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click Jan 11 2012

Serving the Serviceman – Kat’s Rendezvous with Army Guy

go site Within about 5 seconds of seeing Army Guy for the first time he had me pinned up against the wall, was pulling my hair to force me to keep my face turned toward his while he kissed me forcefully, and his other hand was in my panties. I was stunned and a little scared, but I was also incredibly turned on. I’d had a chance to say “hello” when he first opened the door, but that was it before he took charge of our first meeting.

other fertility drugs like clomid dosage He was taking a big chance with that approach.  I might have been so shocked that I wouldn’t play along, or so scared that I’d have to get out of there. Instead, he grabbed me in more ways than one that afternoon, to the degree that whenever I think of that line from Jerry Maguire, “You had me at hello,” I think of him.

order generic cialis no rx He absolutely had me at hello, both literally and figuratively.

He slid a couple of fingers inside me and then started fingering my clit. I moaned as he touched me and he responded by pulling my hair harder and saying something affirming that he was in charge. I can’t remember exactly what it was because my focus was a little fuzzy and my legs were starting to feel shaky. I do remember being grateful that he had me pinned against the wall as I started to cum because I wasn’t very confident in my ability to stand on my own at that moment.

After the little ripples of pleasure started subsiding, he stepped back, releasing his hold on me.  I grabbed his shoulders quickly as my knees buckled, and he quickly put his arms around me to steady me. I looked up at him and what I saw next made me gasp.

He had the most beautiful, piercing eyes I had seen in a long time. They seemed to be looking deep into me and through at the same time. I would see that same look several times that afternoon, confirming that I really had seen what I thought I did.

Let me back up and tell you more about what I had learned about him before we met. We met on AM, and one of the first things I noticed was that he was very, very bright.  He was also the kind of man who made a habit of thinking things through before speaking. Well-spoken. A gifted writer. Reserved. Conservative. Reliable. Safe.

But he had an entirely different side that took over when the door closed. The contrast between his intellect and his physicality was both surprising and intriguing.

When I met him,  one of the first things I noticed, too, was that he looked at least 10 years younger than he really was, and whether he looked cute or handsome depended on the mood he was in and the angle at which you were viewing him.

Just as he was different than anyone I had met before, the afternoon progressed in an unexpected  way.  We played around for awhile, then we talked about his studies.  We awkwardly tried one position, then another.  Then we were talking about books and he was reading me a passage of one he had read recently.

I realized that, except for those captivating minutes of introduction right after we saw each other, I was enjoying the conversation and I was feeling awkward about the rest. Does that sound like me?  Nope. As I thought about it, I realized what was going on – I was nervous.  I really liked this guy.  This was no longer a “cum a few times, evaluate, then take it or leave it” situation.  I knew that, unless he got scared and went into hiding (men tend to do that when they don’t know how to handle a relationship that isn’t going the way they thought it would), we could be friends for a long time.

That made it a whole different ball game.

But not follow url that different. I found the opportunity to kneel in front of him and take his beautiful hard cock into my mouth, and the awkwardness and nervousness was gone. I looked up and watched him watching me as his cock slid in and out of my mouth. I remember taking him into my throat and swallowing and feeling his hand on the back of my head. I didn’t think about technique or if he liked it this was or that; I just went with it, letting it happen.  Before long he was grunting quietly and coming in my mouth.

We talked for awhile more.  Then we got cleaned up and dressed, talking the whole time. For once, I did more listening than talking, and I was entranced by watching him get dressed. There is nothing like watching a man in uniform painstakingly transform from naked lover to responsible serviceman.  I kissed him goodbye and I left.  I didn’t want to go, but I had to, and so did he.

Since that day, Army Guy has been the subject of quite a few of my late night fantasies.  They all start with him taking charge forcefully and us pleasing each other in innumerable ways – without any awkwardness or nervousness.  It’s comfortable and pleasurable – like making love with a friend.

Hey, somebody has to serve the servicemen. 😉


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  1. Clem

    There is a thing about taking charge and pushing a woman up against a door or wall, that yes, leaves them incredibly turned on, wanting more.
    I’ve done it a few times and have been pleasantly surprised at the outcome.
    Not all the time mind you, but it has it’s place.

  2. H

    Damn, this is one hot post, I love it…. and happy for you

  3. Army Guy

    That was a special afternoon, and you are a special lady and a stimulating friend Kat.

  4. Kat

    Clem – It’s true. I wish I could explain it, but I can’t.

    H- Thanks! 🙂

    Army Guy – You’re making me blush! As for being a stimulating friend, back at ya. 😉

  5. the naked lady

    Hmm…makes me want to meet someone in the army!

    Kat, thanks for your hotel advice on a previous post. I met him on Wed, but completely chickened out on the sex. He asked me if I wanted to go get a room, but I just wasn’t ready. Do you think that means the chemistry’s bad, or does the situation take getting used to?

  6. Army Guy

    Naked Lady,

    I would not presume to answer for Kat, but could it be that you’re not “chickening out” as much as you are not quite ready to take the plunge just yet. There’s nothing wrong with that, and if your partner is at all understanding than he should have no issue with giving you as much time as you need. I don’t think it automatically means that there’s no chemistry; it could mean that, but if that were the case I don’t think that you would need to seek a second opinion about it, you would just intuitively know.

    Just my thoughts. Good Luck.


  7. Kat

    Naked lady – good for you for following your instincts! If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. Period. It has nothing to do with chemistry and you shouldn’t have to get used to it”

  8. Kat

    ……Remember, infidelity is a bell you can’t un-ring. If it doesn’t feel right, wait.

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