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Mar 30 2012

JJ’s Surprise

JJ published something on see his blog last night (the post is Inhaling an Orgasm) that sparked some memories and left me a little more than moist. OK, I’ll admit that I’ve gone back to read it several times since I first saw it last night.

It occurred to me that he’s not the only one who has some hot memories. In fact, on the Sex, Sex, Only Sex page, I share 16 stories of mind-blowing sex with JJ, but there’s one I don’t think I have shared yet. It’s from the early months of our relationship. Actually, there are many I haven’t shared yet, but this is the one I’ll tell today.

We were both naked and had already finished round one. We were just laying there, talking and laughing like we do, when I was ready to go again, so I asked him to roll over and lay on his belly.  I pulled out some massage oil I brought along and drizzled it in a circular pattern on his back. Then I started to slowly rub my hands on his back.

We had done many things in bed, but what I hadn’t had a chance to do yet was to really get to know his body. All of it.

As I massaged him, I paid attention…..

Very strong shoulders, sensitive neck…lots of tension there (we’d have to take care of that). I moved from his shoulders down one arm, then the other.  Slowly. I was in no rush.  After his arms, I went back to his shoulders and started coming down his back again.  I asked about a scar.  He told the story while I continued to rub.

When he finished the story, I moved down to his buttocks. Very cute butt.  Firm.  I gently pushed his legs apart a bit so I could kneel between them while I slid one of my fingers around his asshole…. gently, no pressure. I could fell him tightening up, so I slid a hand underneath him and grabbed his cock (very hard again) and stroked him while I leaned over and started licking his asshole – first around the outside, and then sliding my tongue inside him. His moans became louder and I could feel him pumping his hips just a little, not sure if he wanted to pump forward into my hand stroking his cock, or push back against my tongue.

I ignored his movements and continued fucking him with my tongue, squeezing his cock even tighter. When I felt him start to shake, I knew it was time to stop because it simply was not time for him to come yet.

I pulled my hand back and resumed the massage with the back of his thighs – first one, then the other. JJ has unbelievably nice legs. Strong, muscular.  Massaging them was a pleasure.

When I got to his feet, I slid off the bed and knelt on the floor.  JJ is on his feet all day at work so I took an extra long time with his ankles and feet. As I thoroughly massaged each one, I suckled on his toes, giving each toe plenty of attention.

Then I asked him to roll over onto his back.  It was time to go back up. I spend more time on his calves and knees  before moving on to his thighs again. While I was working on his legs, I had climbed back up on the bed from the floor, kneeling between his legs again.  As I slowly rubbed his upper thighs, I was careful not to touch his cock or his balls, but I leaned over close enough to them that I knew he could feel my breath on his cock which was twitching like it was reaching for me. When he tried to lift his hips to offer his cock to my mouth, I pressed down on his thighs, holding him in place. No, I thought, we’ll get there when I’m ready.

The truth is that I was acquisto viagra online italia very ready.  I wanted nothing more than to straddle him right there and ride him until we both exploded again, but that wasn’t the plan. There was more of him to get to know…..

I moved from between his legs to kneeling beside him so I could continue the massage…I rubbed his belly lightly….then his chest. Very, very nice chest. I sucked and nibbled on his nipples while I worked there.  That’s how I learned how sensitive they were.  Well, I knew that before, but I learned the full extent of it during his massage. I giggled as he moaned and tried to pull away from my mouth. I just kept working.

After massaging his shoulders and arms again from the front, I worked my way back down his chest and climbed between his legs, nudging them apart. I licked his cock very slowly, base to tip, almost like I was licking a lollipop. When I took him into my mouth, I sucked him hungrily, deep and fast, until I felt his hands on my head.  He grabbed my hair and pulled me off of him.  I looked up at him surprised, but before I knew it, he was on he knees, he had flipped me around and he was entering me from behind.

All of that raw, pent-up energy was released as he fucked me so hard that my knees were lifted up off the bed with each thrust.  I held onto the edge of the bed in front of me, trying not to fly off it. His big strong hands grabbed my hips and pulled me back onto him.

I came quickly.  He wasn’t far behind. I felt his fingers dig into my skin as he came.  I started to worry that he might leave bruises (it’s follow url really hard to explain finder bruises on your hips. Trust me, I’ve tried.), but I was still intoxicated from the pleasure rippling through me so I didn’t care for very long.

We collapsed on the bed afterwards.  Before we met that day, I told him I had a surprise for him.  As we lay there I asked him, “Well, did you like your surprise?”


  1. JJ

    That WAS a great afternoon!

  2. Anonymous

    Do you/have you rimmed your husband? Or is that a ‘lover only’ activity?

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