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Sep 01 2012

To Shave or Not To Shave?

I found a few grey hairs today.  Not on my head, but http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=lasix-140-mg down there. I plucked them immediately, of course. That made me think, though, that if I keep plucking grey hairs as they show up, eventually I’ll have no hair left, or maybe I should just shave.

The reason I don’t shave my private area is that my husband doesn’t want me to.  It used to be that hairy was his preference.  However, since I learned about his years of cheating it has come out that he really prefers shaved but he knows that most men do and he doesn’t want me to be attractive to other men. Huh? It makes no sense.  Other men like awesome blow jobs, too.  Should I give you lousy BJs like most wives give their husbands just so you’ll feel secure? Ok, I though there’s a difference, but it’s still weird.

If you’re thinking, “Kat, it’s go site your body.  Shave if you want to shave,” please don’t go there. Those of you who have been in long term marriages know that some things are worth fighting for and some things are not. This falls in the “not worth it” category for me.

Besides, I hate shaving, in general. If I didn’t have to shave to appear as an acceptably groomed person, I wouldn’t. As it is, I shave my legs only if I absolutely follow have to – seeing my sweetie for a rendezvous, going to the doctor, wearing a skirt or shorts. This means that I have to shave a lot during the summer and less during the winter, which is great. I love winter.

Now that I’ve said I shave when I see my honey for a rendezvous, I have to admit that I haven’t always done that. Sometimes I skip it. This isn’t a secret because I’m sure he knows.  Surely he noticed the sandpaper-like scraping against his skin. I’d like to be able to make up some witty comment or incorporate the stubble into a BDSM-style torture ritual during sex, but it’s pretty obvious that I just didn’t shave.

That’s bad enough, but if my woo-hoo were shaved and I let it go like I let my legs go sometimes, I would think that intercourse could be pretty painful, and I just don’t think it would be nice to send him home to his wife with something resembling road rash on his face, his hand, and his pubic area. She might think something is up.

So, if I shaved down there, I’d have to be diligent about keeping it smoothly shaved. Uggh. One more thing to have to remember.

I know some of you may be thinking, “Oh come on, Kat, it’s not that big a deal.  Not much to remember – you shave your legs, underarms, and pussy.”

Au contraire, my obviously young friend. As time marches on and a woman reaches a certain more mature phase of her life, there are certain changes that they never tell you about as a young woman.  I think the goal is not to scare young women too much about getting older, but I really don’t care.  So here’s the truth.  Young women, while you will, indeed, become much sexier and more desirable as a sex partner (well, some of you will), you will also start to grow hair in places that will shock you. What will start as a random hair on your chin or upper lip will eventually seem like you are getting a full beard and mustache. At first, getting a waxing every couple of weeks will be fine. Then, you’ll be plucking in between waxing appointments. Eventually, you’ll be plucking and waxing every morning. It will take you longer than you expect. If you’re lucky, it will stop there. If you’re not, you’ll be plucking hair from your breasts, too.

I know, this is a decidedly un-sexy topic, isn’t it? But it’s not an unimportant topic.

I laugh when I hear a man say, “I like a woman who is just natural.”  I know he’s saying that he prefers bush (or he’s just saying that because he wants to fuck the unshaven woman he’s chatting with at the moment). Someday, I will actually say out loud what I’m thinking when I hear that:

“I am pretty sure you drug induced lupus accutane don’t like women who are ‘natural.’ That gal you’re talking to spent at least an hour, probably two or three, to look as ‘natural’ as she looks right now. She has shaved her legs and her underarms. She has trimmed her pussy so she looks natural but not bushy. She has waxed her chin, lip, and eyebrows. If she’s wearing open toed shoes, she may also have waxed her toes. If she naturally has a lot of hair on her arms and she’s dark-haired, she may have bleached the hair on her arms so it’s less noticeable. She may have bleached her teeth, too. Of, course, she carefully bathed and washed – everywhere. If she’s anticipating the possibility of anal sex, she will even have cleaned enter in there. And all of that happened before she put on a stitch of clothing or a touch of makeup. So, Mr. I-Love-Natural-Women, it takes miglior sito per comprare viagra generico a Parma a lot of work for a woman to look like a ‘natural’ woman.  Unless you live in the far northern region of California or other parts of the northwestern U.S., I doubt that you have ever even go to site met a fully ‘natural’ woman, let alone fucked one.”

Whew.  Can you tell that I have some definite thoughts on this whole shaving and grooming subject? All the porno films and magazines show women who are shaved and look like pre-pubescent children “down there.” Honestly, that’s kind of creepy for me.  I’m not saying that I don’t find it attractive.  I definitely do, just like most people.   generic viagra for cheap That is what is so creepy.

I have definitely digressed….again…..

None of this solves the problem of my greying womanhood.

Maybe I’ll just embrace my maturity and let it go grey, accepting it with grace.


Until I can do that, I’ll keep plucking.


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  1. WestsideTori

    As we age–er, mature–there’s another problem that makes shaving difficult. Your eyesight starts to go and though you think you got everything, you actually didn’t. It’s expensive, but laser is the way to go. A few treatments, and you never have to worry about it again.

  2. Cara Janes

    If you haven’t read this yet, you must.

  3. Lusting Lola!

    Great post, Kat!

    In general, I agree with you about the viagra generico 50 mg prezzo a Milano look of an shaved pussy. Kinda creepy. However, in my limited experience with women, they have always been shaved. I’m not sure if I’d want to play with a woman with bush. It’s weird, I know.

    My husband, of course, prefers shaved, but I’m lazy and only shaved when absolutely necessary! i.e. when it becomes too bushy that convinces him to go down on me is difficult.

  4. Bad Ninon

    Hi Kat, newby here, ive gone through many bush trim phases but honestly I don’t think I’ll ever go full bush again,
    I hate getting hairs on my tongue/throat and I don’t want to make anyone else feel the same ๐Ÿ™‚
    plus wearing bikinis with a full bush just looks bad!
    but I respect your choice though and it is hard work to keep it tidy down there!

  5. jam

    well kat and others. i havent shaved anything since 1972. i’ve found that some men like it some dont. i dont care for men or women who shave kinda creeps me out. what are you trying to be little boys and girls. love the way my hair looks on my arms and legs after laying out in the sun. golden hairs against tan skin. no i dont worry about skin cancer. i digress. i really just have never cared about shaving. i love my men or women hairy. lol

  6. Naughty Kitty

    I choose to use the old “God put hair there for a reason”. I trim it up when someone might be down there but I really don’t like the shaved look. I look all the more wrinkled down there. P.S. if you are reading this Daunt…um…I am just kidding. I am as tight as a 12 year old little girl…wait…that didn’t sound right either ๐Ÿ™

  7. Luna Moon

    I prefer to shave. At first I thought it was a little weird and “little girlish.” However, I’ve grown accustomed to the look and I can’t stand to have any hair down there. I’m not a very hairy person, so shaving (legs, etc.) has never been a big deal. I do it on a daily basis and it has become part of my morning routine. I think it’s a personal choice, but some men make a bigger deal out of it than they should.

  8. Bob Archer

    I think that a few gray hairs *down there* would be sexy.

    Also, I don’t find women that are completely shaved to be sexy. It was cool the first time that I saw it in a porn flic (or with an actual lover), but after that… it became part of the background. It’s not sexy, to me at least, when everyone is doing it.

    I do have to say, though, a completely shaved woo-hoo is much more comfortable to lick. So, there’s a practical reason to do it, which is nice.

  9. Krazy

    I’ve gone from trimmed triangle to shaved gradually in the last five years. The first time I shaved it all, I had a landing strip, and even though it wasn’t a huge change, it made me feel weird. After a while I got used to it and it became part of my morning shower grooming. I grew back a triangle for my lover’s 50th birthday, but I shaved it not too long after that. He said to do whatever makes me feel sexier and that’s my preference these days.

  10. Mr. Dryden

    You know where I stand on this… shave it. Shave it now. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. mckenzie

    brazillian. for most of my adult life i shaved to neat and tidy but it hated the grow back and sometimes i got lazy….around the time i was about to cross the proverbial line, starting to be so frustrated and tired of not enough i decided to treat myself to a wax. when the gal asked if i wanted a brazillian i laughed and set why the hell not. at this rate, by the time hubby was ready for some action it would probably have grown back…how was i to know i would meet tom two weeks later? or that since then, i have become a consistent client of ms. tiffany even if i only get to be with tom about 1x every 8 weeks or so…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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