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Fantasy in Victoria – A Guest Post by SomewhereMan I have a real treat for you today, Prowlers. This beautifully written guest post was contributed by SomewhereMan, and if you like it (which I have not doubt that you will) he might be convinced to share more with us. For the true dogs among you, the sex is toward the end.  For the rest of you who appreciate the build up of sexual tension and the tease prior to the sex (not to mention a….a….plot!), enjoy this like a tall glass of mint tea on a hot summer day. ++++++++++++++++ “Would you like to go up in one of those?”

follow link Kat asked the question as they walked, hand in hand, down the western edge of downtown Victoria, British Columbia. A yellow seaplane had just cut some soft waves, landing in the harbor just outside of the yachts and pretty people eating their early dinners on a Friday night in September. The sun peeked just behind Kat and Clark as they stood on Wharf Street, looking to the south, with the British Columbia Parliament building about a half mile in front of them.

“Funny you mention that, Kat,” Clark said. “I’ve never flown a seaplane but I have flown Cessnas before. I actually started flying them, when I was in my twenties to get over a horrific fear of flying that I developed when I was 18 or 19. Seriously. Learned how to fly to conquer it. But I gave it up once I became a dad.”

“You never answered my question,” she said, giving his palm a squeeze.

He laughed. “Oh, I need to answer your question, K. Yes, I’d love to go up in one of those planes. We could even take one to fly to Vancouver.”

“Maybe we could look into it,” Kat said. “But what about our dinner plans again?”

“I’d love Japanese. What would you like?”

Kat leaned in, kissing his lips as the tour buses and endless waves of Americans, with open wallets, walked by, ready to spend their money on souvenirs and knick-knacks in the shops along Government Street. “Anything that involves you.”

Clark checked his watch. “So we’ve been checked into our room at the Executive for three hours. I have quite an idea for how we should spend this night. Let’s make it a little…um… non-traditional.”

“And what do you have in mind?”

Clark smiled at her, taking in her full vision. She had on a black, North Face fleece to combat the gusty afternoon and a pair of tight jeans, with comfortable, dark blue walking sandals.

Kat… hot as always. Whether she really tried or not.

“I just want a little something to eat now,” Kat said. “Nothing major or fancy. Maybe a sandwich. Remember, you said you’d take me dancing.”

“And I will,” he said, kissing her again and feeling her hips. “I can’t wait. But, here is my idea.”


“There is a sandwich shop around the corner. Fantastic sandwiches there.” He pulled out a wad of Canadian bills. “Go in there and get dinner.”


“Yes,” Clark replied. “Just hear me out. Get whatever you like. I will go back to the room and change. Dress shirt, suit jacket. I’m going to look nice.” Clark reached into his shorts and gave her a folded sheet of paper. “Meet me at this place at 9 tonight. We’re strangers.”

She smiled back with a gleam in her eye. “Some role-playing?”

“Yes. Pick a name but it has to has to have the initials M.H..”

Kat rolled her gorgeous eyes. “Yup, for My Hottie?”

“Of course.”

“Okay… I’ll come up with something,” Kat said.

“I’ll be out of the room in 30 minutes. It’s six o’clock now. Come back to the room at 6:30, get ready, put on something really sexy. Something that will turn heads in the bar and come on down there for 9.”

“Wait, I’m getting a sandwich. Where are you going for dinner?”

Clark closed his eyes for a final kiss before parting. “Somewhere with those Udon noodles.”


At least this time Clark felt as if he was adding some class for Kat to chase. An Asian bar, yes…but no karaoke. Just a dark place, full of mood lighting and red lanterns. For this Friday night, pretty much locals inside Sonny’s on Fisgard, right in the heart of Chinatown — about a mile north of their hotel, the Executive.

Clark checked his watch, a fake Gucci. 8:57.

“Another lemonade?” the bartender, a thin Asian guy, maybe Sonny himself, with a black goatee asked.

“I’m good for now. Just waiting on a lady.”

“Aren’t we all, pal?”

He had only read about this role-playing, where you pick up a woman you already know in a bar. This almost wasn’t fair as Clark knew the most beautiful woman in the province was about to walk into Sonny’s, turning the heads of the twenty men already ready to pounce on the next lady who walked in. A handful of women were scattered about the bar but it was already a “male-heavy environment”.

Clark felt pretty confident about his chances of taking Kat home with the smooth lines that he was already going to work up.

Are you from Tennessee ‘cuz you’re the only ten I see?

You’re supposed to tell a pretty girl she’s smart and a smart girl she’s pretty but I don’t know what to call you because you’re clearly both.

No, Clark said, even with Kat, who was used to his dork factor and even accepted it, he wouldn’t stoop that low. He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror behind the bar. Hair in place. Suede sports jacket, two buttons, burnt orange. Beige dress shirt, unbuttoned for the top two buttons and dark brown pants, black shoes.

And… there she walked in.




Every head in the bar turned as Kat made her presence known. Black dress, coming down to just below her mid-thigh, showing the world her perfect legs. The straps up top were thin, offering her sculpted shoulders and ideal figure to anyone who wanted to take in a “tall drink” of her beauty.

And he was hers.

Clark wanted to kiss her on the lips, squeeze her hands and guide her into the next taxi heading for downtown and the Executive Hotel.

But, nope, can’t do that. Cannot break character in this.

And now Clark felt the urge..

…to go pee.

Clark and Kat never made eye contact as she took a stool at the bar and set her black purse on the counter.

He heard her say, “I’ll have a lemonade, if you got it,” over the jazz music that played on the speakers. Clark walked to the bathroom to go do his business. He’d start his smooth moves shortly.

“Okay,” Clark mumbled as he stood at the urinal. “How are you going to approach this? Ahhh, she’s beautiful. Just let it all happen.”

As he washed his hands at the sink, Clark could hear a buzz going outside the bathroom door, back in the bar. As if a wave of people all came into Sonny’s at once.

Clark walked back into the bar to see what the commotion was.

A celebrity sighting!

A small crowd gathered near the door, right around Kat. Clark saw her sipping on her lemonade but was trying to make out the center of all of the attention for why ten people hovered near the beautiful Kat. His Hot Lady.

Bill Freaking Paxton was in Victoria.

“This is unbelievable,” Clark said to himself, returning to his bar stool, five stools away from Kat. “I play the ‘pick up my lady in a bar’ scenario and now Bill Paxton is now in the stool next to Kat.”

He looked at himself in the mirror behind the bar. “You’re an idiot.”

There was no way she’d be impressed with Paxton, right? Clark asked himself. She likes dorks. Not hunks.

Clark battled this nagging insecurity that was engulfing his ego, now motioning the bartender for a vodka lemonade instead of just lemonade. He wasn’t going to drink alcohol tonight but if he had to battle Paxton for Kat’s affections, it might not be a bad idea.

Taking a sip of the vodka lemonade, Clark glanced back over to the scene as Paxton was signing cocktail napkins for adoring fans and he was even making Kat laugh. All he could see was the back of the actor’s head, him gesturing wildly, as if telling a hilarious story and Kat laughing and looking at him.

Maybe she was just giving him a “fake laugh”. Clark looked at himself in the bar mirror. Wait… maybe she “fake laughs” at you. He took another drink.

Alright, Clark told himself, start working this now.

Taking a deep breath, Clark hopped off the bar stool and approached the prettiest girl in the bar. (That’s you, Kat 🙂 )

He walked over to where the epicenter of commotion was. Three men and four women stood around Paxton, as he sat on his bar stool, next to Kat.

“…you know, Maya,” Paxton said to Kat, “I see beautiful women every day. Sometimes I even wake up with them. You are…stunning.”

Crap, Clark thought. Now he’s using my adjectives?!? He approached her, wondering if he should stay in this character of a stranger or if he should grab her hand, whisper in her eye and guide her out the door.

“Hey, buddy!” Paxton yelled to Clark, slapping him on the shoulder.

“What brings you to Victoria?” Clark asked, looking at Kat in the eyes. She looked back and smiled. Good, he thought, she hadn’t completely forgotten him…yet.

“Just a break in a shoot that we’re doing in Vancouver for a TV pilot. You see my work before?”

“Yeah, Weird Science. An American classic,” Clark answered, trying to keep Paxton from going back after Kat again. He knew he couldn’t compete with Chet from Weird Science.

Paxton downed what appeared to be an Irish coffee, the stench of Kahlua flowing off his breath. Clark looked at the actor’s eyes and those revealed this was not his first drink of this session.

“And you are?” Clark asked Kat, reaching out his right hand.

“I’m Maya. Maya Hutchins.”

“A pleasure,” Clark said. “Bill Kenney. Call me BK.”

“BK?” Kat asked.

“BK?” Paxton exploded. “As in Burger King? Like flame-broiled burgers? Like about to get shot down in flames by Maya! Ha ha ha ha!”

This is unbelievable, Clark told himself again. What the hell do I do now?

“Tell you what, BK,” Paxton said, pulling out a pin and grabbing a cocktail napkin. He scribbled something onto the napkin and handed it over. “Now you can say you met the guy from Twister.” He laughed heartily again, and placed a hand on Kat’s bare left kneecap.

“Not Weird Science?” Clark chided.

“Shit, dude,” Paxton said with a shrug. “Twister. That’s what people know me for.”

Dang, she looked good, Clark told himself, even as the actor’s hand was where his should have been. She smelled fantastic.

“I gotta take a whiz,” Paxton announced to everyone within 15 feet. “Be right back.”

Paxton stood up and promptly fell over onto his shoulder, rolling over and staring at the ceiling. The people around him gave him air.

“Let’s go, Maya,” Clark said to Kat, grabbing her hand and leading her out to the nearest taxi.

“Executive Hotel, please,” he said to the driver.


Amid the potholes of the main stretch of boulevard back to downtown Victoria, Clark leaned in to kiss Kat on the neck.

She pulled back.

“Do I know you? Your name is Bill.”

Clark giggled. “We’re still in character here? I thought the whole Paxton thing threw that off.”

She shook her head, smiled back at him and accepted his embrace, kissing his back. “This is where I like to be with you.”

By now, their bodies were starting to warm up from the contact. The hand holding had developed into exploring each other’s bodies a little bit more. Clark’s hands moved along her bare and beautiful legs, caressing her sides just under her arms, where the black dress kept an aura of mystery left. She reached inside his burnt orange jacket, rubbing his back, chest and still-to-be-developed abs.

The taxi pulled up to a stop outside the Executive Hotel, in the heart of downtown, three blocks off the harbor. Clark stepped out, paying the driver and taking in the snapping winds of this fall evening.

He looked back into the cab, offering a hand for Kat to step out of the taxi.

“What going on over there?” Kat asked, pointing behind where Clark was looking.

They both focus in on five Victoria Police squad cars outside of the entrance to the hotel.

Walking up, hand-in-hand, to the entrance, one of the officers put up his hand.

“No one in or out for a while,” the officer announced.

“What’s up?” Clark asked, trying to get into the language of police again.

“No one in or out for a while.”

Of course, he thought, just when Kat and I are now both hot and ready to go, we can’t even get into our corner suite.

Trying to make the best out of this, Clark looked into her eyes. “Well, I promised you that I’d take you dancing.”

She kissed him on the lips. “And you always keep your promises. I LOVE that about you.”


Play this (if you are able) 🙂

“Mr. Vain” blasted through the doors as Clark led Kat through entrance to a dance club, between the hotel and the harbor. A doorman recommended the place and they were both delighted to find that it was “90’s Night” at the Club Vicky.

The thump of the music, pouncing in their ears, pulled them closer together on the dance floor. They didn’t even mind the sweat that was pouring down the sides of their heads.

“Like the deserts miss the rain…”

As the song hit its slower and sensual bridge, Clark leaned in to kiss her, slowly on the lips, like the first real kiss he ever shared with her. Her lips were so soft and Clark found himself so caught up in the moment that he didn’t notice all of the strobe lights and flashing pastel hues zooming all around their glistening faces.

A slower song played as they get even closer.

Now Kat, while kissing his neck, out there on the floor for all to see, was grabbing Clark’s firm butt, underneath the drop in his jacket. His hands ran all over her back, the curves and contours of their bodies attached tight. He could feel her firm breasts pressing against his chest as the growing bulge in his own pants tickled her thighs.

Their kissing intensified as tongues made another return engagement. At the end of the song, Kat opened her eyes and looked into his.

“I’M READY!” she yelled over the music.

“TO GO?”

Stepping out of the dance club, they walked back to the hotel, Clark giving her his jacket to wear as the snapping wind hadn’t died at all.

They both spotted police tape out front, with the same officer – with the same mustache – pacing out in front of the building.

“Gotta go to the parking garage below and take the elevator up,” he barked at Clark. “This part is a crime scene.”

“But no more danger? We can go in.”

“Yes, sir.”

Amid the echoes of the spacious, underground parking garage, Clark could only dream of the possibilities of loving Kat.


As he turned the key, Clark was still impressed that the front desk upgraded him to a corner suite at the Executive because of some computer glitch that had eliminated their reservation before. Two bedrooms. Two bathrooms and a private balcony that overlooked the city, as the hotel was on a hill and their suite was on the ninth floor.

“Love me like you want to, Bill Kenney,” Kat said to him, whipping around and kissing him on the lips.

“What do you crave tonight, Saucy Maya?”


The lights in the room were out and the sky, outside their sliding windows, was pitch black. Clark opened one door as some of the breeze, far more mild this high up, tickled the curtains, just to let them know it was there.

Kat looked out to the city, from the edge of the room and before the balcony started, as Clark came up behind her, planting a deep kiss on her neck. She moaned at his touch, the goosebumps shooting through her spinal cord and down to her ankles. She reached back with her hands, grabbing his thighs, a strong counterbalance of passion to his delicate touch on his neck and shoulders.

“Has anyone told you how beautiful you are today, Kat?” Clark whispered in her ear, ditching the Bill/Maya scenario. This was Kat. No need to use a fake name with her.

“Uh…” Kat said, getting lost in her own sensation of being kissed and held, “this might be the eighth or ninth time you have told me but, that’s okay, I can always get used to it.”

Clark ran his hands through her auburn hair, playing with the ends of it as the hair hit her shoulders. Then his hands moved down her sides, reaching her bare and beautiful knees, with one hand moving up her backside and the other hand, his right hand, inching ahead to feel her firm, inner right thigh. He felt her quiver with the touch, nearly melting back into him.

She was clearly enjoying this. Even more as he led a finger to the top of her back, zipping down the back of her black dress, revealing the back of a black bra, all the way down to the top of her black thong. Wow, Clark thought, she went for the lacy thong. Fortune favors the bold. Nicely done, he thought.

Kat turned around, keeping the straps still on her shoulders.

“All of these fantasies that you write, Clark, you pleasure me first, it seems,” Kat said. “Let’s turn the tables this time. I can tell that you’re ready.”

“More than ready.”

She slid a couple of fingers inside his dress shirt, undoing a button in the process to feel what was under there. Kissing him, softly at first and with a little bit more of her moist tongue, her hands ran all over his thighs now, with one rogue hand sliding underneath his the back of his pants and touching his jockeys.

Clark felt his heart race, closing his eyes and tasting her soft lips. Even after an evening of dancing and fending off Bill Paxton, Kat smelled incredible.

The wind gently whipped around on this September night. Clark felt it on the back of his neck. She slid her tongue down his bare chest and stomach as she unbuttoned the rest of his dress shirt, reaching for his belt buckle in just a few seconds.

Kat purred as her tongue shot sensations all over his body. She pinched the top of his blue jockeys, running her hands underneath the band. Clark wiggled his arms out of the dress shirt and loosened his pants, looking down and seeing her loving eyes making contact with his.

He reached down to place his hands on hers, which explored his firm butt as she pulled his underwear down to his ankles. Kat kept grabbing at his ass even as she now had to deal with his hard cock right next to her moist lips.

“Oh, I see,” Kat said. “You want me to suck you right now. Is that how this works?”

“At my age, you can’t let that go to waste. Never know when it’ll happen again.”

She giggled and looked into his eyes. “That’s not a problem for you. At least not most of the time.”

With one hand wrapped around his cock and the other cupping his tender balls, Kat took her eager tongue and licked the underside of his ready cock, its nerves turning into a carnival of tingle all over for Clark. Biting his lower hip, Clark opened his eyes and looked down just as Kat opened her mouth, covering his cock, swirling her tongue all over the tip.

The full 7″ was all hers to enjoy. She bobbed and gentle stroked his hard penis, even as Clark now wanted nothing more than for her to be just as gloriously naked as he was, on this secluded balcony overlooking the bustling downtown of Victoria.

The climax was already building up deep within. The dirty little secret that Clark never liked to admit was that, if a woman knew what she was doing here, he could usually have an earth-rattling orgasm within 60 seconds.

Kat definitely knew what she was doing.

“But, I don’t want to come just yet,” Clark gasped as his breathing got really tight. “And if you keep doing this…”

Kat took her mouth off his hard cock to stroke it more. “I think you’ve got enough to come now and be still hard for later. I can feel it. I can taste it. Besides, sucking you is making me so wet.”

Good point, he thought. If his cock was inside of her wet, warm and ready pussy, he probably wouldn’t last thirty seconds in there anyway.

“So, just relax,” Kat said. “I want you to come so hard. Right here. And then you can play with me until I quiver.”

His feet, even while standing, were starting to curl at the toes. His knees buckled as the explosion moved from his balls and into his fact. He squeezed Kat’s shoulders, gently.

“Here it comes,” Clark sighed.

Kat took her tongue off his exploding cock just as the first stream shot out. She aimed his cock away from her face, watching as the stream fired elsewhere, nearly landing on a deck chair. Kat squeezed his cock, gently as the following bursts spilled out.

Clark shook as the blood drained from his head, bubbling around his mid-section. This was absolute, ultimate physical bliss.

As his cock got smaller, Kat moved her in to give his empty balls a tongue bath. Clark looked down and spotted Kat’s other hand reaching under her skirt.

“Are you playing with yourself?” Clark asked, coming back to Earth.

Kat blushed.

“Let me taste your finger,” Clark said.

She offered him her middle finger and Clark wrapped his own lips around it, still enjoying the tingle of his smashing climax.

“When do I get to please you?” he asked. Kat nodded back to the room itself, pointing to the bed. “What’s that?”

“Well,” Kat said, blushing a little bit as she led his naked self back into the room. Clark started kissing her neck again, from behind, peeling away her dress where she was down to her black bra and thong. “I had some free time after I ate that sandwich. I found a little shop that sells sex toys, so…”

Kat reached onto the bed and showed him this purple vibrator.

“It’s called a Dolphin,” she told him, flicking the “on” button as the gentle hum filled the room.

Kat laid down on the bed, sliding the vibrating “dolphin” in between the fabric of her panties.

I’m not sitting this one out, Clark thought, as he laid down next to Kat on their king bed. He was on his knees, kissing her neck and caressing her breasts.

Her breathing picked up and Clark could feel her heart beat getting faster as he kissed her breasts, reaching down to pinch her nipples. He glanced as Kat shot her feet into the air and Clark reached down to pull her thong off, slowly and tossing the tiny thong onto the a nearby chair.

In the 69 position over her, Clark worked his tongue down to her belly button, closer and closer to the meeting of his passion and her machinery. Feeling her tight thighs, the vibrating inside her wet pussy was making Kat shake.

All of her.

“You got it now?” she asked, groaning, as he took over the Dolphin with one hand and starting sucking and teasing her clit with his moist tongue.

“I got it, Sweet K.”

“Just…keep…doing…that…” she begged.

Clark alternated between moving the vibrator around her sugar walls and, slowly, pulling it out to stimulate her clit directly…in… out… on the clit for a few seconds…and back inside her.

“DON’T STOP!” she yelled.

Clark could tell how intense that her orgasm was going to be. She was pinching one nipple and grabbing his balls and re-energized cock with her other hand as he licked her clit and kept the vibrator exploring her.

“Here it is…. here it is… oh… my…” Kat moaned. “Keep it in! Keep it in.”

The vibrator filled her pussy as her body exploded, her hot ass shooting off the mattress for a moment in pure lust. Clark kept licking her clit and the sensitive skin surrounding it as Kat’s hot and steamy skin was now in this ultimate moment of release.

He slid the vibrator out of her and flipped it off, putting his tongue on her pussy lips, taking in her taste, her scent, her overflowing love.

Clark felt Kat’s lips now playing with his stiffening cock, now ready for round two.

“Put it inside of me,” Kat asked. “Let me roll over.”

Clark leapt to his feet but leaned back in to kiss this beautiful woman on the lips once more. She held his face but had to pull away from the deep kiss just so she could breathe.

“Thank you, my lover,” she said with a smirk. “I’ve never come like that.” She kissed him again, their tongues clashing with passion before she rolled over on the bed.

Clark stroked his cock for a few seconds to make sure it was ready. Absolutely it was and, like the first time, he probably wouldn’t last too long.

Standing along the edge of the bed, Clark gently guided Kat’s legs back, where her soaked pussy was next to his ready cock. He reached in and, slowly, slowly, slowly… a half-inch at a time, filled her with his love.

“OOOOHHHHH,” she moaned as he was inside of her.

Clark picked up the cadence from a stroke…. in….out… to a little faster but now a consistent pace. Kat was punching the covers as Clark grabbed each side of her butt, thrusting hard. He reached down to massage her clit.

“No! It tickles!” Kat screamed. “I just want you to come again. So bad…”

Looking down at her glistening back, Clark couldn’t believe he was even in this position with such an attractive woman. Everything about her drove him crazy. Especially now as he was so close to coming a second time.

“Let’s go reverse cowgirl,” Clark suggested.

“Thought you’d never ask…” she said.

Clark lay next to her on the bed and guided her tight frame onto his hard cock, with her facing away from him. Now Kat controlled how fast she would ride him.

Her bouncing, but oh so firm, butt landed on around his cock, making the buildup grow even faster.

Now the moment of ultimate release was back for Clark. He reached in to spread out her butt a little more so he could penetrate her to the absolute maximum. Her walls were tightening against his swollen cock. This might be a mutual orgasm and Clark could feel it.

“Oh…there it is!” Kat screamed. ‘THERE IT IS.”

Instead of bouncing on him, Kat held her position, an inch up onto his cock as her walls held his cock…and then loosened.

“Oh…my…that was incredible.”

Just as Clark’s cock started to explode again.

“ARRRRGH!” Clark yelled, shooting his orgasm deep inside of her walls that squeezed his offerings.

He reached up to feel her perfect breasts, gently guiding her to lean back onto his chest. Even more amazing, his cock, while shrinking, stayed inside of her the entire time.

“Can we just fall asleep like this?” Kat asked.

“I’d love to, Sexy K.”

“At least until breakfast?”

“Absolutely. The only way I’d leave this would be for blueberry blintzes.”

He kissed her neck as they drifted off to sleep. Together. Hand in hand.


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    Wow, hot! Next time you go to Victoria, invite me!;-)

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    Very nice! And funny I hadn’t thought about Chet in years 🙂

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