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Newness What is it about newness? New clothes. New shoes. New men.

Let’s talk about men, but we’ll pretend that we’re talking about shoes instead.

I have a pair of shoes that I love. I bought them for way too much money, or so I thought at the time, a long, long time ago. They are perfect for me – comfortable, attractive, and they go with just about anything. I’ve had to get them repaired several times and resoled once. They are leather, so they require some maintenance to stay looking nice. You simply can’t keep a pair of shoes like that for that long without investing in some maintenance and repair sometimes. I love those shoes.  A lot.


I’ll be out walking in the downtown area or a mall, and I’ll see them. A gorgeous, shiny, stunning, sexy new pair of shoes. Just looking at them inspires desire.  They are nothing at all like my favorite pair, but for some reason that makes them all the more attractive. I want them. I can imagine how they will look and feel on my feet.  I go into the store and try them on. There’s nothing wrong with trying them on, is there? That will get them out of my system, right?

Nope.  Now I go site really want them.  I have to have them. So, I buy them.  I take them home. I wear them and feel fabulous, sexy.

Then they start to pinch my toes, or rub me the wrong way somewhere. I have to choose my wardrobe carefully because they won’t go with anything. They are still gorgeous, but they’re not comfortable like my old, favorite pair of shoes, so I wear my old favorites again for a day or two. I go back to the new ones for awhile, but eventually I tell myself, “Who are you kidding?  These shoes are not follow link you,” and I go back to my favorites. The new ones are relegated to a place in my closet. I think about them, and I wear them from time to time, but the lust I felt for them originally is gone.

But my old favorites are still good.

Ahhhh.  Comfortable. Familiar. Reliable. Boring. It only takes a couple of weeks for them to go through that cycle from comfortable to boring.

So, I go to the mall for a walk…..and I see them. Another gorgeous, shiny, stunning, and sexy new pair calling to me from behind the glass of an upscale store.

And so the cycle continues.

Be it shoes or men, newness is intoxicating.


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  1. WestsideTori

    Are you ever able to see those sexy shoes in the window and realize you won’t get enough wear out of them and they’re too expensive anyway, so you sigh and keep walking?

    As for me, sometimes I’m pissed at myself for being so damn boring and logical. :-/

  2. Kat

    Tori– Unfortunately, not very often. All I focus on is the pleasure I’ll get out of wearing them for however long I’ll wear them. 😉

  3. Kat

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Ryan Beaumont

    The more important question to ask yourself is what shoes are you wearing when you are most happy? What shoes would you wear to the Giants game?

    As they say in basketball it’s not who starts it’s who finishes the game (I guess that could go for baseball as well).

  5. Marcus

    Endorphin rush – I think that’s a big part of it.

    I love going on business trips and getting a rental car, usually very new, and perhaps something I wouldn’t want to own long term or maybe couldn’t afford (like that one time in Germany).

    Unfortunately, I really am talking about rental cars!

  6. H

    I love the comparison, feel exactly the same way about my wife.

    Great post

  7. the naked lady

    My old shoes regularly put on glitter and other shiny decorations to get my attention and pretend they’re new ones. After a few weeks, the glitter and decorations have been pulled off, and I’m so disappointed to be staring at the same worn, boring shoes again.

  8. JJ

    I wonder what kind of shoe am I???

  9. Kat

    JJ– You are my comfy tennis shoes, the ones I pick when I want to be a bit more…uh…active. I can’t wear them everywhere, but it’s a treat when I get to put them on. 😉

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