Feb 06 2018

It’s me! Kat!

This isn’t me, but isn’t she hot???

Hey Fellow Prowlers! What’s up?

I know. Some of you are thinking, “No. It can’t be! Is that Kat? She’s come back from the land of the missing?  Really?”  Others of you are thinking, “Who’s that?”

You’re all allowed to give me grief for one month – from today through March 6th.  Then we let it go and move forward. Agreed?

Yes, I’m back. You thought I was back before but that was just a fake out.  I think this is the real deal.

I have been completely out of the naughty blog world, even though a friend of mine has been sending me links every now and then. And today is the first time I have logged in here in I don’t know how long. A year?  Maybe longer.  And I can tell.  This place is a mess, and that’s not even mentioning the 10,500 pending comments that have piled up.  I’m sure 10,450 of them are spam so I’ll be deleting them all over the next few days.  If one of yours is deleted with the bunch, I’m really sorry.  Write to me again.

So, what happened? While I’ve been completely out of the naughty blog world in recent years, I haven’t been out of the prowling world. To be more specific, I’ve been in a relationship with one special guy I met on AM four years ago. Those of you who have been around a while will remember T.  I’ll write more about him and some of our adventures in future posts.

Last night, T and I put the final dressing on our breakup. It was coming. It’s probably a good thing for both of us. He’s still a great guy. I’ll tell you more about the whole breakup situation, too, at a later date.

For the last few years, I haven’t been looking for anyone else. I haven’t been prowling at all, I suppose, just feeling nice and settled in with my sweet steady (I’m referring to T, of course).

And, to be totally honest with you…..Some of you know that I write for a living. I reached a point where I just couldn’t write one more word than I had to write in order to make a living.

In both of those areas, my situation has changed.  I’m “married, but single” again and my zeal for writing to you (and with you) has returned.

So, here we go! I can’t promise daily posts at this point, but I can’t say I won’t be writing daily either.  It will just have to be a surprise.

Feel free to say hi in the comments (assuming I can remember how to turn the comments back on). If you were a pen pal before I dropped off the face of the earth, feel free to write again.  I’d love to see how you’re doing.

Have I mentioned that I’m horny? 😉

Until tomorrow…..




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  1. Jack

    Welcome back Kat! Glad that life is treating you well. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts. Take care…

  2. Dylan

    Decided to check your page out again, happy to see you’re back!

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