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Random Thoughts on a Sunday Afternoon

It’s Sunday afternoon and I have the house all to myself.  Don’t ask how it happened, just accept that it is a miracle that is unlikely to be repeated soon. I decided to post because I have a bunch of thoughts running through my brain that need a place to get out. So here I am, taking advantage of the opportunity to write without having to look over my shoulder.

  • If you haven’t noticed, we have 5 new blogs on the blog roll on the right sidebar! Thank you to those who recommended them.  I’m familiar with all but one of them, and that one comes with great recommendations.   watch Please visit the blogs you see on the roll. I know you’ll like them. If you have any others to recommend, just let me know in the comments or by sending me an email.  I love to share with my fellow prowlers.
  • I’m thinking of starting a Q&A feature.  People email in questions and I post the questions and answers.  What to you think?  I already do half of it.  People email me questions and I answer them, but I often think it would be good to share some of those questions and answers with everyone, as long as the person asking the question doesn’t mind. They are questions about affairs and marriage and prowling. Right up our alley.  Let me know your thoughts.
  • I was hoping to have some playtime, but it didn’t work out.  That always puts me in a bit of a funky mood. It’s the connection with another human being I crave.  Things with Hubby are a bit distant these days, and when Hubby is distant and lover is busy I can start to feel a bit down and cranky. It’s not rational, of course. It just is.
  • When I feel a little down, I’ll sometimes search Google for sex news because it’s hard to read sex news without laughing. Today, though, I came across an article with this headline – Ohio Man Admits to Having Sex with 100 Dead Women. Ewwww!  Apparently, this guy was a morgue attendant and he really did  fuck dead people while he was on the night shift. This made me wonder…Can you be a victim of rape if you’re dead? In his deposition he admitted to attacking the women when he was drinking or using drugs.  Is it an real levitra use with pump attack if the person is dead? Don’t get me wrong, it’s bad and it’s sick and it’s not a good thing, but is it rape? I don’t know.  I’m not so sure. Of course, families will sue now, and I’m sure they’ll collect some damages, but I have no idea how those would be calculated. I also found it interesting how the article made it sound worse that he had sex with a pregnant woman who had been recently murdered. Is sex with a (formerly) pregnant dead woman worse that sex with a non-pregnant dead woman?  Is sex with a murder victim worse that sex with a woman who died from natural causes? And exactly how weird is it that I have written over 10 lines about this?
Have a great week, Prowlers! 🙂


  1. Mick Collins

    Thanks for putting us on your blog role, Kat. ANd here’s question / gripe that maybe you can comment on:

    Mistress does the AM thing, but with a certain amount of frustration. Recently there was some younger guy (purportedly 39 to her 50) who was all hot and heavy in trying to get her to meet. She had to tell him to cool the text messages until they verified that there really was a spark. After several weeks of this they finally found a time when they could meet for drinks at the end of the work day. But, surprise, surprise, the guy cancels a few hours ahead of the “meet”, without much explanation.
    Of course, he says let’s try again, but Mistress put him in the “dead” file.

    My theory is that some married guys play this game just to see if they can get someone to say they will meet, and then panic and cancel. Sort of a catch and release phenomenon.

    Is this something you’ve seen? Do you agree that Mistress should blow this guy of and move on to the next prospect?


  2. Hubman

    When I was still blogging, Veronica and I did an occasional/sometimes weekly Q&A about open marriage- and swinging-related issues that we called “Swing Shift.” It was actually pretty popular and it wouldn’t surprise me if the same was true for you. There are always people who are just curious and others who have specific questions or concerns that they need advice about. We had some friends/mentors who helped us avoid potential pitfalls when we first opened our marriage and that Q&A series was our way of paying it forward with our lessons learned.

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