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Out of Boy Toys? My pal get link Ryan Beaumont sent me this picture, knowing that I would appreciate it, and I do!  I have several thoughts about this photo:

  1. I had no idea that McDonald’s sold or gave away boy toys.  Who knew?
  2. I have been to McDonald’s more than a few times because I have kids (BTW, thanks, Mickey D, for the healthy food options for little people), and I have never seen any boy toys there.  In the mornings, I have seen a lot of old men meeting for cheap coffee. In the afternoons, I have seen women there with kids.  In the evenings, I have seen teenagers, but I have never seen an acceptable boy toy.
  3. Sorry for the inconvenience?  That’s it? Can’t I get a rain check or coupon and come back when the boy toys are back in stock? And let’s be clear, being without a boy toy is much more than a mere inconvenience. It’s somewhere between an emergency and a tragedy, depending on a woman’s….uh…. need.

other drug like clomid for sale Boy toys are like mascara, lipstick, and coffee – you should make sure that you never run out of them.

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  1. Naughty Kitty

    I saw this on Facebook. Funny for those of us who are into boy toys 😉

    By the way Kat. You were right about me fucking my boss. Not a good idea.

    FUCK! I’m an idiot! Thanks for the smile with this though.

  2. Ryan Beaumont

    Ohhh… now you have me thinking about my favorite QSR place Chick-fil-A (I’m absolutely addicted to their Sweet Tea)! If you know CFA you know whatever you ask for they always say “with pleasure!” So now I’m thinking about asking for a girl toy to see if I’ll get a “with pleasure” response!

  3. H

    Had I seen this sign, I would have stood beside it with a sign of my own, stating “independent boy toy avialable inquire above”

  4. Kat

    Naughty Kitty – Yup. Fucking the boss is BAD idea. I’m sorry you have had to learn that the hard way.

    Ryan – We don’t have CFA out this way so I have never tried their Sweet Tea, but I believe you. If you do go ask for a girl toy, let meknow how it goes. 😉

  5. Kat

    H – Hahahah. I love your entrepreneurial spirit! You’re right – any boy toy would have been in great demand.

  6. Myli

    You’re right. You should never run out of boy toys! lol. This post made me laugh. Thank you for that!

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