Sep 30 2015

Red Panties (Part 2 of 2)

red_panties_hd_widescreen_wallpapers_1680x10506401024 Click here to read Part 1 of Red Panties.


T pulled my panties down and I wiggled my hips a little to help. He didn’t have to push my legs apart. As soon as I was free of the panties, I opened them wide for him. He lighted the fire.  It was his responsibility to put it out.

He moved between my legs and separated my wet lips with one hand. I reached down to hep, holding things open for him so he could reach both his arms around my legs to hold me down. I loved the feeling of being held in place while he worked.  Sometimes it would feel intense and I’d want to wriggle away a bit, but he wasn’t having that. All I could do was lay back and accept it as it came.

Just as I knew what he liked, he knew exactly how to make me scream.  I came very quickly. I could feel myself shuddering and hear myself moaning. Then came those involuntary pulses that shot like electricity up my spine and made me dizzy.

He moaned approval.

T loved this as much as I liked blowing him, partly because he was so good at it.  I was never really into receiving oral, for many reasons, until T came along. He pushed though my reluctance, and he was persistent. Then his skill took over and I was hooked.

One could say that T has some mad skills in the oral sex department. I’d share his secrets with you if I could, but I can’t tell you exactly what he’s doing.  All I know is that it feels really good.

After I came down, he started up again.  That’s another thing about T – he never lets me get away with only one.  It’s at least three or four before he’ll stop.  I used to fight it because having my clit licked right after I’ve come feels as much like torture as pleasure, but he held me down and taught me how to stay with it until the intensity gives way to the next level of pleasure.

He slid a finger inside me again.  Then another.

I could feel my next orgasm rising already when his fingers found that magic spot inside. I exploded almost instantly. It shocked me, made me sit halfway up. I squealed and shook. His grip on my hips and thighs just got tighter.  I fell back and closed my eyes, waiting for the sensations to subside, but they didn’t. They stayed at that peak for what felt like forever.

I spurted out some profanity. He chuckled.  Dammit. I was going to be in charge today.

I guess not.

I relaxed again as I came down, trying to wiggle a bit.

“That’s enough,” I told him.  I was sure I was done.  That last one was just too all consuming to have left anything more for me.

“Nope,” he said, and he got back to work.

Then he started doing something different. It was gentler, relaxing.  It felt wonderful, but more in a recuperative way than in intensity. I took a deep breath and enjoyed it.

“Mmm,” I said. “I could get used to that.”

That was a mistake. As soon as I said that, he turned up the heat and I started moaning again.

Soon I was coming for a third time…and then a fourth.

Finally, I begged him for a break and he complied.  I was out of breath and I couldn’t move. There was a huge wet spot between my legs when he rolled back to his spot.

I turned and kissed him, tasting my juices on and in his mouth.

We rested for a little while, talking and kissing. At first, it was more talking than kissing, but then it became more kissing than talking. I reached down.  He was hard again. I smiled.

“Ready for more?” I asked.

“Oh yeah,” he whispered, kissing me harder.

As we re-positioned, I noticed my red panties on the floor across the room. My good luck red panties. I knew I’d be wearing them again.


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  1. Hubman

    Yup, part 2 was just as hot as part 1!

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