Aug 07 2012


I have a treat for you, Prowlers!  Here is a delectable, naughty, and kinky guest post (my favorite kind!) written and shared by G. If you enjoy it like I did when I first read it, remember to share your love in the comments.

By G

I was about to get married and looking for some sort of final fling. At 26 my sexual adventures hadn’t grown much past the age of 18 and I longed for…heat. For passion. For what my girlfriends revealed from their own escapades. I signed onto Ashley Madison initially not knowing what I wanted or what I would find. Did I want a friend who understood my boredom? Someone I could fuck and then never speak to again? Did I want a married boyfriend because I too was getting married and was merely scared of commitment? Little did I know I was about to find someone who wouldn’t just rock my world, he would take it and hump it and leave it all hot and bothered in a sweaty mass of sexual and emotional energy. X didn’t just do it for me: he was my sexual wrecking ball of epic proportions.

Immediately we appeared to have plenty in common. We had similar musical tastes and liked the same TV shows and movies. We had the same sense of humor, very biting, tons of sarcasm, very quick and seemingly mean to most. We understood each others lives, thoughts, and inner mechanics. There was a comfort level neither of us had ever felt with anyone else…yet quickest of all, there was an obvious sexual attraction. I am 5’7, athletic, slim through the waist but slightly curvy and feminine through the hips, with dark hair and blue eyes. He was 6’1, very strong and protective, with deep set dark brown eyes and one of the best facial profiles I have ever seen. I always loved men that I felt could over power me. X couldn’t just over power me; he could restrain me with one hand. I loved that from day one. It made me wet in less than a minute.

The first time I was handcuffed it started as a joke. X and I had been hot and heavy for quite a while, almost a year, before the jokes about tying me up began. I’m a small girl, overpowering me would be easy for X regardless. Yet somehow tying me up or handcuffing me was a line that I never thought I would cross; a loss of control I didn’t know if I could handle. So when he said “bring the handcuffs” before meeting him at our usual hotel I said ok, thinking it was again a joke.

I walked in the door and immediately sexually charged heat was in the air. We started to kiss like we were trying to consume each other as quickly as possible. X sat in a rolling desk chair facing a long dressing mirror and forced me into his lap using my hair to pull me onto him. He ran his tongue up and down the sides of my neck while silently slipping one hand down the front of my pants, the other one still tightly gripping my hair. I let out a quiet moan, more of a sigh than an actual noise, and eased myself into a slow grind against his now extremely hard cock while watching our moves in the mirror. In no time my pants were undone and had been pulled loose upon the floor. I reached up and took off my own sheer cotton tank top. All that was between X and I now was a black bra and a pair of sheer black boy-short panties…his favorite kind.

My thoughts of pleasure were momentarily interrupted by a harsh whisper in my ear. “Get the fucking handcuffs and get on your knees”. Wait…was he serious? Fuck…the look in his eyes definitely said he was quite serious. Ok G, we’ll see how far he takes this, I thought as I fished through my purse looking for X’s newest toy. I found them quickly despite my nerves and handed them over. Despite his original orders I stood there nervously for a minute before he forced me down, again using my hair to move me, but this time to the floor.

As soon as I hit the soft hotel carpet he was behind me, cuffing my small wrists tightly into the cuffs. My first instinct was to wriggle inside them and test their strength. Shit, these were the real deal…I wasn’t moving my arms anywhere soon. X looked at me as thought he could read my thoughts and smirked. “Oh, you’re definitely stuck for now” he replied, grinning and having a tough time not laughing at his own plans. All of a sudden his grin got bigger, as if he had an amazing idea. He started to look around the room checking every surface until he found the item he sought: my hair scarf. It was hot out that particular day and my hair was wet so I had fastened it back using a boho hair scarf as a headband. He quickly undid the knot and to my dismay tied the scarf over my eyes so that all I could see was a slight glimmer of light and shadows. Somehow he knew I still had some bearing of my surroundings so he went to shut off every lamp in the room. After that, I could see nothing, I couldn’t move my arms. All I could do was hear…and wait.

For a few moments all I could hear was him breathing, as if he was standing and inspecting his prey. I could hear him and feel him through the carpet coming closer…but still nothing, no touching at all. And then his cock was in my mouth. He was gentle, but with force he thrust himself between my lips. Immediately I moved to put my hands on him, my first blow job instinct…to instantly be jerked back by the cuffs. I moaned and rolled my tongue over the tip of his penis which rested against my bottom lip. I kept licking until I heard him stir and tasted his first few drops of precum. With a move of my head (aided by his gentle touch on the back of my neck) I slipped X in and out of my mouth for a few minutes, only pausing to lick his shaft at times between thrusts.

After a few moments I heard him groan and felt his hand grab my hair again, pulling me to my feet and throwing me onto the soft hotel bed. I lay on my stomach for a few moments before he grabbed my boyshorts roughly and pulled them off with what felt like both hands. Within seconds he had spread my legs and began teasing me by kissing my inner thighs, stopping only to blow on my clit. My breathing started to speed up in anticipation of what I knew was coming next…what we both knew was coming next. Lightly, in a flicking motion, he began to stroke my clit with his tongue. My moaning started deep inside, I could feel the orgasm that was coming on in every part of my body. The loss of my movements, my freedom, my sight made me focus on one thing: how fucking amazing X was making me feel. How overpowered I felt. After a few minutes of teasing, he attacked my sweet spot in the way only he knows how. He sucked on my swollen clit hard while placing two fingers inside me, curled up towards my stomach and stroking the exact right spot inside. My hips began to buck hard against his face and I could hear myself screaming at him not to stop, that I was so close, that it felt so fucking good, shouting his name.  I came incredibly hard for an entire minute without stopping, feeling it all over my body. Every part of me shook, including my wrists inside the cold metal cuffs against my back.

Once the shaking subsided X allowed me a minute to just lay there, possibly to bask in what he had just done and at how good he made me feel. He slowly pulled me up off my stomach and to my feet, stabilizing me on the floor before reaching behind me to undo the safety latch on my handcuffs. He undid one and before he could undo the other I had reached my hands in front of me to grab at him, at any part of him. He slipped off my blindfolded scarf easily with one hand, me blinking from finally being able to see again.

Even without the lamps on I could see his eyes, the only eyes that had ever affected me in such a complete way…sexually, spiritually, emotionally. We began to kiss deeply as he pulled me onto the bed and on top of him by my hands, one of which was still attached to the handcuffs. I began to ride him slowly, staring into his eyes, then closing them to take in the moment. My pace quickened as he grabbed my ass tightly and helped me move back and forth, up and down, a rhythm we shared so closely. I started to cum and so did he, as we often do together. We exploded and held our foreheads tightly together, both of us making our own soft noises and breathing hard, locking our mouths together in one more kiss. We broke away only as our movements died and we collapsed, falling asleep in each others arms…the handcuffs still attached to one of my wrists.


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  1. jam


  2. orange.poppy.2341

    Beautifully written story. It was my longing for experiences like the one you wrote about that strongly influenced my desire to prowl. I hope you write more.

  3. G is for Gracefully Defective

    Aw, you all do know how to make a girl blush! Thank you for all of your kind words. It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything besides a to-do list, a yelp review or an email, so your comments definitely aided my confidence about getting back on the creative writing horse. I’ll definitely be picking up the (figurative) pen again soon 🙂

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