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Room 201 (Part 2 of 2)

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dove comprare viagra generico 25 mg a Napoli I smiled, rolled over, and positioned myself on my knees and forearms. He slid himself inside me and fucked me slowly for about 30 seconds, then he pulled out and pressed his cock into my ass. I squealed and pushed back against him. As he pounded my ass I had a split second flashback to a time about a year and a half ago when he told me that he didn’t mind if I screwed around with someone else as long as I remembered that my ass was source site his. I was about to giggle about that, but I was yanked out of my daydream by the burning sting I felt when he brought his hand down hard on my bottom. I flinched and squealed. He slapped me on the other side. I flinched again. I waited for another slap, but it didn’t come. Instead, he rabbit-pumped me – hard!- until he came. He leaned over and kissed my back, and then he rolled back onto the bed next to me and we kissed some more – not frantic and demanding kisses, but gentle and passionate ones.

free levitra tablets powered by vbulletin “You know,” I told him. “It’s been well over a year since I had any anal and that was with you.”

He smiled and said, “Good,” and continued kissing me.

I suppose my ass enter site is his.

In between kisses, we talked again, this time about what’s going on with his work and how our hotel has changed ownership again. We figured that it had changed ownership about 4 times since our first time there. There’s a poster on an easel in the lobby showing the newly renovated rooms, but the room we were in, one of our regular rooms, was exactly the same. Same mirror covering the whole wall at the head of the bed.  Same carpet. Same ugly curtains that had come partially unhooked. The good news was that it was a bit cheaper now (Woohoo!).

He silenced my chatter by kissing me some more, and he got no argument from me.  I’ve always loved his kisses.

Unexpectedly, he got up on his knees and patted my back.

“Come on,” he said.

I raised an eyebrow.  “Again?”


This time when he entered me I was in need again. I closed my eyes and didn’t think.  I just focused on the feelings and sensations. I was torn, wanting to come, but also wanting it to last forever. In the end, I had no choice.  My body took over and I shuddered, then relaxed into the pleasure flowing electrically through my whole body. Through the fog, I felt him come.  Then he leaned over and kissed my back, then my lower back. The contrast between the power he shows when he fucks me and the gentleness when he kisses my back like he does melts my heart every time.

We curled up together again and kissed some more. It occurred to him that we should check messages since both of our phones had been buzzing and beeping for the last hour. My messages didn’t have anything that couldn’t wait. Unfortunately, he had a message from his wife indicating that she needed him, so he had to go early. We took another 15 minutes, though, to cuddle, kiss, and talk. We cleaned up and got dressed, and before we left we agreed on the next time we’d meet. Parting was easier because I knew when I’d see him again.

When we got to the parking lot, he kissed me at my car, and then walked to his and drove away. And so our encounter was over.

This morning, I miss him. I’m sore from our playtime, but it’s the kind of soreness I siti sicuri per comprare viagra generico pagamento online a Venezia viagra generico 100 mg italia pagamento online a Genova love. It reminds me of the passage from is propecia a prescription drug The Underfucked Pussy post that talks about a woman needing to fucked wide open by a man, needing his strength, his firmness, and his masculine energy. The soreness reminds me physically that I experienced that…

…..and that my ass is his.


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  1. cammies on the floor

    Glad you got the type of soreness you like, it sounds like an amazing encounter.

  2. lifeofatongue

    Great to hear stories of people who fit so well together. Thanks for sharing.
    Now that JJ is back I cant wait to hear what happens next.

  3. Lust for Love

    wow ! he really filled you up leaving no holes vacant!

  4. Advizor54

    A great post about a great afternoon.

    I like your line that leaving was easier because you knew when you’d see him again. Whether in real life or on-line, not knowing is the worst part.

  5. I am Marty

    It’s so good to see you back with JJ. I’m sure you will be a happier wife.

  6. Kat

    Thanks for your comments, Everybody. It was wonderful to see and be with JJ again. He’s great. 🙂

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