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The Nanny Interview

source Several years ago, we hired a nanny for my youngest son.  He has special needs and regular day care wouldn’t work for him.  The nanny he’d had for the last year was going back to school so we had to find another. By the way, this was before the crash of the economy.  Now, there are no nannies for us, unfortunately. You may be wondering what a nanny interview would have to do with a sex/infidelity blog.  Read on….

clomid drug dosage calculator Since this was going to be someone who came into our home daily, we decided that the whole family would part of the interview process, including our older teenage son. I had already done a bunch of pre-screening and phone interviews and I had it narrowed down to my top two choices for us to interview.

Nanny #1 was very nice.  Cute. Friendly. Great references. Lots of experience.  And the little guy seemed to like her. After she left we all agreed that she would be great.

Then came Nanny #2. She walked in wearing a teeny tiny sundress. By “teeny-tiny” I mean spaghetti straps, massive amounts of cleavage showing and a skirt so short that you could almost see what one is not supposed to show when fully clothed.  She came in and sat down, her dress hiked up as it does when you sit down and then  – there it was – you could see her woohoo. And then there was that cleavage. She had to be at least DD cup, and most of that was outside the dress rather than inside.

I turned to look at Hubby and son #1 and they both had a stupid smile on their face and couldn’t stop looking you-know-where. Not surprisingly, they were suddenly both very interested in the nanny selection process and wanted to participate more actively. At one point she got on the floor to play with son #2 while we were talking (very good move) and as she leaned over, her tits fell out. Yes! Fell out!  I saw nipple. She turned quickly and tucked them back in and acted like nothing was wrong.  We continued the interview. Son #2 should i use accutane cystic acne loved her.  Hell, all the men in the family loved her.

When she stood up to leave, son #2 hugged her (very sweet), but when she reached out for him, her dress hiked up just enough for, you guessed it, his little head to rest right against her woohoo as he wrapped his arms around her. I gasped, but that was cut short by son #1 exclaiming “Whoa!” when she bent over to hug the little guy and – whoops! – there went the boobs…..again!!!

After she left, we sat down for negotiations to talk about the pros and cons of each nanny candidate. I was still stunned from the interview with Nanny #2, so I had us start with a discussion of Nanny #1. It went well. Then we went on to discuss Nanny #2.  It started as a rational discussion.  We seemed to be on the same page about her strengths and her weaknesses as a candidate until we started discussing the obvious.

We all avoided the topic for a while, but eventually I brought up the elephant in the living room, or should I say the big tits in the living room?

Then a miracle happened. My husband and son, who hadn’t gotten along for several years and who were barely speaking to each other, were advocating for Nanny #2 like the best of friends, united for a common critically important cause.

They talked about her experience and her skills.  They emphasized how much son #2 liked her.  Of course, I countered with the male genetic predisposition for tits and pussy.  They argued that she probably doesn’t dress that way all the time. I thought, if this was her “dressing to impress” for a nanny job, what does she wear to relax?

The family debate lasted a couple of hours.  I couldn’t argue with the fact that she was qualified and her references were good.

Who do you think we hired?


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  1. Anonymous

    #2, of course.

  2. Luna Moon

    Sheesh. Men. How frequently they think with the wrong head.

  3. Anonymous

    Remind them what happened to Michael Douglas in Basic Instinct…

  4. Cara Janes

    OMG, having met that nanny, I would have imagined her interview to go EXACTLY like you described. I was not sorry to hear when she finally got fired!!! I hope you don’t mind me sayin’… 😉

  5. Max

    If you didn’t hire nanny #2, could you send me her resume? Please?!?


  6. Ben

    Well, I hope you hired #1, but I fear you hired #2. It was unprofessional of her to dress as she did, and you were right. You should use this as an occasion for a feminist discussion with the two bigger men in your house. They should know better.

  7. Ryan Beaumont

    Damn Cara you blew it. I was already thinking about my next fantasy post for Kat in my head (which head is your guess)! 🙂

  8. Gertie

    Did she know in advance it was a mixed gender interview. Maybe she was trying to sway the numbers by the T&A display. Can’t wait to hear the follow up

  9. Kat

    Yes, everyone, we hired Nanny #2. I also fired Nanny #2 several months later.

    By the way, she continued to dress like a hoochie mama the entire time she cared for son #2. Unbelievable.

    Luna Moon – DO men ever think with the other head when pretty young women are involved?

    Cara – LOL. YOu remember her? Hahaha. I guess she’s not easy to forget. I know you were happy when I fired her. You know, she said you were a liar. Hahahahaha. And she actually thought I would believe her over you. Puleeeeeeeaze.

    Gertie – No, she thought it was just an inetrview with me and son #2. She knew the little guy would be there. She had no idea that Hubby and son #1 would be there.

    Anon – Do you pfizer viagra 50 mg online really think that would make a difference?

    Max, I can send you her phone number. For a good time, call Nanny#2. Hehe.

    Ben – You’re right. I’ve had that conversation with them a million times, it seems.

    Ryan – Fantasy? 😉

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