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go Jan 06 2013

Geek Heaven

source link I’m at the NMX conference, presented by Blog World in Las Vegas. Yes, I know CES launches today in Vegas, too, and it is full of geeks, as well, but I prefer brainy blogging geeks to the pure gadget geeks because I know that the blogging geeks are able to communicate. And communication definitely helps. Before I go any further…. I’ll be tweeting my way through the conference just for you, Prowlers, so follow me on Twitter (@shackledkat) if you’re interested. As for the Prowling news, I mentioned that sex with K was off the table. It sucks, I know. Just for fun, I tried rubbing his thigh under the table during the keynote session this morning and…. Nothing.

My self esteem was taking a pretty big hit, but then I looked around and it dawned in me – I’m in geek heaven! Nothing helps with recovery from rejection like getting right back on the……horse. So, at my first session, I introduced myself to a few geeks sitting near me. We chatted, we laughed. We talked about the party tonight at 10:00. I asked if they got wild when they were drunk because I hate boring geeks. They laughed. The session started, then it ended, and two geek cell numbers were slipped to me on the way out. Excellent start.

I ran into one of my work colleagues and K between sessions. There was small talk and we moved on. My second session was full so I decided to spend my time prowling.

I walked through the convention center checking out groups of geeks in their natural habitats – gathered around electrical outlets, sitting in corners with laptops open, tweeting and blogging in Starbucks. None that I saw inspired me so I decided to nestle in at Starbucks and write to you. Yes, as a female of the geek species, I decided to see if they’d come to me.

The problem is that most geeks are shy, so coming and sitting next to you when there are seats open all over the place is the geek version of expressing interest. If he actually initiates the conversation, that’s very close to “Fuck me, please!”

I used to think that sitting close and sharing a computer screen while talking about blogging was geek – speak for “Let’s get it on,” but K has taught me that it apparently doesn’t always mean that.

I’ve complicated the matter because I have an obnoxiously garish and girlie cell phone case. It throws geeks off. All other evidence indicates that I’m a female of their species, but the phone says, “stupid girlie – girl.” And stupid girlie – girls have tormented them emotionally all their life. Seriously, in a universe where everyone is walking around with cell phones out so they can tweet while texting the person next to them so they don’t have to speak, I feel very conspicuous and out of place.

As I write this, several geeks have approached, paused, looked down at their feet like 12 year olds, and walked away.

That’s ok. I still have two and a half more days in geek heaven.


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  1. All About Love And Sex

    what is this Blog World conference about?

  2. Ben

    You know how you tell an extroverted geek from an introvert geek?

    The extrovert looks at HIS shoes.

  3. Kat

    All About Love – It’s an annual conference for bloggers and podcasters, or anyone interested in New Media. Lots of great people here.

    Ben- Very cute!

  4. HAS

    Hey, Kat. I just discovered your blog and it is great fun reading it. As someone who considers himself part of the group that you were talking about the geek in the wild. And what you experienced would concurs with what I would expect myself to do in a situation like that. Also don’t forget that we don’t understand subtext until it hits us over the head. Talking to geeks about blogging would be taken as talking about blogging no matter how many hints you dropped that would make the normal male jump you right there in starbucks. I am trying to change that for myself, but it is a long road …

    love the blog ! love the hints for prowlers sections, thanks, H

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