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Is it ok to Cheat on Your Wedding Anniversary? I had an intimate conversation with my friend M today Yes, that’s the same M from Starbucks with Cream. His wedding anniversary is this week and, like a good husband, he’s planning to take his wife out to dinner for their anniversary.  He also has a card and a gift for her.  Very sweet, huh?

follow url However, earlier in the day on his anniversary, he’s planning to meet his mistress in a hotel room for some naughty sex. What do you think about that?  Should your wedding anniversary be off limits for hot and nasty sex with someone else, or is it fair game?

source I told M I’d ask my fellow Prowlers for their opinion on this issue.  I don’t think you’ll change go here his opinion of the matter, but I’ll pass on the results to his honey.  So, what do you say?


  1. Wandering Eye

    I met an AM date for the first time at a local coffee shop, and as we were enjoying a hot makeout session in her vehicle, she proceeded to tell me it was her wedding anniversary. Now THAT was hot! I think half the fun of these discrete encounters is the inherent wickedness associated with them. Naughty hotel sex on HIS anniversary? I say go for it!

  2. Ryan Beaumont

    You know, I’m live and let live kind of guy but anyone who knows me, knows I am a numbers guy as well. There are 364 days in a year. If you can’t “not cheat” on 0.27% of the year that’s kind of bad! But I don’t find myself any worse off if he did.

  3. Gazelle9768

    Wrong, wrong, wrong, anniversary is off limits IMO, along with wife/kids birthdays, surely he can keep it in his pants for one day.

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