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FFF – 1/10/14 – The Glass Ball

50 mg prednisone cpt Stacy and Joe meandered through they shops they found in a hidden alley on St. Martin.  Stacy wore her orange bikini with a matching choker around her neck and matching  sarong tied around her hips. While every man they passed turned to look at her, Joe seemed not to notice.  His eyes were glued to his iPhone and had been from the time they got off the ship. There was no cell service on their cruise ship, so he used every shore excursion to catch up on work, email, and whatever else he did. Stacy was never sure what he was doing on that thing. Stacy was clearly frustrated at his lack of attention.  She stepped into a small glass shop and pulled him in with her. She moved toward the back of the shop, which was only six feet away, and she untied her bikini top and tucked it into her bag.  She reached out to the nearest shelf and picked up a beautiful glass ball, turned toward Joe and said, “Don’t you think this is a particularly nice piece?”

accutane causing pupils to change Joe mumbled, “Yeah, get it,” without even looking up. Stacy sighed.

clomid drug price Then a voice came from behind another shelf. “It’s very nice, but not nearly as beautiful as the woman holding it.”  She turned and saw an attractive man, probably in his 40’s, admiring her. That got Joe’s attention,, and he rushed to Stacy’s side, took the glass ball from her hands and ordered her, to put her top back on. She did so very slowly. The attractive man came over and helped her tie the strings behind her neck.  Joe just stared.

Before she left the shop, she grabbed the glass ball and paid for it.  She smiled at the attractive man as she left the shop.

As they stepped into the alley, Joe put his phone in his pocket and his arm around his wife.


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  1. Tom

    Now who couldn’t pay attention to a woman with such perfect boobs? Put the damn phone away, Joe!

    Thanks for writing this week, Kat!

  2. Southern Swinger

    I understand the fascination with naked boobs I just don’t understand the fascination with checking email when one is in the company of a woman with beautiful boobs and no top.

  3. Simplicity

    Nothing like some competition to get their attention back to where it should be! Great story!

  4. GoodWill

    I don’t always get into FFF. But your writing never disappoints. Really enjoyed this one.

  5. Advizor54

    it is crazy how misguided our priorities are. If I ran the cruise lines there would be mandatory phone drop off when all passports are checked. Hang up and have fun, and, please, take me with you on your next vacation!

  6. Ryan Beaumont

    Sweet, maybe his phone has an app for when a guy is about to steal his wife! Or when to look at her.

    Lord knows I need my phone to tell me what to do all day or I wouldn’t get anything done.

  7. Measha Stone

    I liked this entry a lot! Those damn phones irritate the crap out of me. Good for her! Thanks for sharing this week, hope to see you next week too!

  8. Same sassy girl

    Ha ha! This is sooo my Hubby. However, I am on my phone a lot too. And I would’ve gotten the other guy’s number. 😉 Great take! So fun FFF with you!

  9. wordwytch

    Some people need phone interventions! I’d have gone off with the handsome man and left hubby hanging…

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