Dec 27 2014

Taboo Sex – A Special Christmas Present

Christmas Present cover largeI know it’s officially not Christmas anymore, but this story actually takes place over a two week Christmas break, so it still qualifies. It’s called A Special Christmas Present (A Taboo Man of the House Romance).

This is a very hot and naughty short story by Sammi Starlight about a very young woman who comes home over Christmas break to play incessantly with her stepfather and step dad. It’s definitely taboo sex and very, very steamy.

One of the things I like about stories like this is that they don’t pretend to be something they are not. This is erotica.  Not erotic romance, but erotica. Sex. Hot, steamy, make-you-reach-into-your-pants sex.

The main character is young and she was a virgin until she came home for the holidays and ended up fucking her stepbrother. She loved it.  She can’t get enough.  Her stepfather surprises them by accident, so she ends up doing him, too.  Then both of them.  There’s your plot.  Simple.

Here’s an except from the very beginning of Chapter 1:


“That’s it, slut. Ride my cock,” my stepbrother Steve moaned as I straddled him and slid down his hard shaft.  I closed my eyes and moaned as he filled me, my body stretching to accommodate his girth.  I braced my hands on his chest and started grinding my clit against him, relishing the way he felt buried deep inside me.

He reached up and cupped my tits with his large hands, squeezing them and plucking the hard nipples with his thumb and forefinger. “I can’t wait until these are big and full of milk.”  He sat up and drew one into his mouth, sucking hard. I gasped and clutched his head against me. The thought of him sucking milk from me sent little jolts of electricity between my legs.

He popped the nipple from his mouth and looked at me with a grin. He reached around my waist, teasing the crack of my ass with his finger.  He pressed it against my rosebud. “I bet you would even like to be fucked there, wouldn’t you?”

I shivered and whimpered, moving my head with a slight nod. I wanted Steve to fill all my holes and use my body completely.

“Of course you would, you slut,” he said and slapped my ass. “Who would have thought that Miss Goody Two Shoes would be such a whore?”  He laid back down on the bed. “It’s time to ride me, Abby.  Come all over my cock like the needy little bitch you are.”


I warned you  it was naughty.  Isn’t that delicious?!

I read those first few paragraphs and knew that I’d be reading the rest in one sitting, maybe interrupted with a little playtime of my own.

This is well-written erotica that does exactly what erotica is supposed to do – turn you on.  My only real complaint is that it ended so quickly. I wanted more.

Okay, I’ll admit that I’m not exactly into the lactation play fantasy like the characters in this story are, but that wasn’t the centerpiece of the story.

Do yourself a favor. Download the Kindle edition and enjoy yourself – one more holiday gift to yourself.

A Special Christmas Present (A Taboo Man of the House Romance)


I’m not receiving any compensation from the author to review or share this book. I juts like it and thought you might, too.  The links are my Amazon affiliate links, though, so if you decide to splurge for it, I’ll get four cents. Thanks.

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