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Tap. Tap. Is This Thing On?

Ahem.  I have an announcement to make.

My husband cleaned the house yesterday.  The whole house.  By himself.  Without having to be asked, begged, or bribed.

This may not seem to be a big deal to some of you, but in my world this is a miracle on par with the parting of the Red Sea and the whole multiplication of the loaves and fishes thing. It’s big. Really big.

So, following my husband’s lead of changing things up in a big way, I decided to reward him by not even attempting to pressure him for sex last night. Apparently, it worked because this morning he jumped out of  our bed, happy as a clam, and rushed outside to start doing some yard work.

I am pleased to announce that, at this moment, both Kat and Mr. Kat are very happy.  I have a clean house, and soon I will have nicely manicured yards.  He gets some relief from the pressure to put out.

Yes, Prowlers, this is a mad, mad world, isn’t it? Go figure.

Hmm.  I wonder how much sexual indifference I would have to fake to get him to clean out the garage….


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  1. Riff Dog

    Wait . . . he cleaned the house . . . in one day??? 😉

  2. Kat

    I know…crazy, huh? I told you it was a miracle. In fact, that statement you made illustrates a TRIPLE miracle, Riff. Let me demonstrate:

    He (omg) cleaned (OMG) the house (OMG!)…in one day (I think I just came…).

    Like I said, Happy Kat. 😀

  3. Ryan Beaumont

    Keep the KISS method going, us guys are real simple. Simple positive reinforcement for simple actions. But this does look like a shrink needs to get involved. Is the cleaning a stress reliever to replace sex?

    Oh well, as we say around here “even a blind pig finds and acorn every now and again!” 🙂

  4. Alex

    Its me again. I’ve been reading more here the last few days, and I know this isn’t exactly on topic, but my curiousity is in overdrive. This post, like many others I’ve read here, seem to indicate that you and your husband have VERY different sexual needs and drive. Has it always been this way? If not, what caused his sex drive to plummet so drastically? I mean, I’m getting to be an old dog (41 this summer) but there is NO WAY I would pass up the kind of offers you make for sex. If it has always been this way, then I would ask why you got married at all.

    Just seems to me that you (and many others) could avoid a lot of effort and possible grief if you simply married someone with a similar sex drive. Of course, if age and/or medical issues are involved, things get more complicated. But if you two are similar in age, I would imagine the decline in sex drive would sync to some extent.

    Sorry to derail the train a little. Well, maybe just switched the track…

  5. Kat

    Ryan- Wait a minute…did you just call me a pig? LOL

    Alex – No, the gap in sex drive has not always been there. My husband is almost 20 years older than I am. It was great when I was 20-ish and he was 40-ish, but mid-late 40s and mid-late 60s is a completely different story. I got married for the same reasons that most do. I loved him. I stay married because I love him very much. He is a good man. I love our children.

    It’s a very complex issue, not nearly as simple as some would like to make it.

    And you didn’t derail anything. You are welcome to participate here. Your perspective is a valuable one, Alex.

  6. W

    Well, I would have gone the other direction. I would have cleaned the house to get more sex.

    It sounds like it works out for both of you though.

  7. Heaven

    Good job on getting the house all cleaned up. Well if it makes you guys happy, why not?

    And some of us have different buttons, and we all respond in different ways. Thanks for this post~

  8. Asian Girl

    That depends, how big is the garage? lol.

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