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Pretending at the Hair Salon I was getting my hair done yesterday and the gal doing my hair was talking about her new roommate and how much they have in common and how much fun they are having, blah, blah, blah. I’m the type of gal who doesn’t want to talk at the salon.  I want to relax.  I want to have an hour or two when I don’t have to be “on” for clients, employees, the kids, the husband.  She knows this, so go site she talks. I pretend to listen. She told me her roommate’s name.  It didn’t ring a bell.  Then she told me where her roommate worked. I stopped breathing for a second.  She works where one of my former “friends” works.  Let’s call him Mr. XYZ.

source link Then she started telling me some of her roommate’s funny work stories. Then out of the blue, she said, “Do you know Mr. XYZ?”

follow link That was a moment of truth.  Do I lie? Do I minimize it?  Do I pretend I didn’t hear?  I tried distraction.

source link “Oh,” I said. “Can you cut it a little shorter on this side this time?”

“Sure,” she replied.  The she continued, “So, do you know Mr. XYZ?”

Damn.  The distraction didn’t work.

“Yes,” I said. “I know who he is.”

“Really??!!!” she squealed, sounding excited that I knew the man. Shit, I should have just lied.

“How do you know him?” It was clear she was going to probe further so I just needed to come up with a reasonable answer.

“Oh, I know him through work.  We’ve worked on a project together,” I said as casually as I possibly could.

As I said it, an image flashed through my head of him laying on his back looking up at me while I was riding him. He had an amazing chest. That was followed by the memory of the taste and the thickness of his cum as it was shooting into my mouth.

She went on to tell some cute little stories shared with her by her new roommate about him, his wife, some of his office quirks, etc.

His wife. I remember the things he told me about her, although I’ve never met her.  I’ve had the opportunity several times, but I chose not to take advantage of them. I remembered that his wife refused to try anal…..then I remembered bending over a couch while he fucked me in the ass.

“What was your friend’s name again?” I asked.  I wanted to be sure to remember it when I called him to let him know that someone in his office was sharing things that should not be shared.  There’s nothing like trusting someone in your office to keep things confidential and then find out that their definition of “confidential” is different than yours.  To key find and buy canadian propecia best price you it means “share with no one.”  To them it means “only share with your ten best girlfriends and tell them not to share it.”

I know that Mr. XYZ is a very private man. I gave him my word that I would take the secret about us to my grave and that I would never share his identity with anyone. It irked me that this woman was so cavalier about her gossip about his private and work life. He would source url not be happy about this.

I was jarred back to the conversation when she said, “Isn’t he a such a great guy?”

I answered, “I guess so.  I really don’t know him very well.”

Isn’t he such a great guy?  I remembered a whole bunch of really good times we shared – fun chats, laughter, times he really helped me when I needed it. I really treasured the friendship we had because I knew he didn’t let many people see that side of him.  And then I remembered how he just disappeared and went totally incommunicado when he was done with me.

Great guy?  I don’t know. He’s a man like most other men.  Basically good, but flawed.  Wanting to share intimacy, but afraid to reveal too much of himself, afraid to really let go.

An image of him  popped into my mind – We were outside talking and the sun was reflecting off his sunglasses. Funny how I remember every detail – his smile, his laugh, the sound of his voice, how comfortable I felt around him.

“Allergies are just terrible this season, aren’t they?” the hairdresser said as she handed me a tissue. I hadn’t realized that my eyes were watering.

“Yes, it’s that time of year,” I agreed as I dabbed the wetness from the corners of my eyes.

She continued talking about her new roommate, but she had moved on from the topic of Mr. XYZ.

And I pretended to listen.


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  1. Naughty Kitty

    As usual, I’m right there with ya SISTA! Yes, they use you up then throw you away when they are done. I know a bunch of “Great guys” JUST like that.

  2. Luna Moon

    I am always reluctant to say anything personal about myself when I go to the salon. Heck, if she’s talking about all of them…of course she’s going to talk about ME! So I have a tendency to be quiet. Needless to say, I have heard some juicy gossip from her about people I know…stuff I would *never* repeat to anyone! AND I don’t encourage it!

  3. WestsideTori

    Kat, you’re too nice. Don’t call him to warn him. You dont owe him anything, certainly not that kind of loyalty.

  4. Ben

    The world is always smaller than you think.

  5. Clem

    This is a great story.
    Well written and the pictures interspersed make it relevant.
    A chuckle even from me when you flashed- back to the sex scene.

    A couple came to see me in the hospital when it just so happened, the ‘nurse’ was there also. It was easy to introduce her as a ‘nurse-friend’ concerned about my state.

    It wasn’t until last month that the guy from the couple that had visited, made the connection as to who the ‘nurse’ was.
    He said his wife was clueless, but he had suspected from the get-go.
    Yeah, he knows the whole story now.
    This guy I can trust.
    It’s a guy-thing. Too, he’s going through the same thing.

  6. Anonymous

    here “…dabbed the wetness from the corners of my eyes…

    I bet hubby feels like that when he finds out you’re still fucking around behind his back…

  7. WestsideTori

    Give it a break, will ya? I’ve so had it with you hypocrites who are so holier-than-thou. How turned on do you get reading about other people’s sex lives??? Oh, I forgot, you’re reading only to shame OTHER people for THEIR sins, not for any prurient interest on your part. GET LOST AND GET A LIFE!!

  8. raynne storm

    I work in a salon and it’s always amazing how much you learn about your clients personal lives.;) I however, tend to keep it to myself when someone confides in me. I don’t want my personal life salon fodder gossip and I watch what I say. You have to realize too, when you are telling your stylist anything & everything, someone in that setting is always listening. I can HEAR them listening!!!

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