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Messy Sex

go to site messy sexI’m a big fan of messy sex. Not that sex has to be messy for it to be good, but being sweaty and gooey is definitely a good thing.  It means we had a good time.  It means we went all out.  It means we focused on how we felt, rather than on how we looked. I have no problem with cum oozing on my thighs or my hair being mussed. Did my mascara run a little because you pulled my hair while I was giving you a blow job and my eyes teared up? Awesome! That means you pulled hard enough to make me respond.

watch Yummy.

lasix causes ed I’ve had my share of clean, antiseptic sex at home for years. Heck, Hubby hands me a washcloth to clean up before he even pulls out.  God forbid there should be any mess or {gasp!} a wet spot. No, I want hard-fucking, multiple orgasm, screaming, begging, messy sex.


  1. ~McKPR

    oh my wetness yes. I love sweaty, messy sex with him. always.

  2. Kat

    Yes! yes! Yes! Dirty, messy, naughty, and wet. Yummy!

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