Oct 29 2011

Saturday Serial – A New World

Life threw me a curve ball and it has been some time since I posted the last chapter. I hope to be more regular with my Saturday Serial posts from this point forward. For those that have been been following, you may want a refresher. The last post was called Searching. To start at the beginning go to Morning Heartache.

For those that are new Saturday Serial, it is an ongoing saga of fiction that is not quite fiction.; I’m drawing from events within my own life and weaving them into a story. At this point we have three characters introduced, Danny, Rachel and Becka. Danny is loosely me, Rachel is Danny’s wife and Becka is someone Danny may or may not get to know. Enjoy.


Danny arrives at work with minutes to spare. Pulling the emergency brake he turns the key to shutdown the engine. The 20 year old Datsun pickup’s engine slows and begins to sputter. Leaving the vehicle in gear Danny eases the clutch out slowly to force the engine to stop, he had learned this trick to prevent it from backfiring. Grabbing his red vest off of the bench seat he hops out and heads toward the store.

After moving his small family back from Las Vegas Danny had decided on a career change. Having always been good with his hands he enjoyed carpentry, but he found doing it full time as a job just didn’t agree with him. He viewed Home Warehouse as a stepping stone to something else. Assuming the mantle of “employee” he slips the vest on and takes his place at the Special Orders station.

The day creeps by slowly. As each customer comes to him with the same tired questions his mind is on meeting his new friends. Over the past few weeks Danny had discovered a number of local online forums. One in particular called, Red Light Underground, he had grown to like several people he had met. Yes, it was somewhat of a singles forum — well maybe swingers forum was more accurate — but bottom line the people were fun. Men had to pay to join and women were free and it worked; there were roughly the same number of women as men. Danny was married but nobody asked or cared, they were just there for fun.

While getting to know people and enjoying the group chat sessions a get together was arranged. An open invitation was set to meet at Anne’s, a quaint bar at the edge of a Sacramento suburb. Danny was in luck. Rachel, his wife, had left to visit her parents and would be gone for the night.

His shift finally ends and Danny removes his vest and heads for his pickup. Pumping the gas pedal twice and turning the key the engine sputters to life; his little truck is old but reliable. Backing out of the parking space he steers the vehicle to the street and heads toward Roseville, Anne’s Saloon and adventure.

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  1. Ryan Beaumont

    I like stories involving the common man finding adventure.

    I was hearing that song “One toke over the line Sweet Jesus” as he pulled out from work.

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