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The Dream

order viagra uk dreamI woke slowly to the sensation of wetness between my thighs. I remembered the dream that caused it, also causing me to wake twice during the night to satisfy the urge it awakened in me.

get link In my dream, it wasn’t my finger on my clit, but T’s tongue and lips, and sometimes his teeth. His arms were wrapped around my thighs and hips, holding me in place, so when it got really intense, I couldn’t move.  All I could do was shake and moan and beg for him to let me come.

prednisone 5 mg and dog Sometimes he’d let me. Usually he wouldn’t. We both loved this torturous game of pleasure denied and then forced. He’s better at it than just about anyone I’ve known.

go here I’d wake in the night, touch myself and come, then drift off again. In my dream, he wouldn’t let it stop at that.  He kept going until I was begging again. I reached between my legs, half asleep and half awake, wanting the real stimulation but not wanting to lose him and the dream. After I came the last time, I felt him kiss his way up my body and kiss my lips, letting me taste myself in his mouth, his arms slipping around me and pulling me close to him.

In the safety and warmth of his arms, I allowed myself to surrender completely to my slumber again, knowing he’d be there in my dreams.


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  1. ~McKPR

    I know those dreams well. He is my muse and memories of our rare time’s together always leave me wet and wanting. Great post. ~McKPR

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