Sep 06 2011

TMI Tuesday with Cara (Nakedness) – 9/6/11

Now it’s Cara’s turn for TMI Tuesday…..

viagra generic 1. What do you wear to sleep in?

Usually a little nightie. Baby-doll style. I just love them and sometimes wish I could wear them out so that more people could enjoy my cute nighties.

http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=prednisone-to-cause-sexual-side-effects 2. Do you ever walk around your own place naked?

Yes. Mostly after a shower while I’m waiting for my lotion to absorb into my skin. I tend to procrastinate getting dressed which lengthens my naked-time.

see url 3. Have you or would you ever answer the door naked?

I don’t remember a specific occasion, but I’m certainly not opposed to it.

source link 4. What part of your body do you like to be on show? Why?

I suppose my breasts because I have been told (by more people than just Kat) that I have a great set.;-)

http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=real-viagra-price-germany 5. When sunbathing how much do you bare?

As much as possible. I don’t mind tan lines around my bikini bottom, but I don’t like them on my chest because I wear strapless in the summer A LOT, and well, I consider it to be a fashion faux pas to have tan lines there.

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cialis online usa 6. Have you or would you bare all on a naturist (nude) beach?

I have.

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=Cialis-generico-online-farmacia-senza-ricetta-in-Roma 7. Have you ever flashed your bits in public?

If not would you if it turned your partner on? I haven’t yet, but I absolutely would as long as I didn’t get arrested.

buy online cialis 8. Have you ever given a striptease or has anyone given you one? Did you enjoy it?

Yes on both accounts, and I LOVE them. I love giving them and I love receiving them.

9. Ever gone skinny dipping? Alone or with others?

A few times… When I was in college, for Spring Break, a bunch of us when to Lake Havasu and after a day of drinking and playing on lake, of course we had to skinny dip. Then, a few years ago, some neighbors of mine had a pool and I skinny dipped there a few times alone, and then one time when I thought I was alone but wasn’t… Their 22 year-old son was home from college, oopsie! It turned out okay though, because he didn’t mind me being there at all!

10. Do you like to look at naked people or do you want show off your nakedness?

Who doesn’t like to look at people naked? I would say that I like to look at people naked more than I like to show off my nakedness, but I also like to show off my nakedness to certain special people.;-)

Bonus:  Sexually speaking, what’s the furthest you would go with a partner in public? Have you had sex in public?

I’m not sure if this counts as public, but [again, in college], there was this guy who I was crazy about, so I did him in the bathroom at a party. I wanted people to know we were having sex in there and of course I was a little drunk. When someone knocked on the door to come in, I quickly put my panties on and walked out of the bathroom to the bedroom, with nothing on other than my tiny thong. I think the whole thing really excited the guy and we ended up dating for a while. Beyond that, I guess hand jobs in a movie theater are about it. I would probably do more, but only if I was relatively certain I wouldn’t end up being arrested.


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  1. Lusting Lola

    Your skinny dipping stories sure sound fun!

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