Jun 12 2013

Like a Virgin

Yes, that’s exactly how I’m feeling today. Like a virgin.

No, I’m not referring to Madonna’s song from the 1980’s, although I do direct young women to that video as an example of what over-accessorizing and too much eye make-up look like.

I’m feeling like a virgin because I am about to do something I have never done.

I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking, “Kat!  What could that Cialis 20Mg Prezzi In Farmacia possibly be? Haven’t you done get link everything?”

Well, close.  I’ve done a lot, but not this.

Tomorrow I’m meeting SNS Guy for the first time. We’ll be spending some time together.

We’ll be spending cat dosage for lasix three days together.  Three days.

I’ve never spent 3 consecutive days with someone I’ve recently met before. I’ve spent a few hours lots of  times. I spent 24 hours with JJ once, but that was after we had known each other for quite a while. One full day is the longest I’ve ever spent with a lover.

Three days is big. It’s really hard to hide anything for three days. He’ll see what I look like without makeup.  He’ll hear me snoring (I’ve been told it’s a cute little snore, but it’s snoring, nonetheless). He’ll see how I am when I’m tired (definitely not as cute as my snoring). He’ll see (and maybe join) my bathing routine. He’ll learn how dependent I really am on coffee. He’ll see other things that I dare not mention here.

Is nothing sacred?!?

So, why are we doing this? There are two reasons, actually.  First, he lives across the country and it doesn’t  make sense to make that long trip for just a few hours. Second, a few hours won’t be enough.  A day won’t be enough.  Two days won’t be enough. Since it will likely be months before I get to see him again, I want to get as much of him as I can. You know what I mean by “get,” don’t you? Taste. Enjoy. Devour. Consume. Molest. Tease. Possess. Use. Please. Worship. Adore.


I know that at the end of day 3 it will feel like 3 days was not enough, but I plan to suck as much out of those three days as possible.  Did I say “suck”? 😉

Here’s the other thing that touches me.  This extraordinary man is taking 3 days out of his life to come and see follow site me. He’s expending a substantial amount of money and time to spend time with source me.


It’s not just about the sex.  Trust me, this man could get all the sex he wants locally. It’s not about lust.  It’s about desire. And it’s mutual.

So, yeah, I’m nervous. At some point over this 3 day period, he will see the real me, not just what I dress up to present to the world, but the part that is completely and naturally who I am. Will he like that woman? I’ve shared more with him already than I’ve shared with any other man, but this last part you can only know and experience in person. I feel exposed and vulnerable and I don’t know how it will turn out.

Much like a virgin.


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  1. Brigit Delaney

    Wow…that is quite a step. I’d be nervous, too. Hope it turns out well for both of you. (Your abstinence didn’t last long – wink…).

  2. Max

    Yes, quite a step! Very exciting. Good luck, I hope it’s a wonderful experience. 🙂

  3. Lola

    So I guess the whole “fidelity” thing is on hold.

  4. Passion Unleashed

    Don’t think so much. Just enjoy those moments with him. You must learn to live at the moment.

  5. Advizor54

    Trip across country: $1,684
    Rental car & gas: $367
    Hotel & Tips: $465
    A moment spent with you? Priceless

    As I type that out and laugh at myself for being not only corny, but hopelessly out of date, I realize how true it is. Time spent with our “special friends” is beyond valuation, it it truley priceless.

    I hope

  6. Advizor54

    I hope you have a wonderful time and bring back many stories to tell.

  7. Clem

    I like this…” It’s not about lust. It’s about desire. And it’s mutual.”
    Yes, the desire.
    i read that a few weeks a go, the difference between lust and desire .
    I’m happy for you.
    I’m going thru much the same as you; the desire is greater than the lust.
    I owe you a lone note.

    How are you getting away for 3 days??

  8. Pam P

    Ms Kat, please take this with all the love I intend, but I am so glad you are in a new relationship, for the very selfish reason so that I can live sexually vicariously through your blog once again.

    I adore JJ and I adored you and JJ, but as a reader, I am ready for the new prowl!

    Have a great time and of course, blog about it!!!

  9. Naughty Kitty

    I feel you Kat. It’s about the lengths someone is willing to go to for you. It is rare and it should be savoured. Enjoy!

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