May 17 2011

TMI Tuesday – Getting to Know Kat

Cara has been after me to jump in and play TMI Tuesday for some time now, but I have resisted. Why? I don’t know, really. Maybe I was waiting for an engraved invitation? In any event, here I am…and here we go…..

purchase propecia Getting to Know You…
go here 1. What is your online profile name and what does it mean?
I have several online profile names. ShackledKat has two meanings. The shackled part relates to the fact that I’m married. It also gives a nod to my interest in bondage and Dom/sub play. Kat is actually my middle name, or a variation of it anyway. As for my other online profile names, I don’t share them here. I was ShackledKat on AM for a very short while. I use another name there now, but my profile on AM is not active right now. My other online profiles are all related to my real life, so if I told you, I’d have to kill you.
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accutane buy online pharmacy 2. How did you decide on the title of your blog?
Cats prowl. Kat prowls. And I hoped to connect with other prowlers like me, hence the name Prowling with Kat. That’s pretty simple, huh? Sorry. I probably should have made up something really intellectual or philosophical, like Will’s answer.
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go site 3. How much of your online personality transcends into your real life? What’s the biggest difference between the two?
Kat is very much me. However, there is a lot of me that is not Kat. The way I put it most often is that I’m definitely Kat in the bedroom, but I’m (insert my real name here) in the rest of my life – in business, with family, with friends.
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http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=prednisone-5-mg-dose-pack 4. What have you stumbled across through reading blogs that really made you want to try it out? Have you done it yet? Was it a good, bad or so so experience?
There really isn’t much I haven’t tried, most of it before I ever read a sex blog. I’ve participated in threesomes, but I’m really interested in Adam’s Threesome with Allie and Alan, but with a small variation. I’d love to play with wifey while hubby watched, and then have him join in. Mmmm….never had it go quite like that before. here

5. After you masturbate, do you taste your cum? Do you like the taste of you?
Sometimes I do. It just depends on my mood. If I’m masturbating on camera for my web cam buddy, of course I do! And yes, I do like the taste of me, as a matter of fact.

6. Do you like to masturbate in front of someone else? Does that heighten your arousal or are you indifferent?
I absolutely love to masturbate in front of someone else. Web cam buddy can attest to that. 😉 I think it definitely heightens arousal for me. It’s a turn on to know that someone is watching and that it’s turning him on, too. Dang, I’m getting hot just thinking about it.

7. Have you ever been caught masturbating? By whom?
No. I haven’t been caught, at least not unless I wanted to be caught, if you know what I mean. I had a close call when I was a teenager once. I was spending the night at a friend’s house and she and I were sleeping out in her parents’ RV in the driveway, just for fun. I guess I was really goin’ at it because all of a sudden she said, “What are you doing over there? You’re making the whole RV shake!” I said, “Oh, sorry. I have an itch….I was just scratching.” The lie came out very smoothly, even then. I guess I’m just a natural at it. The next question should be, “Kat, did you stop when your friend became suspicious?” Hell no! I went for it full force, not worrying about the shaking because now I knew she’d think I was scratching. I explained it the next day by saying that I must have been allergic to their laundry soap because that sheet made me itchy all night. See what I mean? Smooth.


  1. GoodWill

    Great answers Kat, really enjoyed reading them. And I like your name/meaning…thank you so much for complimenting mine!


    I got here from a comment made on GoodWill’s blog.

    Welcome to TMI Tuesday. I hope that you play again, no invitation needed 🙂

    Questions posted here: http://tmituesdayblog.wordpress.com/

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