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Especially for Ryan

go to site Here’s proof that Cara really does read the comments, and that she aims to please!

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  1. Ryan Beaumont

    OH Cara you do know how to tease me just so. That apron is so nicely pressed and even though in black and White the colors are so brilliant that I know you know just how to wash in warm and rinse in cold (or is it the opposite). IDK, I just know that you bring it all together just so. And those toes are so well pedicured!

    And I love that you have a front load washer, so energy efficient you are. Come run away with me to the misty mountains and lets hang clothes together in the spring mountain air!

  2. Advizor54

    Come on, the best thing about Cara’s front load washer is that she has to bend over to load and unload it.

    And, if she really does read the comments, how about a shot with a one-eyed panda bear, two tennis racquets, a handcuff, and a polo pony. Now that would be hot.

    But yes, this picture is nice too.

  3. Mr. Dryden

    Fuckable? Very. Yes.

    On a wash machine and/or drier in operation? Hell yes!

    Looking beautiful as ever Cara. 🙂

  4. Lola

    Reminds me of my post: “Good Clean Dirty Fun.”

  5. All About Love And Sex

    Cara looks sexy to me !

  6. Max

    If I squint just right, I can read it as “Especially for Max.” 😉

    But no matter who it’s meant for, I can enjoy this beautiful sexy pic.

  7. Cara Janes

    Thanks, everyone, I love all your comments!
    Ryan~ *Anything* for you. :-*
    Advizor~ The only thing that prevents me from fulfilling your request, is the damn Polo pony. Perhaps If only I had a way of getting a meeting with Nacho Figueras…
    Cara <3

  8. SL

    How about one with you bending over loading and unloading your clothes as Advizor suggested? 🙂

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