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Like Cool Water in a Desert – Another Naughty Adventure with P

I woke up that morning thinking about seeing P (the same P from here The Contender -Another Naughty Adventure) later in the day. Within a few minutes, I was wet and squirming and facing the dilemma – play with myself now and get a little relief or wait until this afternoon and let P do the honors?  It wasn’t an easy decision because I hadn’t seen him in 2 weeks and the anticipation was killing me. Still, I chose to wait. I’ve waited 2 weeks, I told myself; I can wait another 7 hours.

It had been 2 weeks because P went off on a family vacation. Vacations are harder than normal periods of time in between meetings because all contact, not just meeting time, is curtailed during family vacations,  so it feels like a real separation. That leaves lots of time for old insecurities to surface and for irrational questions to start popping up in a gal’s head, so when I picked up the phone the day before when he called, his voice really did sound like cool water in a desert to me. As I was getting ready for work on the day of our meeting, the phone rang again. I wondered how he knew exactly when I wanted to talk to him. But it really didn’t matter. I just enjoyed sharing a few minutes as I started my day.

P and I had an interesting situation. We lived about 45 minutes away from each other, separated by nothing but farmland (yes, there’s lots of that in northern California).  There were no hotels or motels between us, so that meant we couldn’t meet in the middle; either he had to come to my town or I had to go to his. Finding a third town to meet in would mean that one of us would have to drive even further, so we avoided that choice.  This time, it was my turn to drive to him.

I got a room, paid cash for it, settled in, and called him with the room number. It didn’t take him long to get there.When he came in the room we stood just inside the doorway kissing for a long time – not the hungry, eager kisses that we shared when we last met, but gentle, tender kisses that became more urgent.

Here’s one of the really unique things about my time with P – No matter what we’d be doing at any particular moment, I felt like I could keep doing that, and only that, for hours. So, at that moment, I could have stood there relaxing into his deep, luscious kisses with his arms around me forever. A few minutes later, when he reached between my legs and started playing with my clit while we kissed, I felt like I could have stayed like click here that for hours. Later, when he was kneeling behind me pounding his cock into my ass, I wanted that to last, too. The truth is that prednisone 5mg tab everything with P was great, making it difficult to decide what I liked best or what I wanted to do.

After a while standing and kissing by the door (and yes, after he fingered me to orgasm #1), we pulled off our clothes (although I left my shirt on – no bra underneath – not sure why) and moved over to the bed.  I climbed onto the bed and got onto my hands and knees by the edge and he stood behind me. There was that sense of anticipation again as I felt his hands on my hips and I waited for him to slide his cock inside me. Then, oh…..that amazing feeling of being filled completely by his nice big cock. He fucked me there for awhile (orgasm #2), then we moved further up on the bed and he knelt behind me and pressed his cock slowly into my ass, fucking me there for awhile before moving back to my pussy for awhile, then back to my ass. I know, going back and forth like that isn’t sanitary and all the experts say don’t do it, but it feels so damned good! I love it! Fuck the experts. They should enjoy a nice, hard and satisfying fucking by P and click here then talk about whether or not they would recommend it. But I digress….

That lovely ass-pussy-ass-pussy-ass-pussy-ass-pussy exchange contributed to orgasms #3, 4, and 5. Then I needed a short break.  I knew he was doing all the real work, but coming so hard and so often sucks the energy out of a gal, ya know.

After a brief rest, he rolled on top of me and fucked me again so I could stare into his gorgeous eyes. It was slow and deep and intense (orgasm #6), and I’m not sharing any more detail about it.  It’s ours.

Then we rested again, and chatted about life, work, his vacation. I loved listening to him talk, not just because of his accent (but, I’ll admit it was nice), but because he has an interesting way of telling a story that just keeps you riveted to the end.

After 15 or 20 minutes, I started kissing my way down his chest, and belly…..lingering at his hips…that’s when he stopped talking. I moved on to his cock and spent a while just playing and exploring, sucking it deeply for awhile, then just the head – holding it deeply in my mouth and squeezing the head with my soft palate, then working the whole shaft with just my lips – licking the whole length, then rubbing the whole length across my face while I licked it…then taking it into my mouth and sucking some more, sometimes slowly, sometimes very fast. I was loving every sloppy, wet minute of it.  So many men just want a simple BJ- a suck ‘n’ cum job, actually.  Very few have the control (or inclination) to let a woman who loves cock play and explore all she wants. Every lick, suck, nibble, and swallow helped me learn something more about him. It was a real treat. I wonder if he knows how much I loved that?

Of course, all that playing with his cock just made me want it inside me so, not being a shy gal, I told him so. He pulled me up onto my hands and knees again and fucked me hard from behind again (my favorite way; could you tell?) until I got to orgasm #7 (yummy, yummy, yummy). Then he grabbed my hips and pounded me even harder until he came, grinding against me, each movement making me shudder a little more with the intensity of it.

We laid next to each other after, silently for a while, then chatting a bit. It was time to go.  Both of us had to get back to work. It occurred to me that he had done most of the work and treated me to just about anything I wanted.  I thought, next time I’ll treat him to something special.


  1. Anonymous

    What a great story; LOVED it. And, I love you guys. I def think that it’s time to let the title of “The Best Sex of my Life” go to P. J is *so last season*, but that’s just one girl’s opinion. What does everyone else think?

  2. Kat

    Well, my anonymous friend, thanks for the kind words, but I can’t be letting anyone disrespect J. He’s a great guy. Part of me still misses him (can you guess which part?). However, as for P, mmmmmm….yeah, he’s fantastic.

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