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Simple Endearing Actions

click here My last post was about my Top 9 Prowling Pet Peeves. As I was writing it, I started remembering some of the really sweet things some of my prowling buddies have done that endeared them to me. I thought I’d share some of them with you. Maybe you’ll pick up something you can use.

  • Showing up for a “meeting” with a Starbucks for me (yes, he knew and remembered my favorite)
  • Sending me sweet and random text messages throughout the day
  • Continuing to send emails even though we also chatted and texted – just so we could continue to get to know each other on a deeper level
  • Changing the plan for our “meeting” when he knew I’d had a particularly rough day
  • Touching base in some way every day, no matter what
  • Whispering sweet nothings in my ear (I love that!)
  • Being tender and sweet sometimes (Yes, this Kat usually likes it hard and rough, but sometimes tender and sweet is just right)
  • Showing interest in my life outside of the bedroom
  • Following my favorite baseball team because he knew it mattered to me
  • Surprising me with unexpected availability, and wanting to spend it with me whether or not we had sex (although I usually prefer the sex)
  • Sharing his feelings with me, whatever they are
  • Meeting me for lunch from time to time, just to catch up
  • Letting down his guard and trusting me with things that are bothering him
  • Being both a friend and a lover
  • Reading the same book I’m reading (without my prompting) just so we can discuss it with each other

read and buy brand propecia online without doctor prescription Now, none of these things are “required” for an affair, but I find them very endearing. These are some of the things that build a relationship that goes beyond just being a random fuck buddy (although I’ll admit, that can be fun, too).

cialis prescriptions More than once I have told you that if you treat your partner right and make her happy, she will want to make you happy, too. It’s a simple formula of give and take. It works for an affair. It works for a marriage.

follow Give it a try.


  1. GoodWill

    Really sweet tips Kat…(I’m taking notes…)

  2. Kat

    Hi Will. Thanks. I suspect you have a few endearing tricks of your own. Care to share a few? 😉

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