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She wasn’t a Lipstick Lesbian

Daunt here. Well we have another guest post, this one from Clem, and it’s quite a story.

The beginning
“Well if I get the fuckin’ fanstastic title then I am going to keep working at the naughty. Maybe throw in some selfish and wicked … but in my “sweet” way. 😉 “
Her reply to me after we had re-engaged this past summer.
She had hit on my AM profile right away, within a few days of me posting it. I said that I had been re-reading her profile, and waited, wanting to reply. She wrote right back. She was looking for an older man, interviewed some, but no one had appealed to her yet.
We were both looking for something we needed, and not getting it in our mate.
We exchanged a bunch of emails that first week. She was attached, married. I was separated. In her second email, she told me she was a lesbian, bi-sexual, married to her “Mrs” as she referred to her wife. She wanted sex with a man, an older, experienced man. Did I have a problem with that? She’d wait to see if I replied before she would want to talk more or meet.
No, not at all. No problem. To some men, it might be a real fantasy-turn-on. Fuck a lesbian? Here I am, a well experienced man, that a lesbian wants a hot, torrid affair with? Yeah, man. But you know, I really didn’t look at it that way. Yes, I was intrigued; the why’s, what does she want, what will she want to do? (She never did tell me what she and her Mrs. did together.)
I wanted passionate, erotic, sensuous, hot sex. She told me when her wife turned 40, the “Mrs” lost interest in sex, and that now, she was horny all the time. She was the dominant one in her relationship, but didn’t want to continue that way, and her Mrs, some 5 years older than her at 43, wasn’t interested in sex anymore. She was 37 when we met, I was 58.
She used to slip off her wedding ring after she came in and set her things down.
I had sent her a list of questions, what she’d like, what I like, what did she want. She answered them all very well, positively, no shirking. She didn’t want to use condoms; she was not fertile. It was OK if I wanted condoms, but she didn’t. Great. Hated them. Loved the bare-feeling of my cock in her pussy and ass too much anyway. In her second email, she told me too, she wanted to be ‘anally penetrated’, wanted to experience this. Well, that got my attention. I love to teach, and show women good, anal sex. Turns out it took a long time before it actually happened, but as she said, she had a ‘tight ass’. She liked it played with, no question, licking her ass hole, fingering it, probing her ass. She mine also. Turned out she was well experienced in massaging a man’s prostate. I had asked her about rimming, and she replied, ‘Absolutely’, so, she was into it. She was always, always, very clean, fresh, pussy and ass.
She wasn’t a lipstick lesbian by any means, very plain, very short, black, stiff hair, 160, 5′-4, 34B. If I had to describe her further, I would say that she reminds me a lot of k.d. lang. OK, not a real beauty, but that’s not all where the attraction was. We talked and laughed a lot in bed, and she had a delightful set of small dimples on the tops of her cheeks that would appear way too seldom.
She is a nurse, working for a major urban hospital here. She worked shift hours, and at times, this was very good, as she could break away at different times during the day to come see me. We had some memorable ‘nooners’ this way, usually lasting a few hours. In the beginning, she’d come by after her late shift a few times, but that really didn’t work out.
She wanted a strictly ‘FWB-NSA’ situation, with not much other interaction. I was OK with this, and I certainly was not interested in anything involved, nor was I interested in falling for her. She remained very discreet with me regarding her personal life. Yes, she shared some details, but not a lot. I just wanted the passions and the eroticism that came from close, intimate, very personal contact. I wanted these old feelings back. I wanted to please a woman, and have her give me pleasure, like no one else has. She did this, we did it together, we did it all.
I loved her pussy! She had a big clit, and it grew and stuck out when she was aroused. She had short, black, tight pussy hair. Turns out, she absolutely loved to have her pussy and clit licked, tongue-fucked, and also to have her g-spot massaged at the same time. This was a lot of our sex for the next 2 years. When I wanted her to cum, and cum hard, I simply dropped my face down between her legs, spread her pussy lips, and licked in, all over.
She’d moan nicely, grab my head at times, and spread her legs more for me. She made a set of comments about that at one point, saying what I do to her, that she automatically wanted to lie back and spread her legs for me. She did talk sexy and kinky with me some, but not enough. She rarely came, maybe twice, while I was fucking her, once we came together.
Her big clit stuck out well when I sucked on it. I loved it, loved to finger and lick her.
She’d shudder, spasm and writhe in bed when I did this, building up her orgasms. She’d fist the sheets, hold on. When she’d cum, she’d explode and scream out, “Yes, that’s it, that’s it!, Ahhhh!”. I got goose-bumps writing this in remembrance. Over the months, she got into a very comfortable position with me. I’d usually be between her legs, scrunched down, but more having my knees up and bent. She’d get so that she’d rest her ankles against my thighs, bend her legs and knees, and use that for leverage. She’d push back against me this way. I could always tell when she was settling in for a good cum when she did this. Yeah, it took some time, 15-20 minutes at a time, but, wow, could she cum. I’d lick her some, and she’d wiggle her ass and hips, and then I’d introduce one, then two fingers, in her pussy, hot, wet, dripping at times. One time on the couch, I had her up on her knees, and I was licking her pussy, fingering her, two, maybe three fingers in her from the rear, and her juices were literally running down my arm. Loved that always.
But lying between her legs was the best. Sometimes, I’d reach under her legs, push them back so she’d stick her ass and pussy out more. Times, she’d grab her legs, hold them spread, as I licked her clit and pussy. It was easy then to slip down to her perineum, then too, right into her asshole. I know she liked this, and yeah, there were a few times she gasped when I licked her, tongued her ass. Loved to lick around her rosebud, then push my tongue in, hard, deep as I could.
A few times she did open her ass, and I tongued in more, deeper. I loved doing this, and did it as much as I could with her. This would then usually work her up well, and my fingers were wet enough, that I could pretty easily insert my finger in her ass. When she really opened up, my middle finger would be all the way in her ass, with my palm on her butt. A few times I got two in up to the 3rd knuckle.
But fingers in her pussy were great, the best for her.
Licking her clit, then up to 3 fingers in her pussy, palm up, fingers pressed in hard on her g-spot. Very hard, curled around, pushing in, then too, back and forth. One time, right at the end, I was doing this so hard, she was so wet, she’d puddle in the middle of my hand.
She loved to suck me also, on my back, my head propped up so I could watch her. She always looked into my eyes, smiled and she’d devour me. She had some very good oral skills, working my cock-head and frenulum well, ’till I’d blast in her mouth. She’d moan and suck, and drive me crazy. She loved to give me ‘cummy kisses’ then too.
Oh and, she did like to get fucked also. She was very responsive with me. Some of the best, was simply working her up, hot and wet, fingering her, then easily rubbing the head of my cock in her pussy. Usually this elicited a small moan, a wide-open mouth, and she’d flare open, and I’d ease in. There was onetime when she just grabbed my ass, pulled me in her mostly dry. She said she liked to do that at times. Oh, but that feeling of warm, wet pussy on my cock, her gasping, tight, mmmmm, always a turn-on. There were times too, when I liked to roll on my back, grab her, bring her to me, roll her on top of me. I know I said a few times for her to grind on me, rub her pussy on my cock. She did this a few times too by herself, as she liked to tease almost as much as I did. She’d slide back and forth, wetting me, rubbing my cock, and then arch her hips some to slide down on me, as my cock fully entered her pussy. Doggie-style was the best, for us both. Loved her on her knees, fucking away. After some great pussy-licking, I’d love to then stand at the end of the bed, grab her legs, pull her to the corner. I’d position her ass right at the corner, then push her legs back, and fuck her hard and deep, using my legs to leverage in her. I loved to fuck her like this, very hot, very sexy, and she’d always then say, ‘Fuck me, yes, fuck me hard, deep’ I loved it when she’d call out like that. She was very vocal that way.
We only really talked and communicated thru email. Oh, and yes, in bed. Yes, we exchanged numbers, but she told me right away, she didn’t like to talk on the phone. Oh, we’d text some, not a lot. Again, she didn’t seem to like that. She had a ‘pay-as-you-go’ phone, TrackFone or something. OK, no big deal. As she was working odd shifts, she’d usually send me her schedule, out weeks. I’d suggest times when she could come by, but again, this was on her schedule. A bit odd and frustrating at times, when *I* wanted to fuck or lick her. At the least, I could leave her v-mails, again, usually late at night, so she’d get the message as she drove home after 11 from the late shift. Sometimes I’d try to be funny, sexy, erotic, tell her how much I had enjoyed her that day, or the previous day. She’d always comment on them, tell me she liked to hear them, told me she liked my voice. She never once returned the favor. Don’t know why.
In the height of it all, we were emailing a lot, daily, multiple times during the day.
We only got together at my place, on her terms, when she wanted to, which was usually once a week, and usually for about 2-5 hours, sometimes a lot more. I loved to spend the time with her, more so than with anyone else.
Yes, she could make me cum 3-4 times also. She is very through.
Some of the best memories I have of us together were early on Saturday mornings, 9-10, in winter, when the sun would blaze in through the 3 windows I had. We’d get so warm, I needed to open the windows in the winter. The sun would cascade on us in bed, so warm, sexy then too, under the covers.
We only got together for sex, rarely anything else. A few times we’d meet at the local pub, share a glass of wine, or a few times, lunch.
I always provided a clean, quiet place for us, clean sheets, usually the night before, clean towels, always a clean bathroom.
Oh yes, we always showered together, always. I really understood about keeping it discreet, and she wanted to be as clean as possible to go home. Wash off any residuals, stray hairs. The shower was a place to play also. She brought her own brand of soap, loved to soap my cock, reach around me from behind, and jack me off, while fingering my ass. I loved the feeling. I’d play with her pussy and ass too, but I tried not to get soap everywhere. We did like washing each other, and the last time we were together, she wiggled her finger in my ass, with promises of more things to come that way, I had expected. That sorta surprised me, as that day was filled with a lot of sex. I had thought we were on the right track again, getting frisky, hot, erotic with each other. I used to tell her, and I’d smirk a bit doing so, that I was happy to send her home to her wife, with my cum in her belly and pussy and ass, even though she was squeaky-clean on the outside.
She had broken it off, right before the holidays, late in 2010. She wanted to regain her ‘integrity’ as she put it, by recommitting to her wife. I understand this, and can respect it. I know she was stressed at this time also. She was/is going through a big set of changes in her life, wanting more from her career, wanting to change paths, and wanting way more from her personal life, and not getting anything, except from me. I thought about that some. From what she said, I knew that I fulfilled her needs, a lot. She told me a number of times that I gave her the best orgasms of her life.
She did give me one big send-off, after she emailed me then wanting ‘one last time’ together. She came over about 10 that morning, and stayed late in the evening. We fucked and sucked for hours, showered, talked, fucked some more. She deleted her email account that night after that.
So, OK, nothing, no contact then for like 6 months.
Literally, the first of June last year, I’m out having a glass of wine, and I get a text-message from her. ‘Miss how you make me cum’ was all she said. We texted a bit that night, flirted. She said she was tired of being a ‘good girl’. She sent me a new email address. She wanted to fuck me all summer. I was curious as to why she was contacting me now. She told me at the beginning of last year, that she wanted to renew things with her wife, and she wanted to end our relationship. I couldn’t really argue with that, disappointed, yes, extremely.
I told her then that last January, I’d never find another woman like her. She looked puzzled, and it’s simply true. I’m over 60 now, and I get looked at differently. My age group wants ‘soul-mates’ and ‘long walks on the beach’. The AM crowd doesn’t looking for an older man. Perhaps that’s part of the reason I would have liked to have continued longer with her, again for this past summer. I’ve been patient, and I know she appreciated that.
She clearly didn’t want to talk now at all, nothing, to the point of breaking things off again here. We sent some emails back and forth, where we both then stated all we (I too) wanted was to have hot sex this summer.
She told me of her plans to leave town in early fall, right after our first GTG. Her career was changing, and she was exploring options. I never did talk to her about much else, as we only got together 3 times before the end of June. We did still talk a bit about both wanting to get our needs met. I guess right now that is all she wanted, but she was troubled, it was clear to see and hear. All I wanted was a hot summer, as things would be changing for me also by fall, last fall.
I think it affected her more, when she couldn’t get what she wanted from her wife, only to find it with me. I don’t think she really wrapped her head fully around that, or then, maybe she did, and couldn’t handle it. She was pretty tight with her feelings and emotions, except when they all came out during sex. Then she was all over me, passionate, frisky, kinky, expressive, submissive.
She was sexually fantastic, yes.
After that first time back together with her, I had really thought then this past summer was going to be a hot one. It didn’t happen. I was very disappointed, as I had planned to really be aggressive with her, fuck her hard, all over, and leave her drained every time. I know it was gonna be the last time I’d see her, probably ever.
We got together in late June, a hot day, outside and inside. I wrote extensively about that day. Perhaps that may be another guest-post. After that day, I never heard from her again, as she deleted her email account, yet again. I sent her a tersely-worded v-mail one last time about a week later. She never replied, and I never heard anything else. I’m not even sure she did leave town.
Many times, we’d be lying together after a hot session, panting, sweating, holding each other. She said once, “Where’d you learn to fuck like that?” I just smiled, kissed her passionately, held her close, and start licking her all over, up and down again.
For two years, we had the best sex of our lives, and yes, I miss it.


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  1. Anonymous

    follow Clem, I’m hoping you’ll somehow know who I am, as I can no longer openly comment. But I was so touched by your amazing and sensuous story. These wonderful connections, never to be forgotten.

  2. Anonymous

    February 19, 2012 at 5:17 am (UTC -7) Link to this comment

    I’m confused why comment#1 can’t be open with their thoughts. I thought that’s what was encouraged, as long as people were respectful and not condesending.

  3. Clem

    Anon#2: i understand

  4. Mr. Dryden

    Loved it, great story. Thanks for sharing, sorry it ended in such a bummer. 🙁

  5. Kat

    Thanks, Clem, for sharing this with all of us.

    Anon 4:17 – I do not believe that Anon #1 was referring to any issue with expressing him/herself openly HERE, but a general decision not to be identified in comments anywhere. All comments *are* welcome here as long as they are respectful. Diversity of thought is definitely encouraged.

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