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That Dangling Thing One of my favorite things to do is spend a little bit of time every at at enter site Wallpapers by WWC (II). It’s a virtual cornucopia of handsome, muscular young men.  What’s not to like?

Someone told me once that it was a site for gay men, as if that would make me like it less. I’m not planning to fuck them or marry them.  I just want to objectify them and gaze at them in all their sexiness.

Every now and then, though, something gets in the way of my enjoyment.  It’s that little dangling thing. You know what I mean. It’s the penis.

Everyone knows that I am an adoring fan of the penis and all parts of a man’s body (Extra credit for anyone who remembers my favorite part of a man’s body), but let’s face it.  The un-erect penis is an ugly little dangly thing. It’s all wrinkled up and men are insecure about it (“It’s cold in here.”). And they use it for…..(whispering) peeing. At least a woman’s pussy is somewhat pretty. Pink, sort of like a flower.

This is a very handsome young man, in spite of the rather gay, I mean, strange, pose. And I thought sitting on a mirror went out in the 70’s. It would have been nice, but the dangling dick ruins it.

Look how much better this one is. Mmmmmm. Very hot.  He keeps it covered up.  It makes me want to see.

Same with this one. Wow. Is it getting warm in here or is it just me?

And because I’m such a big baseball fan, you knew this one would be my favorite. I’ll have a nice long  shower tonight thinking of how I’ll remove that gear.

If you must include a penis in the shot, make it an erect one, like this one that reminds me of JJ.

Now, Gentleman, does my enjoyment of these young studs mean I don’t prefer more mature men?  Absolutely not. These young ones are for looking.  You gorgeous and sexually skilled older men are for touching….and licking….and sucking…..and……

From time to time, someone sends me a cock picture.  I’m grateful that they think of me, but the cock by itself  – flaccid or erect – means nothing. It’s the man attached to it that turns me on – the whole man, body, mind, and spirit.

If you want to impress me, show me levitra originale 20 mg online that.


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  1. Tom

    Wait ’til you see the size of my hippocampus!

  2. Kat

    Mmmm, now you’re talking, Baby. At least I know you’ll remember my name.

  3. life of a tongue

    Women’s bodies are a work of art. Men are sooo not. Men also are so visual that they connect everything that way including how they think others should want them. I think this is why the cock pics turn up so often and most of the time fail to accomplish their goal.
    If a woman walks around naked her husband wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off her. If a man walks around naked his wife giggles at him. Justified maybe, but still an ego killer.
    The pictures are great photos of great looking men.

  4. Same sassy girl

    Great photos! Hmmm… the mind is very important. But the dangling thing doesn’t bother me. I see it as a challenge!

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