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Fantasy Friday – Another HOT Guest Post by SomewhereMan

viagra price germany SomewhereMan has been kind enough to share another amazing story with us for Fantasy Friday. Yes, it’s long, but I guarantee you that it’s worth every moment of your time, so settle in with your favorite cool drink and enjoy it. dove acquistare levitra generico 20 mg in italia SomewhereMan has also started his own blog! best price brand cialis overnight delivery My One Wild Year is his account of his infidelity adventures. Please do yoruself a favor and take a look, then follow.

For now, enjoy this week Fantasy Friday post, set in Banff, Alberta.


“I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” Kat shouted under the house music thumping, pulsating inside the night club.

Clark shook his head and glared back.  After all, everything he had to say was so damn important.  And always so urgent that she needed to hear it.

Actually, the fact that the beautiful Kat always listened and always cared was why he was so attracted to her.  Sure, her body was compatible with his and their lovemaking was always passionate, tight and aggressive but it was also tender and patient.

All of the times they had made love were never rushed…never quickies… a real challenge given their situations.

The beads of sweat had been dripping down the side of Clark’s face for two hours.  He looked at his watch.  1:30 AM on Sunday morning after they had been dancin’ at the Hoodoo Lounge (a real place), the hottest dance club in Banff, right off Caribou Street.  Strobe lights flickered and a steam machine blurred the room a bit.

Clark sighed and took a final lunge at her delicate ear.


Kat rolled her eyes and shook her head ‘no’.  She puckered her lips.

Clark leaned in and pushed, gently, his sweaty lips onto hers.  Kat’s moist hands grabbed his sweaty cheek bones as their tongues mashed lightly.  With their eyes closed, K and C felt like the only two people on the dance floor, completely oblivious to the other 200 people crammed into this tiny room.

She now leaned in… “I want you…  NOW!”

Startled, Clark looked her in the eyes.  “HERE?”

Kat learned back in.  “I don’t care where.  I want you…NOW.  MAKE IT HAPPEN!”

Author’s Note.

Play the songs as you read the story…:

Kat and Clark had touched each other a little throughout the three hours at the Hoo Doo.  Yet they wanted the anticipation to build and to foster for when they would, finally, have their moment of satisfaction.

Clark had already burned through his four White Russians since they got there at 10 o’clock.  Enough for a slight buzz but not enough to take away from what he really wanted out of the night.  To feel her, to love her, to satisfy her, to make her toes curl… her insides hum… and her passion to overflow all throughout every cell of her very being.

Hearing Kat say that she wanted him now sent his brain into a flurry of activity.  What are my options?  Where could I take a woman this beautiful?  No, not to a bathroom for a quickie.  That is so 1985 and, besides, they don’t do quickies.  Kat and Clark make love.  They do it right.   As Barry White said… “I’m gonna make ya feel… like ya wanna feel.”

“LET’S GO.  TRUST ME!”  Clark called out to her, who flashed her traffic-stopping smile that told him… ‘yeah, ya buffoon, I’ve been wet and ready for an hour now and I’ve watched you try and dance like you’re all hot stuff’.

He reached out for Kat’s welcome hand and guided her amid the mob of people jamming away.  Clark felt like the oldest dude in the joint but that was okay.

Clark glanced back at her, smiling with confidence in her black, sleeveless top, with silver accents. 

I’m the oldest dude but I’ve got my arms on the hottest girl in the joint.

Kat was so beautiful – curvy in all the right places – so confident and carried herself with such poise that she was so incredibly sexy.

They pushed out onto the sidewalk just as the rain drops of Banff pelted them. 

“Here,” Clark said, peeling off his purple, long-sleeved dress shirt, revealing his navy blue t-shirt was, admittedly, was a bit drenched in sweat.  “Take my shirt.”

“No, Sweetie,” Kat said, shrugging it off.  “I don’t need it.”

“Please.  I insist.  We only have two blocks to the International.  Let’s cool off for two blocks and I’ll get you warm again.  I promise…”

Clark, guiding Kat with his hand, led her under the awnings on the street to shield them from the raindrops.  When they had to cross a street, they ran — he in his size 15 black shoes and she in her size 6 heels.

The people on the street melted away in the final strides to their hotel.  The chills of the September wind blew through them, drying up the sweat that had built up from their hours of grooving at the Hoo Doo.

“The elevators are this way,” Kat said, trying to pull Clark’s hand to the right.

“We’re not going to the elevators, Beautiful…”

A new song…


“Why are we going to the pool?” Kat whined a little.  “Let’s go upstairs and make love overlooking the city.”

Clark stopped, in stride and looked her in the eye, in all serious.  “We’ll do that.  In an hour.  But first… join me…as one.”

He wanted to be all bold, after walking through the lobby, hand in hand to the pool area and open up one of the four small sauna rooms off the corridor that led to the pool. 

Clark reached the first one.  Locked.

Second one.  Locked.

Third one was slightly ajar.  Clark giggled the door and it opened, the light bulb still on.  “It’s 2 in the morning.  Let’s live a little…”

He closed the door, smiled at Kat, who placed her head on his shoulder.  “I’m so ready for you, sexy Clark,” she cooed.

Clark took his left hand and, lightly, squeezed her chin, placing his lips on hers as they kissed, deeply, their hands starting to explore their bodies.  He felt her smooth skin, now with the sweat and the smoke from the club dried off.  The rain had washed it away.

He pulled himself away, hard as it was, for a second to twist the wall knob to get the sauna steam going.  They both could see the heat fogging up the glass door to, once again, give them the privacy they so craved — just as Clark’s hands were running over her chest, cupping her perfect, firm breasts underneath her bra.

Kat shot out a short breath as her insides were firing up and stirring again.  She reached down to run her hands underneath the waist line of his tight, leather pants.  Clark jumped up at the feeling of her squeezing his ass, her unpredictable hands sending all the blood into his body right to the growing bulge in his tight pants…

“Hot and Steamin’ Kat, I must relax you.  I mean…totally relax you.”


Another song:

“Let me put my hand…” Clark said in his deep voice, placing a curious hand on her black, skintight

pants, right where her legs come together.  Warm…so warm.  “…right there.”

With her eyes closed, Kat smirked and reached back to kiss him some more.  “I want to make you come like you’ve never come before.  Ever.”

“But you know the rule, luv.” Clark said.  “You come first.”

“That is always such a turn on.”

Clark peeled off her silver and black top, running his hands underneath her shiny, black bra to reveal those perfect breasts.  Now moving behind her, his growing shaft pressing against her backside, Clark rubbed the bottom of her breasts, offering a striking pinch to each nipple as he kissed her neck.  Clark felt her flawless, blonde hair — and it smelled incredible — flowing around his face, tickling a little bit but feeling oh…so right.

As he moved his tongue all over her neck and shoulders, teasing her breasts with his fingers, Clark crouched to offer Kat an unplanned back massage to work out any tension from the trip so far.  They had just gotten to Banff eight hours before and had not taken the proper time to make love like they wanted to. 

Now it was their time — their moment…and Kat and Clark wanted the moment to feel like it was going to last forever.

His tongue slid down her spinal cord, finally stopping as his hands reached her tight pants.  He reached in, feeling her bare ass and peeled the pants down, almost like unrolling a knee-high sock.  He could already tell that Kat was so wet from the buildup that his tongue dropped to her inner left high, licking up…inch… by inch… until reaching the fabric of her moist, red thong. 

“Take it off with your teeth,” Kat said as steam now filled the room from the sauna.

“Anything you like, Sweet K…”

Play THIS song…


The steam from the sauna now made his clothes feel so restricting, almost like being claustrophobic.  But this was her moment.  He would wait.  Kat needed to get off first.

From his knees, Clark held on to her hips as he wheeled around to be in front of her.  Kissing just under her belly button, Clark ran his tongue down to meet the red fabric of her thong, just above her wet and ready pussy.

Holding on to the sides of the thong, his teeth grabbed the thong and he, slowly, pulled the thong off, tasting a glimpse of her pussy as the red fabric dropped to the floor.

She stood, all of her perfect frame, over him.  He looked up to see the steam filling the top half of the room.  Clark still had his t-shirt and pants on but Sweet C only wore her smile and her undeniable beauty.

With his hands cupping her ass, Clark guided his tongue to taste her pussy lips.  So hot, so open after hours of teasing, so tasty as her love juice was already overflowing.

He had captivated her, many times, with his tongue alphabet.  He would employ that tactic again.  Why not…she always came before he ever got to the letter ‘V’.  His right hand left Kat’s ass as he inserted an index finger inside of her.

“Oooohhhh,” she grunted as the finger explored her tight circle .

“B”…. “C”…. “D”…. the letters came, one after the other.  Kat’s hands dug further and further into his skull, her sharp nails stimulating Clark even more.  He was rock hard now, knowing that, each time she grabbed his scalp, she was riding the waves of his stimulation.

“I’m going to come… I swear… I’m going to come,” Kat said as Clark was stuck on ‘H’.  He might not even have to get to “Q”, the best letter of the tongue alphabet…  “Don’t stop.  Just like that.”

A second finger joined the first as the walls of her pussy grabbed the fingers, tightening them and then releasing… more tightening…and another release.  Kat stopped breathing for a few seconds before gasping for a deep breath.

She wouldn’t last much longer now.  Kat lifted up her right foot to place it on the sauna bench, giving Clark a little more room for his tongue and fingers to help her moist region reach the climax she longed for.

“YES!” Sweet Kat screamed, pushing his collar bone as the come had finally arrived.  “OOOOOOHHHHHHHH…”

Her pussy exploding with the release, Clark tasted every drop that came out, savoring the taste, the scent and just how hot Kat was whenever she came. 

She finally started catching her breath again.  Clark pulled back and stood up, looking at her and kissing her tongue, with his… Kat had never felt as close to a man as she had at that exact moment.

“I want your cock in my mouth,” Sweet Kat said.

A song..


Clark peeled off his soaked shirt and took in one final look at Kat’s naked, quivering and glistening body.  Sooo beautiful… he felt so lucky to be with her.  Especially like this.

Kat reached into his leather pants and pulled them down fast, like a kid at Christmas opening a present.  Now with his bulging cock at its full 7.75″, she took his shaft into her mouth.  Tugging at the balls with one hand, she squeezed his base and her delectable and tasty tongue swirled over his shaft.

“You have no idea how this feels…” Clark moaned.

Maybe she did have some idea.  Clark always hoped that her orgasms were as satisfying as his.  Sexy Kat was a superb lover, giving but never afraid the receive the best.

After all of the anticipation, Clark knew he wouldn’t last long either.  Not with a woman this beautiful bobbing and sucking him.  If he didn’t do something about it, he would come in about 30 seconds.

“I’m ready,” he said.  “Are you?”

Clark could stand there and let her lick him for hours, if only he could hold out.  But he just knew that wasn’t going to happen…

“Put it in,” she cooed.

She sat on the wooden bench, placing a towel for her comfort as he reached down to kiss her on the lips away.  Feeling her pussy with his fingers, he found it still moist and ready for his full-sized cock.

While kissing her and holding one of her hands, Clark eased his dick into her quivering pussy, guiding it all the way in to even feel her back walls.  Mmmmmmm… what a feeling.  Now this was where he could stay for an hour.

He swirled his cock inside of her, hitting all of the passion points in her pussy.  Kat’s front teeth bit her bottom lip with each thrust as he felt her “lower lips” wrap around his cock so tight.  Dang, she was tight…always.  And it felt so good.

The buildup was already growing in his cock as his love juice had flowed out of his balls into the base of his cock.  Think about something else, Clark tried to tell himself.  Something else.

“This better than watching the Giants, Kat?”

“Yeah…” she moaned.

“Better than the 49ers?”

“Oh Yeah…”

“Especially when Steve Young was under center?”

“Oh…yeah…” she begged.

That brought him some more time.

“May I go behind you?” Clark asked.

“DO IT NOW!” Sweet K said back.

Clark got up, still with a full-sized erection and with a hand to guide Kat up to her feet.  She stood in front of him before bending over to reach the bench.  Clark reached in and spread her ass cheeks, with care, so allow his cock to offer them both maximum pleasure.

“OOOHHH,” they both groaned as his dick filled her pussy from behind.

Clark looked down at this most spectacular site.  She had a perfect ass and she was allowing him to rub up against it, with each thrust.  He kept one hand on her left hip for guidance and let the other fingers play with her clit, on a reach around…even playing around with her delicate ass. 

By now, Clark was driving with his shaft like a tender jackhammer, with a consistent pace.





It was as if they were not only exchanging love but also the sweat of the steamy sauna brought them together as one.  The buildup was growing once again, from his base to the shaft.

“Ride me, Hot Kat…ride me…”

“I thought…you’d…never ask,” Kat shouted before grabbing her hair.

Clark laid down on the floor, unable to even see the ceiling tiles because of the steam.  Kat smiled at him and eased her hot pussy on top of his erect cock.  They kept eye contact as she started riding him.

Her hands on his chest and one of his fingers rubbed her clit in the same rhythm of their thrusting.  Now Sweet K controlled the tempo, riding up and down…up and down.

“Oh, I’m going to come again,” Kat said.

Yes, it was time for her “one moment in time”.  A second climax…which was good as Clark had been on the brink of coming for so, so long.

He felt her walls quiver on his cock as he reached her second zenith of the evening.  His own orgasm had now built up, all the way, in his tip.  He was going to come all over.  No going back now.  Not at all.

Kat took a deep, post-climax breath and smiled, looking deep into his eyes.

“Just a few more seconds,” Clark said.

“I want to watch you come.”

Sexy Kat slid off his cock and reached down to stroke it with her hand.  She sucked on the tip and could feel all of the come about to finally get released.

Pulling her mouth out, she could tell that Clark was about to explode all over the room.

His orgasm was powerful, the first burst shooting about two feet into the air and the next six bursts spilling all over her hand and his chest.

She giggled as it was now Clark’s turn to try and catch his breath.  Kat licked some of the come off his the well-worn head of his shrinking cock. 

“That tickles!” Clark said with a playful hint of “do whatever you want, hot Kat.  You’re so beautiful.”.

Kat edged up and collapsed on his chest, kissing his lips.

“We can just stay here tonight.  Forget the room.”

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