Apr 30 2015

Someone is Getting Fired

Big Apple


You may have seen this floating around social media recently.  The second I saw it, I knew I had to share it with you, Prowlers.

Clearly, this was meant to be, “Big Apple, Meet Big Angus,” right? There’s a copy editor or printer out there who is in some trouble right now.  And think about all the people who must have seen this before it made it to the street.  Someone opened the packaging that came from the printer and accepted it.  Someone, probably more than one person, installed it on the bus.  Presumably, various bus drivers and mechanics saw it before the bus left the yard.

So, either no one noticed it, or people just kept quiet.


Maybe there are people out there who just think it makes sense to introduce a big apple to your anus.

I dunno.  No matter how big your anus is, I have to think that an apple of any size would hurt. And what would be the point, anyway?

It’s also possible that this was an office joke that – oops! – made it all the way to the public. That kind of makes me smile.

On the up side, it got us all thinking (and talking) about anal sex and fruit for a while, and that’s all good.


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  1. Hubman

    I think even those brave girls who try double-anal or anal fisting would agree that an apple would hurt!

    1. Kat

      Uh, yeah. I’d say so!

  2. advizor54

    All i can say is that my last trip to NYC was very awkward.

    1. Kat

      Oh? Do tell. 😉

  3. Chris

    Dear Kat,

    Your readers don’t know where you’ve gone!!!! I keep checking back on your website and there are no new posts. there isn’t even any comment from you about the whole Ashely Madison debacle.

    I hope your ok. That your lack of attention to this site means that there has a been a change for the better for your life that doesn’t allow you time to tend to your creation.

    1. Kat

      I’m sorry, Chris. I have been gone, but I’m back, again. Hopefully for good, or for at least a very long time. I’m sorry I left you in the lurch.

  4. Mike

    Is this blog basically dead? Or am I on the wrong website?

    1. Kat

      Not dead anymore. 😉

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