Apr 29 2011

Friday Fantasy

We had an idea to collaborate writing a little piece of saucy fiction. The story below was written by Cara (aka Brightpink0) and myself. Enjoy!

Sue absentmindedly placed groceries on the checkout counter belt. She glanced at the line behind her and froze. His head was turned away, but it was Jim. She had no doubt. She instantly felt the thrill of excitement remembering his hot peppermint breath on her bare skin. She couldn’t decide if she should avoid him, or try to catch his eye. After all, she was in a serious, committed relationship now. Again looking up briefly from her basket she found his penetrating gaze looking toward her. She quickly looked away, not sure what to do. Without even realizing it her feet were gliding slowly toward him.

“Jim?” she asked tentatively trying to hide the desperation and longing in her voice. He nodded and smiled almost shyly.

“Sue,” he said in return and his voice sent her mind spiraling into memories long put away.

She shook from the shock and intensity of seeing him again. She had longed for his touch from the moment they had parted, but had set that lust aside when she had met Mary. She was so certain that her connection with Mary on every level would erase his memory, but seeing him here brought all those old feelings rushing to the surface.

Raising a hand she watched her trembling fingers gingerly touch Jim’s arm. His eyes stared steadily into hers and the corner of his mouth pulled into a half smile. Mary returned to her mind. She immediately thought of how much fun the three of them could have together. Her mind raced while her panties got more wet by the second. “Jim, there is someone I would really like you to meet. Would you like to come back to my place?”

The words just tumbled out before giving them much thought. She pulled her eyes from his, dazed as a panicked thought flashes through her mind, What will Mary think? Her heart jumped to her throat as her eyes returned to his. Emotions roil within her. Awaiting his answer, the tension swallowed everything around them.

Jim winked then reached out a hand smoothing her hair and said, “Sue, I’d love to.” She found herself melting beneath his warm smile.

Jim slid into the passenger seat as Sue climbed behind the car’s controls. As they pulled away Jim casually laid a hand on her thigh. Sue clutched the steering wheel. Her mind spun but was unable to focus. Every cohesive thought evaporated under the heat spreading through her under the warmth of his hand. Suddenly she was walking through her front door with Jim in tow.

Mary rounded the corner and saw Jim. Looking at Sue her eyebrows rose, sending the silent question, Who is this?

Sue says, “Mary, I’d like you to meet Jim.”

Mary’s eyes widened and her eyebrows climbed a little higher. The look asked, You mean that Jim?

Smiling, Sue nodded her head, eyes casting a mischievous glint. Mary replied with an impish grin. Sue relaxed only to find one stomach butterfly replaced with a larger one. Her heart began to pound. She thought, Oh my god is this really happening?

To be continued….

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