Mar 10 2013

Sex with an Athlete – March Sex Blog Chain

We have Ryan Beaumont to thank for this month’s topic, as well as many others. The official topic is March Madness: Sex with an Athlete.

Since Ryan suggested the topic, it’s only fair that Ryan go first. Ryan writes about sex with four athletes, who he calls The Final Four, in his post, One Shining Moment. Then, because he’s Ryan and he has to talk about sports, he also gives his final four prediction for the sport that gives the month the title March Madness.

Max, author of Thoughts from a Mystic Satyr, offers The Charity Ride and The Charity Ride (Finale).  A long bike ride, a hotel room, a shower – all the makings of a hot encounter. Hey Max, my bike is in disrepair, but do you wanna go for a ride anyway? πŸ˜‰

Same Sassy Girl enchants us with her desire for a figure skater. Those guys sure are strong, athletic and graceful. What’s not to like?

We have a new participant this month! Cammies on the floor shares Welcome Home with us. This post wins this month’s “Must Read” prize because it caught me off guard and made me smile… a lot. Make sure you read it and, while you’re there, browse through the rest of the great posts there and subscribe.

My entry for this month is Sex with a Triathlete. I had a few encounters to choose from, including My First Fuck Buddy, who was a baseball player. But when you read about Steve, you’ll know why I chose him for this month’s topic.

Remember, if you aren’t already following and subscribing to these folks, please do, and be sure to comment on their posts. They would love to hear from you!

Take a look at the Sex Blog Chain Page to get links to posts for the past several months (back to June 2012).

If you’re a blogger, please feel free to join us.  Just send me an email and I’ll make sure you get a notice about the next month’s topic and deadline. The more the merrier!

Our topic for April is Spring Break. Posts can be about sex over spring break or sex in the springtime, in general. Have you had sex in the rain (April showers)?  Tell us about it. Have you had sex outdoors in a garden? Or with a teacher on spring break? While doing your spring cleaning? Anytime at all in the months of March, April and May? The topic is pretty open.


I was going to wait and not tell you about this, Prowlers, but I just can’t. There will a be a big surprise here for you tomorrow.  Trust me, you’ll want to see it, so be sure to check back after noon Pacific time.


  1. Max

    I thought you’d never ask! πŸ™‚

    And a big surprise tomorrow?!? Quite the tease!

  2. cammies on the floor

    yay, so excited to join the cool crowd

  3. Kat

    Max- You don’t need an invitation, ya know. πŸ˜‰

    Cammies- Welcome! I’m not so sure we’re the cool crowd, but I’m glad you’re with us nonetheless. πŸ™‚

    And yes, Everybody…big surprise today at noon (Pacific time).

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