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Fantasy Time Well, fellow Prowlers, I gave you my word that my stories of playtime would be true unless I told you otherwise.  I thought I’d share a lusty fantasy with you to whet your whistle for some more real life stories coming soon. Like every good fantasy, though, parts of it are grounded in reality.  Can you guess which ones?  Enjoy!


dove acquistare viagra generico 25 mg a Parma I show up in town, get a hotel room, and give you a call as we planned. It takes you a couple of hours to show up, but I know you’ll come. You’re nervous when you knock at the door. I don’t want to make you any more nervous than you have to be (no, your being nervous is definitely not in my best interest in this situation), so I answer fairly quickly, standing behind the door so you don’t see me until you step into the dimly lit room. As I close the door, you notice a few things about me….I’m short, only 5’4″, so you have to look down at me. I’m wearing a black lace baby doll nightie, completely see through, no panties. Yes, I look just like the pics I sent. So do you.

follow url I stand up on my tippy toes and reach up to kiss you (6’4″ really is tall!) as you put your arms around me. It’s a deep, wet, probing kiss. Any nervousness I was feeling flies out the window.  I relax into you, feeling safe in your strong arms. This is the part that just doesn’t come through in email, chat or even over a webcam. The taste of your mouth, the urgency of your kiss, the feel of your hardening cock, the power of your embrace. I’ve known you for a while now online, but this is the real you. I feel like I’m rediscovering you all over again.

go to site I can feel your hands sliding under my negligee and reaching for my breasts.  I reach down and unfasten your pants, easily freeing your hard, thick cock, and I start to stroke it slowly but firmly. I smile when I hear you moan – more like a growl – into our kiss. The kiss lasts a long time, taking on a rhythm of its own – I inhale as you exhale and exhale as you inhale, losing myself in the connection developing between us. Eventually, you lean back against the wall, grab my hair, and press me down to my knees…….

other drug like clomid side I lick your cock slowly from base to tip. Again. Again. Looking up at you with my deep blue eyes, I take the tip into my mouth and begin suckling it gently. I take more into my mouth, then more with each stroke until I can feel the head at the back of my throat. I pause for just a second before diving down and swallowing the head. You gasp. Then I start working your gorgeous cock deeply, flicking my tongue on the head on each upstroke and swallowing the head on each downstroke.

You grab my head, entwining your fingers in my hair, and start fucking my mouth and throat hard and fast. I don’t resist. Instead, I relax and let you take me, sucking and licking as best I can in-between gasps for air.
“That’s right,” I hear you say. “Suck my cock, whore. You’re my whore, aren’t you?”

I moan with affirmation and pleasure at hearing you claim me. I suck even harder, desperate to please you, and I can feel your cock stiffen as you prepare to cum.  I prepare to swallow every drop gratefully, but you suddenly pull me off you, pulling me by my hair up to my feet. I squeal lightly and scramble to comply.
You turn around and pin me to the wall roughly, forcefully. You release my hair and grab my hips with your strong hands, lifting me up. I throw my arms around your shoulders and pull myself up, wrapping my legs around you as you drive your hard cock inside me. I scream as you enter me, digging my fingers into your shoulders. You drive into me hard, pounding me against the wall….harder, harder, harder….

I tighten my legs around you as I start to shake, and I can tell that you can feel my cunt tighten around you, too. You grab my hands from your shoulders and pin them against the wall, not allowing me to lift myself off you at all – forcing me to be fully impaled on your cock. I scream…and start to cum. You continue to pound me as hard as you can…I struggle to buck against you to keep my orgasm going.

You whisper in my ear, “Tell me what you are…”. I answer breathlessly, still cuming, “I’m your whore.”
“That’s right, slut,” you moan as you thrust a final time, releasing into me.  You bite my neck as you cum. I moan, still shaking, the pleasure still rushing through my body.

You grab my hips again and gently lift me off your cock and lower me. I extend my legs to stand, but I’m still shuddering and my knees buckle. I grab onto your strong arms to steady myself. You lean down and kiss me deeply…. I return your kiss, melting into your arms, surrendering to you again……

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