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click One of my favorite things to do is to nibble on a man’s neck – slowly, seductively. I also love to nibble on a man’s inner thighs and balls and watch his cock just bounce in anticipation.

propecia finasteride 5mg But that’s not what this post is about. I have several things to share with you today, little nibbles of thoughts.

First, don’t forget that our January Sex Blog Chain post goes live on Thursday, January 10th. The topic is “The Best Sex of My Life,” something all of us can talk about. If you’re one of our blogger friends, please get me your links by Wednesday night (or early Thursday morning). As for the rest of you, please be here on Thursday to enjoy what are sure to be some hot stories, and share the post with your friends.

So, this is my third and final night in Vegas and I have had no sex. I know, you’re thinking, Has Kat lost her touch? I was asking myself the same question, but life is complex. It’s feast or famine, it seems. But I’ll see JJ later in the week and the poor man had better be prepared because he’ll be attacked by the horniest woman on the west coast. Hey JJ, take your vitamins, Baby.

Last night K and I went to see an old style topless show here in Vegas. It was actually a very good show.  My biggest complaint was that the women were all small-breasted women. If you’re going to show tits, I wanna see some serious tits. Know what I mean? I’ve been spoiled by Cara and Soccer Mom and their stunning breasts. K insists that there were some women in the show that had more than mini-boobs.  I’ll trust him on that because I’m pretty sure he was paying much more attention to that sort of thing than I was.

I leave to head back to California tomorrow evening. I’ll be glad to get home, mainly because I miss Hubby and my boys. I’ve learned some good things here at NMX and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed spending some time with K. Life can be very interesting. Six months ago he shared something with me about baseball via email, and today we’re good friends. It’s a friendship I value very much.

That’s all the nibbles for now. Be safe, Prowlers.


  1. All About Love And Sex

    Wish you a pleasant journey to home.

  2. Bob Archer

    Sounds like JJ is in for a good time.

  3. Advizor54

    Have you ever tried to do a kick line with 36DD swinging in your face? It’s not easy. Shows like that get small-breasted women so the costumes can all be the same size and so they can dance and twirl and move without injuring each other.

    Good luck with JJ!!

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