Apr 29 2015

Kat’s Back…Again…

greeting sunHey, Prowlers! Long time no see! It wasn’t you, it was me. I didn’t expect to be gone for three months, but when I looked at the calendar last night after telling a friend that is start posting again today I was shocked. Time flies, doesn’t it?

Over the last few months I’ve received some email and eavesdropped on some online gossip speculating about what happened. I thought I’d deal with those rumors (or rumours, for our Canafian and UK friends) before I explain what really happened. Here they are, in no particular order.

Rumor #1: Kat died.

Truth: Wow. This one was shocking. As Mark Twain said, “Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” Actually, that’s not exactly what Twain said, but close enough.

Rumor #2: Kat gave up sex.

Truth: If you believed this one, you must be high. Rumor #2 will only be true when Rumor #1 is also true.

Rumor #3: Kat was outed to her family like some other sex bloggers of recent years.

Truth: Nope. And I gave you my word that PWK would never go dark for that reason, remember?

Rumor #4: Kat found God.

Truth: To the best of my knowledge, God was never lost and my relationship is just as strong as it was when I was posting the nastiest of my sex adventures.

Rumor #5: Kat got religion.

Truth: This is very close to Rumor #5, but it’s not exactly the same. As many of you know, I’m a big fan of spirituality and maintaining a strong personal relationship with our Creator, but I’m not a big fan of organized religion. So, no, I didn’t “get religion.”

Rumor #6: Hubby found out.

Truth: Simple answer. No, he didn’t discover the blog. If he did, he hasn’t said a word.

Rumor #7: Kat hasn’t had any good sex for months so she doesn’t have anything to write about.

Truth: Au contraire! T has been making my toes curl on a regular basis over the last few months. Hold onto your hats! I’ll be sharing some of those stories soon.

Rumor #8: Kat quit prowling.

Truth: See response to Rumors #7 and #2. Seriously, this is me we’re talking about.

Rumor #9: Kat just got too busy to post.

Truth: This is partially true, but it’s not the main reason, nor is it the reason I was gone so long.

Rumor #10: Kat had to stop posting because she was finishing her book.

Truth: Actually, my book was published at about the time I quit posting. I’ve been writing lots of other things since then, but most were work related, meaning that I had no choice. PWK isn’t the only casualty of my three month pleasure writing malaise. I have several other blogs that languished as well.

So what’s the real truth?

It was a number of things. First, I just lost interest. I couldn’t think if anything I wanted to say. I know that sounds strange for someone like me, but it’s true. I didn’t want to post crap just for the sake of posting.

Second, I had some health challenges in recent months. For three weeks, my right hand was in pain and completely immobilized. Most recently, I underwent major surgery. So, for about half the time I was gone, posting would have been very difficult for me, even if I really wanted to.

But like I said, I really didn’t want to. I was uninspired. I had nothing to say.

Recently, ideas and inspiration started to return. I started taking notes about things I might want to write. Then, just as casually and as naturally as the desire to post slipped away, it returned strongly.


Kat’s back. 😉

Watch out. I’m horny and ready to take on the world.


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  1. Pam_P

    welcome back, sweet thang!!

  2. McKPR

    Welcome back Kat. Your voice has been missed, but more importantly, I’m thankful to hear that you’ve been taking the time to take care of yourself and get the health issues in hand. At least I hope so. Oh and of course, happy to hear about T but still holding out hope for a JJ post now and again 😉

  3. Hubman

    Welcome back!

  4. Ryan

    Good to see you back!

  5. H.H.

    Welcome back! Hope you’re feeling better!!!

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