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see Nov 17 2011

HNT – In the Dressing Room with Cara

cialis generico uk Cara went shopping last weekend, and she was nice enough to snap a photo in the dressing room to share with all of us. I think we all need to take up a collection to buy her this hot little number so we can see her in (and out of) it more.  Isn’t she delectable?


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  1. Nicholas

    Incredibly sexy! Oh how I would like to go shopping with Cara.

  2. Bob

    I’m stunned. Just stunned.

  3. Southern Sir

    Simply Delectable! Pass the collection plate.


  4. MM

    Unbelievably HOT! You are soooo gorgeous!

  5. Submissive Sam

    If she was holding a riding crop… That would be HOT!!!

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