not in order):

  • Busting the myths about sex and aging
  • What is happening to my body?
  • Getting your mojo back
  • Sex with yourself and toys
  • Sex with a long term partner
  • Sex with a new partner
  • The new dating rules
  • Heart, brains, joints, and sex
  • Sex without erections
  • When sex is painful
  • When intimacy ends
  • Single after all these years
  • Safer sex: always
  • Sexy aging going forward

As much as I know about sex and as much sex as I’ve had in my life, including in recent years and since I became part of the “over 50” crowd, I learned quite a few things from this book.

This book isn’t just for people over 50.  You’ve seen me say it here before – Older people who have been sexually active have learned a lot of things that can benefit those who are younger.  That’s one reason for my long-time preference for older men (in spite of my occasional dalliances with the young ones). They have many years of experience and they tend to know their way around a woman’s body better than younger men.

Okay, younger guys, don’t get mad.  You have your strengths, too, but you have to admit that you might have something to learn from those with years or decades more experience. This book has some great tips for you, too.

She even goes into topics like non-monogamy, polyamory, and swinging.  Nothing is off limits in this very open discussion.

Here’s Joan price, herself, discussing her work writing about senior sex.


Yeah, I bristle a little about being included in the “senior sex” category, but when I got over that and focused on the content of the book and all the helpful suggestions and tools, I realized what a gem this book really is.

So, Prowlers, I highly recommend that you check it out.  You can get it on Amazon here.

Just so you know, I’m not making any money or receiving any compensation for this recommendation or the review.  I really think this would help many of you. That’s what PWK is all about.

We are the very fist stop on a blog tour for The Ultimate Guide to Sex After 50. Here’s a link to the schedule for the other stops over the next couple of weeks. Take a few minutes to visit these sites on their tour dates to learn about giveaways and get even more information about the book and the author.  There will be author interviews and excerpts, too. This is also a great way for you to discover new sex blogs and blogs about sexy books.


About the Author
Author and speaker Joan Price is an advocate for ageless sexuality. An award-winning author, Price is a leading senior sexpert and the voice behind the award-winning blog about sex and aging, Naked at Our Age. You can find her online atwww.joanprice.com and www.NakedatOurAge.com. She lives in Sebastopol, CA.


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