Feb 08 2012

Hubby’s back!

Most of you didn’t know this, but my hubby had to leave town on family business for a week, so for a week I was a single mom.  It was challenging (I salute all of you single moms who bear that responsibility every day!), but it was also very nice.  I was able to spend some quality time with my kids – just them and me.  That’s a rarity.  I also had just about all the freedom I could ever want.

I didn’t use that freedom to be naughty; I just used it for me. I had time in the evening to read, to watch the TV shows I wanted to watch, to email, and to have late night chats with my new buddy, Mr. D. I felt like I could breathe – and it was wonderful!

Still, I really missed Hubby. I know what I just described sounds like a conflict – loving the freedom and missing Hubby – but it’s not. Both happened at the same time.  In fact, Hubby and I communicated a lot while he was gone via phone and text.

One day, while we were talking on the phone, I locked the bedroom door and took off all my clothes. Then I started talking naughty with him.  Just as he was getting into it, I hit the FaceTime button on my iPhone, he accepted it, and *bam* we were having a video chat! He got naked, too, and we had a very, very nice little cam sex session. It was just enough to wet his whistle and make him want to come home as soon as possible.

So last night, we were trying to get to bed as early as possible.  If you have kids, you know that convincing them to go to bed before their bedtime is nearly impossible. We finally gave up the fight and did normal family things, living the normal family routine, until the youngest was tucked in and asleep.

By the time Hubby got to the bedroom, I was already naked and ready.  And I mean ready. He chuckled when he came into the room and saw me.

“A little anxious?” he said jokingly.

“Are you gonna get in here with me or not?” I replied.

“I am, I am.  Just hold on….” and I watched as he worked through his evening routine, which seemed much slower than usual, although I’m sure it wasn’t.

I pulled back all the covers and started touching myself while I watched him.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“Starting without you,” I said with a naughty grin.

“Oh, hell no!” he snapped.

I don’t think I’ve seen a man shed his clothes so quickly.  Well, I’ve seen JJ do it pretty fast, too. 😉

That first kiss between us was electric, gentle, loving. To feel his arms around me and enjoy his kisses was so wonderful.  I think I could have been happy with that for a long time. I really do love that man.

I’m not sure how much time passed before he slipped a hand between my legs, but by the time he did, I was very wet and slippery. He found my clit easily and started slowly rubbing it – gently, but with purpose. I used to joke with him that when he was in a hurry, he rubbed my clit like his finger was an eraser and he was trying to erase it. Clearly, he got the point because this was no eraser-finger action.  This was sensuous and erotic.

I relaxed and tiled my head back, closed my eyes. The next thing I felt was his mouth on one of my nipples, suckling gently, then flicking the nipple with his tongue. I reached for the other nipple and began pinching it lightly.

I reached down with my other hand and found his cock – hard, throbbing, damp with precum. I wanted it right then, but I knew he’d want me to cum first this way so I stroked him as I felt the sensations “down there” escalate from “feeling good” to “jolts of pleasure” to “full blown orgasm.” He released my nipple and kissed me while I came.

He kept fingering me until the peak had passed and I was on the downside of the orgasm.  Then he plunged several fingers inside me, found the sweet spot, and finger fucked me to help me keep it coming.

I screamed into his mouth.  He bit my lip until my screams became a whimper.  Then he took his wet fingers out of my mouth and put them in mine.  We stared into each other’s eyes as I licked and sucked them clean. That was probably the most intimate moment of the whole experience. We connected, just like we used to before 25 years, several kids, and the challenges of life changed us and took our focus off of each other and put our attention everywhere except our bedroom. Navigating our way through the last six months of infidelity, revelation, and discovery brought back some of what we had lost.

He rose up onto his knees and I took his cock into my mouth.  I sucked him exactly the way he like it – with long, deep strokes – fully expecting him to come in my mouth, but he stopped me after about a minute and told me to get on my hands and knees.

The loving gentleness that he showed when he was teasing my clit was gone, and now he was demanding, forceful.  He slid his cock in me slowly, but that first stroke was the only slow and gentle thing about it. Then he grabbed my hips and fucked me hard, shifting slightly to change the angle sometimes, and varying the speed and force. I’d be just about ready to come and he’d change things, bringing me back from the edge.  It occurred to me that he was doing to me exactly what I so enjoyed doing to him (and others) – controlling the pleasure, waiting until he was ready to give it.

Almost without warning, his fingers dug into my hips and he started moaning…no, growling, as he came.  He pulled me back onto him for one last time, holding me there so securely that I couldn’t have moved if I wanted to.

He collapsed next to me, grabbed a washcloth that he had placed next to the bed, and started cleaning himself. He usually had a wash cloth for both of us, but not today.

After a moment, I asked, “Where’s mine?”

He smiled and reached over to his nightstand, coming back with my favorite egg vibrator and its remote control in his hand.

“We’re not done with you yet,” he said with a mischievous smile.

Yup, I was very glad he was home.


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  1. 1manview

    You write very well.. That was a great journey you took me on. I understand the part about freedom and missing. When my spouse is away, I lay in the middle of the bed because when she’s here, I only get a corner to sleep in unless I lay nest to her. But I gave off so much body heat, we have to separate after about a half hour.. The first day she is gone, it feels great, but every day after that, I start missing her. But after she is home a couple days, I wish she was gone again… Just kidding :).. Wonderful post…

  2. Southern Sir

    A great post Kat, I to can relate to the mixed emotions of freedom and missing. It’s a double edged sword.

  3. Ponyboy

    Some of the best sex is when you haven’t seen each other in awhile.

  4. Kat

    1manview and Southern Sir – Marriage is a complicated institution, isn’t it? Heck, people are complicated.

    Ponyboy – I’d like to communicate via email but it doesn’t look like you have an email attached to your profile. Would you mind sending me an email so I can reach you?

  5. Anonymous


  6. Kat

    Anon- Really what?

  7. Anonymous

    Sorry, I forget why I asked that, but it could have had something to do with the remote. LOL

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