Jan 14 2011

TSA Foreplay at the Airport

I really don’t enjoy traveling by air.  I was going to say that I hate it, but that’s a little strong. It used to be much easier than it is now, especially for business travelers like me.  I used to be able to just throw my computer case on the little screening belt and walk right through. Now, I have to take my computer out of its case, take off my shoes and a bunch of other clothes and jewelry, put it all on the belt, and go through the screening. Often, I get diverted to the little pat down zone – you know, that little see-through plexiglass box where you wait like a hamster in a cage for someone to come and search you. I try to keep track of my computer and other belongings, but I always seem to lose sight of them (what happened to that rule about staying with your luggage at all times?).
Anyway, I think the new pat down rules are very interesting. Some people think they are too invasive, but I say, “Bring it on!”
Here’s the deal: Something happens, hormonally speaking, to peri-menopausal women (for you guys who have no idea what that means, I’m talking about women in their 40’s, prior to menopause). Many, although apparently not all of us, are struck with a heightened libido, and I’m not just talking about “Oh, honey, I think I might like some sex this week.” I’m talking about the kind of horn dog need for sex that is more common among 18 – 25 year old men. A stiff breeze makes our nipples hard and an accidental random bump into a stranger in a crowded airport or mall makes us wet. Any activity intentionally designed to excite us….well, that just turns us into prowling, purring, and begging cats.
Enough for the background information…..
The last time I went to the airport, I got plenty of foreplay from the jostling crowd long before I hit the security line.  By then I was a little flushed. I went through the normal routine of putting my stuff on the conveyer belt.  I took off more clothes than they require, but what the hell, ya know?  Normally, I hope to avoid the hamster cage and the pat down, just because it takes time, but this time I was lubed and ready for it.
I took the position in the hamster cage, spread my legs a little wider than directed and put my arms out at my sides. The screener started down at my knees because I was wearing a skirt (I’m no dummy).  Her hands ran up my left leg first – inside and outside of my thigh – pulling up my skirt a bit as she moved.  Yes, just like you may have heard on the news, she then actually cupped my pussy with her hand briefly before moving to the right thigh and down. It made me shudder a bit. If she hadn’t been wearing those gloves she would have noticed how moist my panties were. I thought to myself, “Next time, no panties.”
The she moved up, patted my arms, shoulders, and my collarbone area, before moving to my breasts.  She ran her hands under my breasts and pulled her hands away briefly, a bit surprised.  I caught her eye and smiled.  That’s right, honey. No bra.  Do you really think I would let a bra interfere with a perfectly good opportunity to be felt up? She smiled back and then went back to work.  I’d like to think she took a little extra time around my breasts, but that might just have been wishful thinking, although I don’t think that little nipple pinch was my imagination at all. That was all it took.  Now I was worked up.
She dismissed me and I went to gather my belongings.  It’s not easy to re-assemble everything when you’re so distracted, but I managed. I started heading toward my gate, but after a few accidental bumps and a couple smiles from some extraordinarily good looking men, and I made a turn straight for the ladies room.
I almost ran into a free stall. I turned around and leaned my back against the door, pulled up my skirt and slid my hand into my soaking wet panties. I sighed deeply when my index finger first touched my swollen clit. I was trying not to make any noise, but I know I let out a soft moan as I started rubbing myself, feeling relief coming quickly. I untucked my blouse and reached my left hand up to pinch one of my nipples. I closed my eyes and relaxed into the sensations, imagining I was with J (see The Best Sex of My Life) and my finger down there was his tongue.
In about 30 seconds, my hips and thighs started shaking involuntarily like they do just before I cum. I immediately regretted the decision to lean against the stall door because my shaking was causing the door to rattle, but there was no way I was stopping now. I pinched my nipple as hard as I could and slid two fingers deep inside my cunt as I kept rubbing my clit with my thumb.
I came with a shudder.  I bit my lip to try not to make any noise, and I focused on the amazing sensation shooting through my body, like electricity, up my back and through all my extremities. I felt my cunt grip my fingers and I held them there until the pressure released.
Afterwards, I went to grab some toilet paper to clean up, but the dispenser was completely empty. Just my luck. I put my fingers in my mouth, sucking off as much excess juice as I could before wiping them on the underside of my skirt. A more immediate problem, though, was the wetness dripping down my thighs.  I grabbed one of those paper toilet seat covers and mopped up as much as I could but it really just moved it around because those things are not made to be absorbent. I grabbed my bags, rushed out of the stall, washed my hands quickly, and looked at myself in the mirror. I was definitely flushed, so I splashed some water on my face, quickly patted it dry with a paper towel, and headed out.
As I left the restroom, I heard the boarding announcement for my flight and I quickened my step toward my gate, very aware of my wet panties and the dampness between my thighs.
What a nice way to begin a business trip, don’t you think?


  1. Mr. Dryden

    So seriously hot Kat, one of my favorite posts from you! 😉

  2. Kat

    This was a favorite of mine, too, when it happened. 😉

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