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buying accutane Aug 09 2012

The 10 Biggest Lies that Men Tell Women

I just came across this and knew I had to share it with you, Prowlers. A couple of these had me laughing out loud. The full slide show with commentary about each lie is cheap viagra online here, but I’ll summarize them for you:

10. I don’t watch X-rated movies.

9. I like your cooking.

8. I don’t think she is pretty.

7. I’m stuck in traffic.

6. I’ll call you.

5. Sorry, my battery was dead/sorry I missed your call.

4. Your butt doesn’t look big in that.

3. I’m fine.

2. It’s not you, it’s me.

And the number one lie that men tell women is…..

1. I don’t have a wife/girlfriend.

Ok, Guys, ‘fess up.  Which of these lies have go you told?


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  1. the naked lady

    I’ve been the lucky recipient of #9…didn’t find out the truth until *years* later. Sheesh, grow up and be honest when I ask you how it tastes the first time!

  2. Ryan Beaumont

    10. Actually I really don’t – I prefer those soft PG-17’s
    9. My wife is a pretty good cook but she like Indian which I hate and I do let her know. I’m a better cook anyway and she know’s it.
    8. Absolutely YES
    7. Train is a better excuse or someone hit a deer up ahead.
    6. Hmm…, let me get back to you on that one.
    5. In my case I don’t have to lie about stupidity.
    4. My wife has a great ass so I don’t have to lie (Sandee does too). πŸ™‚
    3. I lie better than I act
    2. How could anything me, of course it’s her!
    1. Why lie. Hey I thought having a wife was attractive, it’s like the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval that at least one woman has agreed to have sex with me more than once! πŸ™‚

  3. Advizor54

    10. I love ’em, I watch ’em, I lie about ’em.

    9. Like Ryan, I love his wife’s cooking, especially when she makes me breakfast.

    8. I gave up on this one, she knows I look.

    7. This is a great one for Los Angeles because it is true so often that it’s unverifiable. What she doesn’t know is who i’m talking to while i drive.

    6. I do call, right after I’ve talked to my “phone friend.”

    5. A BS excuse these days since both of our cars have phone chargers and I don’t ride the bus anymore.

    4. She doesn’t ask, I don’t answer because I say it looks hot and she goes on for 3 minutes about her ass. i love it, I want to eat, bite,lick, taste, and fuck it.

    3. I’m fine. This is my #1. Shuts down all discussion and tells her to bugger-off in two syllables. I am rarely fine.

    2. It’s always you, I’m fine.

    And the number one lie that men tell women is…..

    1. I don’t have a wife/girlfriend in the State of California, yet. Does international count? And what about the South, or the East coast, or wait, maybe she is in California, Canada? Europe? enter I don’t have a girlfriend in my zip code. Can we leave it at that?

  4. Ryan Beaumont

    Hey Advizor – Ha, but my wife don’t make pancakes like ur Mom! πŸ™‚

    She makes ’em just like I like ’em soft, fluffy, and with a sausage in the middle!

  5. Advizor54

    My mom made pancakes thin and tasteless, and judging by my dad’s bad mood for the last 30 years, she was a Vegan.


  6. Ryan Beaumont

    Ha, that’s until she tasted my bacon! πŸ™‚

  7. Advizor54

    Nice Try, she’s Jewish.


  8. both.hands.please

    I must admit to telling a few porkies.. Never really needed to lie about 10 down to 4. #3 is a generic lie that both genders overuse. And 2, well that’s the easy way out. As for #1, I use that.. but only because I’m finalising separation.

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