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More Kat Keywords

Every now and then it’s fun to stroll through Google Analytics and take note of some of the…uh….interesting keywords that some of y’all have used to find us here at PWK.

There are definitely some themes.  Check out these keywords that appear in the top 20:

Fisting story
Double fisting
Fisting stories
Double fist

Not much further down the list is “lifted while fisting.” Of the top 100 keywords, 21 are related to fisting.

Got it.  go You guys like fisting.  What a coincidence! I do, too!

You’re also into anal sex, at least according to the keyword oracle:

Anal sex
+Kat +anal +gape
Backdoor sexual activity
Anal fisting

And my favorite of the anal-related keywords:

Are there women that love pain during anal sex?

Answer: Yes.  Next question, please.

There were several related to “deer antler velvet,” too.  If you don’t know what that’s about, check out DauntlessD’s post on that ( click Deer Antler Velvet).

Then there are the ones that make me raise an eyebrow, either in interest or disgust (can you guess which are which?):

Horse penis in pussy
I send my husband to work and get naked for my lovers to come and fuck me confessions stories
Nymphomaniac married woman
“With * son” -bitch “became sexual” “his * penis or prick or woody or cock or erection or stiffy or genitals or peter or winkie or phallus or thingy”  (Seriously?  Winkie???)

The most popular keyword used to find us?

finasteride drug monograph format Prowling with Kat (not to mention the 50 or so variations on Kat, ShackledKat, etc.)

However you found us, I’m go site so glad you’re here!

P.S. Tomorrow I’m going to post a subaction showcomments free propecia thanks buy online stunning photo of Cara.  Don’t miss it!  And this weekend you’ll see more of SoccerMom. Mmmmm……

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