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Sep 19 2012

Freshly Fucked and Fisted (continued) (This is a continuation of follow site Freshly Fucked and Fisted. If you haven’t read that post yet, that’s the place to start.)

After a few minutes, JJ said, “Roll over.”  As I did, I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the lube and handed it to him, just in case, even though there were plenty of sexual juices flowing all over the place down there, both his and mine.

He pressed his cock into my ass and stopped, waiting for me to push back against him, our signal that I was ok and I was ready for him to do whatever he wanted. He took a few slow strokes and then he stopped halfway.  I looked back and saw that he had grabbed the phone again and he was snapping another picture. Then another.  I suggested that he just take a video, but he made some comment about the lighting not working well for a video.

I started making a snide comment about the the shortcomings of the iPhone camera compared to the camera on my Android phone, but before I could finish, he slammed his cock into me and started pounding me go to site hard. I grabbed onto the edge of the bed with one hand and supported myself by pushing against the headboard with the other.  It took nearly all my strength to keep myself from being shoved into the wall in front of us.

Without warning, he slapped my ass – HARD. I squealed and winced, which is exactly what he wanted because when I winced, I tightened around him even more. Just as the sting was beginning to subside, he slapped me again, this time on the other side. I winced and squealed again and held on tighter.

Time for a little encouragement.

“That’s it, Baby, fuck my ass harder, ” I said breathlessly.  “Fuck me hard, like you want to.  Fuck your whore.”

That did it. The pounding slowed and he pulled me back onto him for a few more deep, slow thrusts. I heard him groan. I took a deep breath and smiled. I don’t think I’ll ever get over how good it feels when he fucks my ass.

He pulled out and fell next to me again. He reached for the camera and showed me the photos he took. My, my, my! So that’s what it looks like from his angle when his cock is in my ass.  No wonder he likes it so much. Then I was a little bit jealous because I just get to feel it, but he gets to feel it real levitra generic best price and see it. Oh well, that’s life, I suppose.

We chatted some more and watched the clock so we didn’t stay beyond the time when I’d have to leave so I could get back to work as expected. We kissed. We laughed. As the minutes clicked by I felt that old feeling of sadness I always get when our time is just about up. It would be a couple of weeks before I could see him again, maybe more.

We got up, cleaned up, got dressed and left together. I dropped the room key on the front desk as I said goodbye to Strange Hotel Guy who also said goodbye as he flashed that creepy “I know what you’ve been doing” smile of his. The joke’s on him, though, because I really don’t care that he knows.

JJ kissed me goodbye in the parking lot before we both got into our cars and headed in opposite directions.

It was a few minutes later, as I was driving, that I got the text from Seattle Guy asking, “How was your early afternoon?”

You know how I answered.


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  1. Bob Archer

    You are such a tease, Kat. You write all of these awesome stories of you getting fisted and fucked in the ass… and you even tell us that there are pictures AND that they look fantastic.

    And yet… you don’t share! You naughty, naughty woman!

  2. Clem

    Ahh, That’s the way I like to hear you prowl.
    JJ’s a lucky man.

  3. Kat

    Bob, that’s not my fault! JJ has the photos. 😉

    Clem, I’m glad you’re happy. 🙂 As for JJ being a lucky man, I think *I’m* the lucky one.

  4. the naked lady

    OK, so I have to ask…Kat, you have all this crazy sex with these amazing guys, but are there any condoms? I’ve read so much cautionary stuff about condoms, especially in the ass, and I wonder if you’re just leaving that part out as artistic license 🙂

    I’ve got condoms on the brain since I recently met a great guy who’s exactly what I’ve been looking for…only he says he’ll only have sex without a rubber. Hmmm. Your thoughts?

    -the naked lady

  5. Kat

    Naked lady- I know my answer should be, “Of course I always use a condom!” But that would not be true. No condom with JJ. With others in the past, it depends. Usually yes, but not always. I often leave it out of the stories here just because – no good reason. I also leave it out when someone farts. LOL Ok, they are not the same thing. I know that.

    I get tested regularly for STDs. I was most recently tested a few weeks ago and everything is good. I haven’t had a positive STD test since I had gonorrhea in college. For what it’s worth, the “married and cheating” population is a relatively low risk group. However, that doesn’t mean NO risk.

    As for your new guy, I’d ask him for some evidence that he’s disease free before you’ll let him go bareback.

    In the end, though, you’re taking a gamble. You need to be sure you’re really willing to take it.

  6. Anonymous “…So that’s what it looks like from his angle when his cock is in my ass. No wonder he likes it so much. Then I was a little bit jealous because I just get to feel it, but he gets to feel it and see it. Oh well, that’s life, I suppose…” Au contraire!!! You should get youself one of those strapon harnesses and a dildo (okay – the 1st one can be tiny). Fair’s fair…you’ll enjoy the view & JJ just might like it. Strnager things have happened. I guarantee you’ll love it!!

  7. David Benz

    Bare lady- I understand my answer need to be, “Of course I regularly use condom!” But that might possibly not be actual. No condom together with JJ. With other people within the past, it depends. Typically absolutely, however not regularly. I normally place it from the accounts right here simply because – virtually no good principal main reason. I additionally allow it away in the event that an individual farts. LOL Okay, they are certainly not the same thing. I understand which.
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